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  1. Recovery PM

    Recovery PM

    By MHP
    Item MHP081
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  2. Vasculore


    By MHP
    Item MHP082
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  3. Up Your Mass

    Up Your Mass

    By MHP
    Item MHP013
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    8 out of 10 | 1 Review(s)
    Looking to pack on a few extra pounds? Up You Mass from MHP is one of the most popular weight gain protein powders on the market. Visit ProSource today!
  4. Activite Sport

    Activite Sport

    By MHP
    Item MHP006
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    Beyond the extensive profile of high potency vitamins and minerals, Activite Sport also contains a patented food optimizing blend that contains Aminogen, lipolase, amylase and several others. In addition, this formulation also contains a high ORAC antioxidants blend featuring acai, pomegranate, red raspberry, green tea, grape seed and much more.
  5. Power Pak Pudding

    Power Pak Pudding

    By MHP
    Item MHP052
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    MHP has masterfully combined a delicious dessert into a muscle-building snack as well. Power Pak Pudding tastes great and at the same time delivers 30 grams of protein per serving. The other sweet aspect of this format is convenience. Open a can any time anywhere. Available in Chocolate, Vanilla and Butterscotch.
  6. Omega Strong

    Omega Strong

    By MHP
    Item MHP060
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    Omega 3 fatty acids, derived from fish oil have become a staple in the bodybuilder’s daily regimen due to the multiple benefits a quality version supplies. MHP’s Omega Strong provides a solid dose of omega-3, including EPA and DHA in each two-softgel serving.
  7. Take-Off


    By MHP
    Item MHP020
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    This pre-workout is more thermogenic-based with citrus aurantium, tyrosine, guarana and green tea as the basis for stimulation, along with a ginseng blend for additional benefit. It also contains ginkgo, licorice root extract and schizandra to help bolster acuity and adrenal support.
  8. Carnitine 1500

    Carnitine 1500

    By MHP
    Item MHP064
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  9. Releve


    By MHP
    Item MHP010
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    Every athlete knows the value of a joint support formula. Releve can help provide relief with this simple but solid formula of Baikal skullcap root, N-acetylcysteine, glucosamine sulfate, IsoOxygene and alpha lipoic acid. It also features a, purportedly, sustained release delivery system.
  10. Anadrox


    By MHP
    Item MHP017
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    Here is another supplement from MHP that fits into the pre-workout category. Anadrox works in a different way than most others by emphasizing thermogenesis primarily via NO boosting, thanks to an array of compounds, some of which include arginine, citrulline, vanadyl sulfate, norephrine, green tea and quercetin.

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