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  1. Original Meal Replacement
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    The meal replacement category is not what it once was but it’s still a vital component for many bodybuilders. This Met-Rx recipe is an updated version of what was one of the original MRP’s on the market. The protein content alone is impressive, with 38 grams of the Metamyosyn blend. It’s also low in sugar, rich in vitamins and minerals and available in both a 40-packet and 18-packet container.
  2. High Protein Pancake Mix
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    Take a break from eggs and try this High Protein Pancake Mix, which provides 12 grams of Met-Rx’s Metomyosyn® protein blend per serving (about three pancakes).  Simply add water, mix and ladle on the griddle.
  3. Liquid L-Carnitine 3000

    Liquid L-Carnitine 3000

    Item MRX122
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  4. Proteins Plus Powder

    Proteins Plus Powder

    By Met-rx
    Item MRX016
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    Each two-scoop serving of this econo-protein contains a Metamyosyn® protein blend of milk concentrate, calcium caseinate, whey isolate, glutamine and egg white. Proteins Plus Powder is available in a 2-pound container in both Chocolate and Vanilla flavors.
  5. Tonalin CLA 1000

    Tonalin CLA 1000

    By Met-rx
    Item MRX074
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  6. Big 100 Bar

    Big 100 Bar

    By Met-rx
    Item MRX004
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    The Big 100 bars are more of a meal replacement than your standard protein bar, with a substantial amount of carbs (50 grams), a fairly large calorie count (360) and 28 grams of protein (Met-Rx’s Metamyosyn® blend). Available in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and nine meal-bars per box.
  7. Ultramyosyn Whey Isolate
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    This Met-Rx protein provides 30 grams per single scoop serving of whey isolate as well as a recovery blend of glutamine, taurine, arginine, lysine and the BCAA’s. It’s available in a big 5 lb container and two classic flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla.
  8. Creatine 4200

    Creatine 4200

    By Met-rx
    Item MRX110
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  9. L-Glutamine Powder

    L-Glutamine Powder

    By Met-rx
    Item MRX112
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  10. BCAA 5000

    BCAA 5000

    By Met-rx
    Item MRX107
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