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  1. Burn


    By FitMiss
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    Burn contains a wide array of ingredients specifically for women and is designed to enhance diet support and thermogenesis. Everything from stimulant content (caffeine, green tea) to diuretics (Uva ursi, bromelain) to probiotics (amylase, lipase) are covered in this extensive formula.
  2. Ignite


    By FitMiss
    Item FIT006
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    The Fit Miss brand is designed specifically for the active woman, including this pre-workout formula that features beta alanine, tyrosine, taurine, hawthorn berry and caffeine anhydrous among others. It is sugar free, with only 1 gram of carbs and 5 calories per one scoop serving.
  3. Delight


    By FitMiss
    Item FIT005
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    Meal replacements can be of great benefit to women and Delight is a good example of why. It contains 16 grams of protein and a proprietary greens and fruit blend, including flaxseed, apple, artichoke, barley grass, cherry extract, spinach, wheat grass and pomegranate. It also has an enzyme blend and is available in two tasty flavors, Vanilla Chai and Chocolate Delight.
  4. Cleanse


    By FitMiss
    Item FIT004
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    Maximizing absorption of nutrients is vital no matter the gender. Cleanse by Fit Miss is designed specifically for women to do just that. It contains a proprietary blend of papaya leaf, cascara sagarda, slippery elm, peppermint leaf, red raspberry, fenugreek, ginger root and senna leaf.

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