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There's nothing your body craves more after a long day or a tough workout than sleep. But sometimes, your racing mind or stimulation from energy supplements can keep you up at night, making it hard for your body to properly recover from an intense workout. Ultimately, your muscle growth will suffer. All-natural sleep aids, from GABA and melatonin to Valerian root and L-Tryptophan, will help you switch gears from day to night and give your hard-working body the rest it deserves so you can wake up refreshed enough to start again. <<

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  1. L-Theanine


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    L-theanine is a valuable amino for neurotransmitter support, facilitating feelings of calm and focus. ProSource L-Theanine is formulated with Suntheanine™, the highest-quality source of L-theanine available.
  2. Sedazone PM

    Sedazone PM

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    Rest is one of the three pillars of bodybuilding success (along with exercise and nutrition). For those bodybuilders who aren’t getting quality rest (as a result of stress or thermogenic/caffeine intake) Sedazone-PM provides sleep support in the form of well-researched ingredients such as California poppy, Rhodiola rosea, valerian root, and melatonin.

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