Beta Alanine

At the end of the day, the secret to successful weight lifting has just as much to do with the workout itself as it does with the quality of the recovery afterward. If your muscles don't properly recover, you don't see the gains you're working for and you can't lift at your peak performance the next day. Supplementing with beta alanine helps buffer the effects of lactic acid, which increases muscle recovery and performance output. Additionally, this nonessential amino acid may delay muscle fatigue and increase endurance.

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  1. Endurance Fuel

    Endurance Fuel

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    TwinlabEndurance Fuel  Time Released Carbohydrate / Recovery FormulaThis new, energy-enhancing/recovery product from Twinlab contains time-release carbohydrates and proteins, including casein, and can be used before, during and after workout. Electrolytes to help replenish and assist hydration are added as well as Beta alanine, which may help improve endurance.

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