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Nowadays, nobody needs to age gracefully, and this doesn't mean going under the knife for a more youthful appearance. Even though health-conscious people who eat right and exercise tend to be less affected by the aging process, it's not always enough to fight nature. Anti-aging supplements and GH Boosters can help improve digestion, muscle growth, cardiovascular health, sex drive and overall well-being. Product ingredients may include omega fatty acids, acai, coral calcium, resveratrol and compounds that stimulate natural growth hormone release.

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  1. GH Max

    GH Max

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    7.5 out of 10 | 4 Review(s)
    Universal NutritionGH Max Growth Hormone SupportGH Max helps you get the most out of GH with its select blend of GH secretatogues, vitamins, plant sterols, boron and other nutrients. And only GH Max provides the pharmacologically-proven 2:1 ratio of arginine to ornithine.
  2. Dopalean-GH


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    9.3 out of 10 | 6 Review(s)
    DopaLean-GH DopaLean-GH contains a non-stimulant, highly bioactive botanical extract known as Svetol«, which is clinically tested to show an ability to help inhibit the activity of glucose-6-phosphatase, thus limiting the release of glucose into general circulation. DopaLean is the only diet support product that incorporates Svetol« with a superior quality Mucuna pruriens extract (standardized for 15% L-Dopa).These two powerful, stimulant-free agents are a perfect choice for stimulant-sensitive athletes or to stack with a stimulant based supplement for added diet support.Svetol« is a registered trademark of NATUREX Group, Site d'Agroparc, BP1218, 84911 Avignon Cedex9, FRANCE Learn more about DopaLean-GH: Mucuna Pruriens: Dopaminergic Dynamo   Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart Healthy weight management and substantial weight loss are best achieved by making lifestyle changes, such as lowering caloric intake and increasing exercise activity. Clinical evidence indicates that when used in combination with a sensible diet and exercise, the key ingredients in (product) can support your weight loss program. Consult a health care professional before beginning any weight-loss program. Read and follow all label instructions before using. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  3. Human Growth Complex
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    Ultra LabsHuman Growth ComplexHuman Growth Complex is a synthesis of homeo-pathic co-factors. It contains Somatotrophine plus a sophisticated complex of 12 different synergistic compounds.
  4. Somnidren GH
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    Somnidren GH by Millennium Sport Technologies Somnidren GH is a growth hormone support formula with added compounds purported to enhance restfulness and sleeep including phenylbutyric acid (phenibut), L-theanine and Mucana pruriens. Other compounds that have been associated with improved brain function such as DMAE, L-carnitine and L-tyrosine are added as well.
  5. L-Lysine


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    L-LysineMaintain Proper Nitrogen Balance One of the 8 essential amino acids, L-Lysine is necessary for calcium absorption and maintaining proper nitrogen balance in adults. It assists in the production of hormones, enzymes, antibodies, and helps promote collagen formation and muscle tissue repair. This versatile amino acid also helps maintain energy levels and recuperation from stress. Learn more about L-Lysine and Amino Acids: Ultimate Guide for Amino Acids: Your Best Choice For Optimum Health, Growth, Energy And Focus. Read Research Articles: Hmb, Arginine, Lysine Stack Effective For Promoting Lean Body Mass And Function In Elderly Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  6. Sedazone PM

    Sedazone PM

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    10 out of 10 | 2 Review(s)
    Sedazone PMPrecision-Targeted Sleep Support for Athletes Newly reformulated Sedazone PM contains an advanced blend of the most powerful natural compounds designed to help promote deep, restful sleep, so you can awake feeling refreshed and recharged. Because so many of the body's recuperative processes occur during rest, sound sleep is essential for improving muscular development, growth, and maintaining good health. Sedazone PM supports restful sleep and muscle recovery with proven botanicals such as Valerian root extract, Rhodiola rosea root extract, Californian poppy herb extract and Melatonin.
  7. Blue Growth
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    Controlled LabsBlue GrowthHGH Boosting Support Growth and regeneration are the top requirements that bodybuilders and athletes are always looking for. These two elements are what can make or break an athlete in a particular sport and why so many have turned to HGH (Human Growth Hormone) supplementation. Blue GrowtH™ is designed to help support your performance in addition with sleep, sexual stamina, and a host of other goals that are common to supplementation with this wonderful hormone. Key Support Attributes: Serum GH levelDeeper, more restful, sleep Promote muscle strength and size Health and endothelial function Enhanced skin and sexual benefits
  8. DopaTech-HGH


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    9.6 out of 10 | 70 Review(s)
    DopaTech-HGHMost Potent Source of L-Dopa! The product development team at ProSource has done their homework once again by researching and formulating this cutting edge supplement. DopaTech delivers the highest-quality and most potent extract of the vaunted Mucuna pruriens, standardized for a remarkable 15% L-Dopa. Its precision-targeted biological action can provide support for restored vitality and even mood enhancement. Mucuna pruriens has proven to be something of a wonder nutrient of late. A recent study has shown that Mucuna pruriens cotyledon powder treatment significantly restored the endogenous levodopa, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin content in the brain.(1) Another key study showed that Mucuna pruriens exerts antioxidant benefits, specifically that it has an antilipid peroxidation property, which is mediated through the removal of superoxides and hydroxyl radicals(2). In other words, the in depth science behind this compound is significantly impressive at multiple levels. The more you research and understand this compound and product, the more of an edge you are sure to gain.Maintain youthful vitality and maximize your performance in and out of the gym with DopaTech-HGH, the most potent and productive product of its kind. 1. Manyam BV, Dhanasekaran M, Hare TA. Neuroprotective effects of the anti-Parkinson drug Mucuna pruriens. Phytother Res. 2004 Sep;18(9):706-12. 2. Tripathi YB, Upadhyay AK. Effect of the alcohol extract of the seeds of Mucuna pruriens on the free radicals and oxidative stress in albino rats. Phytother Res. 2002 Sep;16(6):534-8. Learn more about the key ingredients in DopaTech: The New "GH Culture" in Pro Sports and the Emergence of Advanced Technologies for Natural Stimulus of GH Production  Mucuna Pruriens: Dopaminergic Dynamo   Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart  
  9. Biotin


    By TwinLab
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    TwinlabBiotinBiotin, a water-soluble B vitamin involved in the metabolism of fatty acids, protein and carbohydrates, is also a principal nutrient in the synthesis of hair and nails. This yeast, lactose and preservative free offering from Twinlab is well tolerated by most allergy prone individuals.

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