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Supplement science has seen an enormous influx of research on the benefits of health-promoting botanicals over the last few years. The most exciting thing about this new revolution in nutrients is not only their health benefits, but the huge volume of clinical data that supports them. With new research technologies and a clinical focus toward nutraceuticals as an alternative to pharmaceuticals, most of the doubt regarding their efficacy has been left behind. And this gives bodybuilders looking for that extra edge peace of mind, knowing that products in the Health and Wellness category are backed by sound science. Whether you're looking for a megadose of vitamin C to boost your health and energy, antioxidant support from superfood acai to lose weight, enzymes to aid in digestion, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil to support energy, or mega-doses of coral calcium to support bone health and enzymatic activity, these formulas help you build and maintain a strong bodybuilding foundation. Be sure to check out some of this category's best, including ProSource's Resveratrol, Acai capsules and Super Enzymes.

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  1. AndroTest


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    9.3 out of 10 | 75 Review(s)
    With AndroTest, the ProSource research and development team has ushered in a new modern era of T-boosting science. What separates AndroTest from every other T-booster out there is its superior degree of standardization. AndroTest’s key ingredient, a full-spectrum protodioscin-rich botanical super-compound, is synthesized via a painstaking refinement method that can include up to 20 separate extractions. The result is the first T-booster ever standardized for a minimum of 40% protodioscin levels. Research has established that protodioscin is the primary catalyst responsible for helping to enhance the production of luteinizing hormone (LH), which in turn, helps raise testosterone levels in the body. What’s more, this superior-grade driver of testosterone support is also standardized for a minimum of 60% furastanol saponins and 80% total saponins content, yielding the most potent and complete spectrum of active T-boosting components in existence. Given this due diligence in standardization and manufacturing protocols, it should come as no surprise that AndroTest has made headlines in the realm of independent clinical research. In a randomized, placebo-controlled, double blind clinical study, AndroTest produced statistically significant increases in total testosterone levels, averaging 59.88% over baseline, with some subjects showing total increases as high as 275% over baseline. And major increases in free testosterone, averaging 59.75% over baseline, with some subjects reaching up to 218% over baseline. This means that some subjects using AndroTest experienced nearly a three-fold increase in testosterone levels. Equally impressive is the fact that the increased testosterone levels (after two weeks use) were observed throughout the measurement points of the study, which is especially important since sustained increases in testosterone are the key to enhancing muscle growth. When it comes to driving natural T-level increases that serve as the solid foundation for soaring power, strength, aggression and libido, there’s simply no viable alternative than the one and only, clinical strength AndroTest.*Not Available In California More about AndroTest: Get the Alpha Male Advantage Man Up! Exciting Scientific Breakthroughs Usher in a New Era in Natural Testosterone Enhancement See Androtest in the Press! New Landmark Clinical Study Proves The Extraordinary Test-Boosting Power Of Androtest Tribulus: A Real Anabolic Alternative Muscle Building And The Quest For Test Eurycoma Longifolia: The Longjack Herb -- Long On Benefits Advanced Testosterone Science Estrogenic Foods - Not For Real Men?
  2. Tonalin CLA

    Tonalin CLA

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    9 out of 10 | 33 Review(s)
    CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid)Premium-Quality Anti-Fat Supplement Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has been linked to increases in muscle mass and fat utilization. New ProSource Tonalin CLA is a highly potent and pure premium-grade material that's standardized for an unprecedented 80% Tonalin CLA. This premium quality product is perfect for those who are overly sensitive to stimulants, or for those seeking a transformational agent to work synergistically with stimulant-based thermogenics. Take the guesswork out of your weightloss regimen with Tonalin CLA. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is used to support: Metabolic rate Reduction of abdominal fat Muscle growth Cholesterol and triglycerides Insulin resistance Immune system Learn more about CLA: Get a Jump On Your Best Body Ever with These 8 Quick Fat-Loss Tips You Can Use Today Never miss a workout by incorporating these ten antioxidants into your nutrition regimenRead Research Articles: Combination Of Cla And Exercise Leads To Decreased Body Fat And Increased Lean Mass CLA Simultaneously Builds Muscle And Promotes Fat Loss CLA Sheds Body Fat CLA Supplementation Diverts Fat Away From Adipose Tissue CLA Supplementation Build Lean Body Mass  Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  3. Vital Mens

    Vital Mens

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    9.3 out of 10 | 65 Review(s)
    Vital Men'sVital Nutrients Multi Vitamin For Men ProSource's newest vitamin / mineral / antioxidant complex is specifically designed to provide precision-targeted dosages of key nutrients to help meet the health needs of men. Manufactured to the highest industry standards to attain optimum bioavailability, it contains a complete spectrum of 23 vitamins and minerals, plus a broad range of antioxidant co-factors, including saw palmetto, nettle root, raw oyster extract, Korean ginseng, PABA, odorless garlic, alpha lipoic acid, lycopene, and a complex of citrus bioflavinoids.  *Vital Men is an "iron-free" supplement. Learn more about Supplementation for Men: Antioxidants: The Body's Best Defense The Healthy Prostate Diet Saw Palmetto: Key Herb For Prostate HealthRead Research Articles: Vitamins And Minerals Good For Reducing Oxidative Stress And Improving Risk For Heart Disease Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  4. Animal Pak
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    9.8 out of 10 | 93 Review(s)
    Animal Pak Complete Vitamin and Minerals SystemAnimal Pak is a combination pack of vitamins and minerals, performance optimizers such as pyridoxine alpha-ketoglutarate (PAK), IGF colostrum, nucleotides, lipotropics, L-arginine, Protogen A, eleuthero.... over 55 key ingredients that are delivered in the right amounts at the right time, every time. Each of the 11 tablets included in each pak has been specifically formulated to deliver the goods.A good multi-vitamin supplement is key to every bodybuilder's regimen. Every Animal supplement has been designed to work together, creating a unique, powerful, and comprehensive nutritional system.Each precisely formulated Pak contains:Mega-Vitamin/Mineral/Antioxidant Complex Key Amino Acid Blend Performance Optimizers Joint & Bone Support EFA Complex Digestive Enzymes
  5. Extra Strength Joint Command
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    9.5 out of 10 | 24 Review(s)
    Extra Strength Joint Command Ultra Comprehensive Formulation of the Long-Established Category Leader ProSource's Joint Command has been the unquestioned quality leader in the joint support category for so long, it's hard to remember a time when it wasn't the category's gold standard. While manufacturers of competing products have been content to slap together substandard potencies of glucosamine and chondroitin, Joint Command has always been revered, not only for the potency and purity of its glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, but also for it synergistic blend of five more compounds inextricably linked to overall healthy joint function.Now, in the absence of any real competition, ProSource's R&D team has taken the next leap forward with an Extra Strength formulation of Joint Command that incorporates the newest, clinically tested technologies from the cutting-edge of exploration in the field of joint-support science. HyaMax™ a natural, standardized hyaluronic acid, possesses a unique water retaining action that helps highly active joints stay healthy and resist compression while facilitating the formation of tough flexible cartilage that acts as a cushion for bones. Meriva® is a trademarked curcumin-phosphatidylcholine compound (standardized for 18-22% curcuminoids) with an advanced phytosome technology that enhances the bioavailability and anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin. 5-LOXIN® contains the most active of the 6 boswellic acids, AKBA, which effectively inhibits 5-lipoxygenase, the compound responsible for the conversion of arachidonic acid into pro-inflammatory cytokines. The addition of these three advanced technologies transforms the already ultra-comprehensive Joint Command into a massively synergistic,multiple-pathway powerhouse of connective tissue nutrition and support.Based on the Original Joint Command Science that Earned the Loyalty of a Generation of BodybuildersOf course, new Extra Strength Joint Command also contains all the key compounds that made the original Joint Command the unquestioned category leader. For years, bodybuilders have strengthened the all-important foundation of tendons, cartilage, and joints that make extreme muscle gain possible with bodybuilding's premier complex of connective tissue support compounds, all of which are now present in the new, improved formulation. Joint Command's dosage (1500mg) of pure, stabilized, 98% absorbable glucosamine sulfate, paired in precise ratio with chondroitin sulfate, is exactly calibrated to match those that have generated noticeable improvements in joint health in clinical research. In addition, Extra Strength Joint Command contains the original's organic sulfate MSM, UC Type II collagen and compounds linked to anti-inflammatory action, flexibility support, and overall joint health.Maintaining healthy joints is a critical factor for maximum performance. With this new, even more comprehensive formulation, Extra Strength Joint Command, the premier brand in the category, has you covered!
  6. Omega-1250


    Item PSP052
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    9.6 out of 10 | 31 Review(s)
     Omega-1250Potent Source of Heart-Healthy, Anti-Catabolic Omega-3s!   The medical establishment has long hailed Omega-3 fatty acids for their positive effect on cardiovascular, skin, and joint health. But not all Omega-3s are created equal. ProSource Omega-1250 contains an unprecedented 750 mg of high-potency Omega-3 fatty acids from the highest quality deep sea cold water source per softgel capsule, making it the #1 source for this essential nutrient! Most of us regard Omega-3 as a "heart healthy" supplement, although another of its highly regarded benefits (often overlooked) is its powerful ability to assist joint soreness via reducing inflamation. Omega 1250 delivers higher amounts of fatty acids than most any other brand with 300 mg of DHA and 450 mg of EPA. Due to their remarkable clinically validated effect on inflamation, some clinicians suggest that Omega-3s have the same pain relieving ability as NSAIDs without the side effects associated with such medications. In fact, instead of side effects, Omega 1250 has side benefits: Healthy blood lipid assistance (helps with good cholesterol) neuronal enhancement, immune system support and muscle tissue recovery (just to name a few), which make Omega 1250 one of the top bodybuilding choices for joint support and general good health. Read Super Feature Article: The Facts on Fats : Enhancing Performance at the Cellular Level with Omega-3 Fatty Acids Omega-3s: Heart-Healthy Super Nutrient Emerges As A Powerful Anti-Catabolic Seven reasons why you should take fish oil before you go to bed Health Benefits Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Something Fishy Going On Read Research Articles: Omega-3 Fatty Acids Have Potent Effects On Risk For Heart Disease Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart  
  7. Super Mega Max

    Super Mega Max

    Item PSP042
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    9.7 out of 10 | 37 Review(s)
    Super Mega MaxSuper-Potency Vitamin / Mineral Support for the Advanced Athlete The Highest Quality, Most Potent Super Multi Available!ProSource once again sets the example for superior product development by introducing yet another upgrade to its already highly advanced MegaMax formula. You'll find that most vitamin and mineral manufacturers are content to pass along the same obsolete formulas year after year, with no regard for any improvement. Let's face it, it takes time and money to upgrade. ProSource on the other hand has consistently, over the years, evolved and made upgrades to its existing MegaMax formula, incorporating the latest, cutting edge supplement science. This highly advanced compound enhances the delivery, availability, absorption kinetics, distribution, uptake, concentration, and utilization efficacy of this crucially essential vitamin in the body. Super MegaMax continues with its customer approved ultra-high potencies of B12 (100 times the potency compared to Animal Paks) along with superior antioxidant protection from lycopene, quercetin, N-acetyl-cysteine CoQ10 and others that most manufacturers do not include. The comprehensive list continues with MSM and boron to help support healthy joints and, of special note, an isomer blend of natural vitamin E, shown to be many times more powerful than synthetic forms for antioxidant and healthy heart support. To round out this favorite, potent amounts of crucial minerals are added to help maintain electrolyte balance and enhance nerve function and a complete spectrum of vitamin B factors are included for optimal energy enhancement. Athletes clearly need extra vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant support to maintain their grueling physical regimens. Match your high-level of nutrient requirements with Super MegaMax, the most trusted and powerful nutrient support formula available. Learn more about Mega Max ingredients: Maximize Fat Loss While Building Muscle Mass Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  8. DopaTech-HGH


    Item PSP051
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    9.6 out of 10 | 70 Review(s)
    DopaTech-HGHMost Potent Source of L-Dopa! The product development team at ProSource has done their homework once again by researching and formulating this cutting edge supplement. DopaTech delivers the highest-quality and most potent extract of the vaunted Mucuna pruriens, standardized for a remarkable 15% L-Dopa. Its precision-targeted biological action can provide support for restored vitality and even mood enhancement. Mucuna pruriens has proven to be something of a wonder nutrient of late. A recent study has shown that Mucuna pruriens cotyledon powder treatment significantly restored the endogenous levodopa, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin content in the brain.(1) Another key study showed that Mucuna pruriens exerts antioxidant benefits, specifically that it has an antilipid peroxidation property, which is mediated through the removal of superoxides and hydroxyl radicals(2). In other words, the in depth science behind this compound is significantly impressive at multiple levels. The more you research and understand this compound and product, the more of an edge you are sure to gain.Maintain youthful vitality and maximize your performance in and out of the gym with DopaTech-HGH, the most potent and productive product of its kind. 1. Manyam BV, Dhanasekaran M, Hare TA. Neuroprotective effects of the anti-Parkinson drug Mucuna pruriens. Phytother Res. 2004 Sep;18(9):706-12. 2. Tripathi YB, Upadhyay AK. Effect of the alcohol extract of the seeds of Mucuna pruriens on the free radicals and oxidative stress in albino rats. Phytother Res. 2002 Sep;16(6):534-8. Learn more about the key ingredients in DopaTech: The New "GH Culture" in Pro Sports and the Emergence of Advanced Technologies for Natural Stimulus of GH Production  Mucuna Pruriens: Dopaminergic Dynamo   Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart  
  9. B-Power Super Energy Factors
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    9 out of 10 | 10 Review(s)
    B Complex Vitamin FormulaEnergy Support, Anti-Stress If maintaining enhanced energy production and mental focus over extended intervals is important to you, then adding a high-potency B complex to your regimen should be of paramount importance. ProSource's new B-Power Super Energy Factors contains a uniquely wide spectrum of highly bioactive B vitamins, incorporating two forms each of B-12, B-5, and B-3, where most other companies try to trim costs by making due with just one form of each. ProSource's high-potency B-Power Super Energy Factors is the athlete's best weapon for counteracting the effects of stress.
  10. Vital Womens

    Vital Womens

    Item PSP104
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    10 out of 10 | 9 Review(s)
    Multi Vitamin For WomenVital Women's ProSource's vitamin/mineral/antioxidant complex for women is specifically designed to provide precision-targeted dosages of key nutrients to keep a woman's bodily systems balanced and healthy.  Processed to the highest industry standards to attain optimum bioavailability, it contains a complete spectrum of 22 vitamins and minerals, plus a broad range of botanical co-factors, including Dong quai, black currant, PABA, horsetail herbal extract, biotin, royal jelly powder, and a complex of citrus bioflavinoids. Learn more about Vitamin Supplementation: Your Muscle Building Starter's Kit From Model to Mama and BackRead research Article: Creatine For Women  Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart

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