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If you hit the gym floor with less than maximum focus, intensity, and energy, you're very likely to endure a wasted workout. Fortunately, there's no shortage of energy supplements out there designed to ensure that you gain the ultimate benefit from every trip to the gym. In this category, you'll find a huge variety of products addressing every aspect of performance enhancement from pre-workout pump complexes and energy boosters to endrance supplements and thermogenics. ProSource offers unbeatable shipping prices and eliminates mark-ups to bring you the lowest possible prices on energy and endurance products! Order endurance supplements online or over the phone today and hit the floor with energy and stamina to spare! <<

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  1. Lipo 6

    Lipo 6

    By Nutrex
    Item NTX006
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    This popular thermogenic has earned a solid following due to its straightforward formula of caffeine anhydrous, synephrine, gugglesterone, bioperine and yohimbine. Its liqui-cap technology purportedly provides enhanced absorption and delivery of these key compounds.
  2. Vitrix


    By Nutrex
    Item NTX039
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    Vitrix is a basic formula designed to help support male hormonal health. It contains undocumented amounts of Tribulus terrestris extract and Eurycoma longifolia extract, both associated with testosterone support, plus L-citrulline, a precursor to L-arginine which is a factor in vasodilatory muscle pump.
  3. Lipo 6x

    Lipo 6x

    By Nutrex
    Item NTX010
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    Building off an already successful product is a hallmark of a good company. Nutrex Research has taken their popular Lipo-6 and created an amped up version that contains much of the same formula but with the addition of some key support ingredients. Lipo-6 is available in 120 cap and 240 cap quantities, both featuring their multi-phase capsules.

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