Digestive Aids

As a bodybuilder, every thing you ingest serves a greater purpose, and you depend on the absorption of those nutrients to help attain your goals. But you may not be reaping the benefits of all your careful food and supplementation efforts if you aren't digesting properly. Supplementing with digestive aids will help you reach optimum digestion and nutrient absorption. Digestive enzymes are divided into three categories, protease enzymes to digest proteins, amylase enzymes to digest carbohydrates and lipase enzymes to digest fat, but some products offer multiple-enzyme formulations.

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  1. Super Enzymes

    Super Enzymes

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    Super Enzymes Digestive support for enhanced nutrient uptake!Effectively utilizing the protein, carbohydrates and fat in your carefully planned bodybuilding diet begins with digestion. Super Enzymes has complete, potent coverage of all the essential enzymes to assure proper nutrient uptake so that all the efforts of your meticulous meal and supplement planning do not go to waste.Among the support compounds are ultra high potencies of enzymes derived from 200 mg of pancreatin (includes 20,000 USP amylase, 20,000 USP protease and 34,000 UPS lipase) plus papain, cellulose and bromelain are included, with optimal ratios for absolute digestive assurance. For even further enzyme activity, pineapple and papaya powder round it out. Your anabolic state depends on the proper uptake of the food and protein supplements you ingest, and Super Enzymes is your best choice to get you started.  
  2. Orange OxiMega Greens
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    Orange OxiMega Greens by Controlled Labs Greens Antioxidant Complex Orange OxiMega™ Kit is a true sports greens product. This is no ordinary greens product; it has additional complexes geared towards real athletes. The "GreensComplex" is full of nitrate donor vegetables, including a potent dose of red beet root, which have been shown to support endurance and nitric oxide levels. The key to these vegetables are the nitrates that are found in them and ellicit this effect when they come in contact with the human tongue and GI tract. The enzyme, probiotic and anti-oxidant blends will help the body absorb and utilize the highest level of nutrients from your diet and supplementation for maximum results. Not only is this greens formulation healthful, but it tastes delicious too with its 100% naturally flavored spearmint without the use of any artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors (the product will mix a dark green/brown color due to the high level of red beet root in the formula).Greens Highlights:Great Spearmint FlavorNatural Nitrate Donor Complex for Cardiovascular SupportNO Artificial Sweeteners, Flavors or ColorsAdded Enzymes & Probiotics for AbsorptionNatural Anti-Oxidants for Performance
  3. Fibersol


    By TwinLab
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    TwinlabFibersol Psyllium & Pectin Digestive SupportA natural soluble dietary fiber supplement derived from fruit, vegetable and grain. Each capsule provides the benefits of gum, pectins, hemicelluloses and polysaccharides which are so important for maintaining the proper pace and bulk required for healthy digestive function.
  4. Super Enzyme Caps

    Super Enzyme Caps

    By TwinLab
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    TwinlabSuper Enzyme Caps Digestive supportMultiple digestive enzyme formula featuring Protease,  Lipase, Betaine, Pepsin, Bromelain and Papain along with other key ingredients for optimum digestion.

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