Digestive Aids

As a bodybuilder, every thing you ingest serves a greater purpose, and you depend on the absorption of those nutrients to help attain your goals. But you may not be reaping the benefits of all your careful food and supplementation efforts if you aren't digesting properly. Supplementing with digestive aids will help you reach optimum digestion and nutrient absorption. Digestive enzymes are divided into three categories, protease enzymes to digest proteins, amylase enzymes to digest carbohydrates and lipase enzymes to digest fat, but some products offer multiple-enzyme formulations.

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  1. Fibersol


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    TwinlabFibersol Psyllium & Pectin Digestive SupportA natural soluble dietary fiber supplement derived from fruit, vegetable and grain. Each capsule provides the benefits of gum, pectins, hemicelluloses and polysaccharides which are so important for maintaining the proper pace and bulk required for healthy digestive function.

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