Digestive Aids

Are you getting maximum value from every supplement you take to enhance your physique and performance? Digestion is an incredibly important step in the supplement utilization process and yet many athletes ignore it entirely. Supplementing with digestive enzymes and liver-support products, as well as occasionally detoxing and cleansing your digestive system can go a long way toward attaining optimum digestion and consequent enhanced absorption of nutrients. <<

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  1. Super CoQ10

    Super CoQ10

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    A supremely versatile nutrient, CoQ10 (or CoEnzyme Q10) plays a key role in many bodily processes by supporting the activity of other essential enzymes. Most specifically, CoQ10 supports the production of energy via ATP, and may also provide additional antioxidant support. ProSource CoQ10 represents the highest potency and purity of this invaluable enzyme factor.
  2. Super Detox

    Super Detox

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    Due to the sheer volume and variety of their daily nutrient uptake, bodybuilders can suffer the negative effects of digestive system build-up and toxification. ProSource’s Super Detox contains 26 different herbal and botanical extracts, all associated with detoxification and free-radical scavenging. Super Detox is best combined with ProSource’s Ultra Cleanse product.
  3. Ultra Cleanse

    Ultra Cleanse

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    All of the supplements in the world will provide only modest benefits if your normal processes of digestion, nutrient uptake, and waste removal are compromised. ProSource’s Ultra Cleanse contains an optimal blend of fibers to support normal bowel movements and cleanse the colon. Ultra Cleanse is best combined with ProSource’s Super Detox product.
  4. Orange Triad

    Orange Triad

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    Many bodybuilders know the name Orange Triad because it is one of those few daily multiples designed specifically for the athlete, with the requisite higher potencies of a wide-ranging list of ingredients. In addition to the many vitamins and minerals, it also contains a joint complex, a flex complex and a valuable digestion and immune support complex.
  5. Super Enzymes

    Super Enzymes

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  6. Fitness Fiber
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    Getting enough fiber in your diet is highly challenging for most unless you choose a supplement like Fitness Fiber to ensure you do because it delivers 5 grams of natural fiber from 6 different sources in every single teaspoon serving. It’s easy mixing, unflavored and has only 10 calories.
  7. Digestive Enzymes
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    Enhanced digestion improves protein and carb absorption for greater nutrient absorption and delivery, which is why a product like Digestive Enzymes is of value, especially to bodybuilders. It contains a proprietary blend of numerous pre- and pro-biotics, along with key enzymes and more.
  8. Ultra 40
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    Ultra 40 contains a highly concentrated form of pure Argentine beef liver. As a result, it provides potent compounds such as iron, protein, B vitamins and other key ingredients for the enhancement of blood and muscle support. It is also fortified with 300 mcg of vitamin B-12.
  9. 8 Billion Acidophilus & Bifidus
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  10. Super Colon Cleanse
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    Super Liver Cleanse is a similar formula as the original (primarily psyllium husk powder) but with an added ingredient, senna powder, for greater support. It is available in 240 caps, 120 caps or a 12 oz container.

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