You drink eight to 10 glasses of water per day, your favorite fruits and vegetables have high water content and more than half of your body composition is water. Yet, sometimes, you need to get rid of that water-weight bloating in order to better show off your physique. So whether you're nearing competition or another special target date like a wedding or other big event, diuretics can help you shed the water retention that's preventing you from showing off your hard-earned, well-defined muscles. <<

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  1. JetFuel Diuretic
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  2. Xenadrine Core

    Xenadrine Core

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  3. Razor Ripped

    Razor Ripped

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    When you’re ready to shed every drop of excess water weight and bloat to show off your muscle mass to maximum effect, Razor Ripped® is your solution! Razor Ripped® combines potent diuretic botanicals (for a dry, hard look) with green tea extract and a hydroxanthine complex (to support thermogenesis) in a complex ideal for highlighting vascularity and definition.
  4. Xpel


    By MHP
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    This herbal definition formula helps support the elimination of excess water retention, while also providing the necessary electrolytes like calcium carbonate, potassium citrate and magnesium oxide.
  5. Super Cuts 3
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