Vigorous workouts are the centerpiece of a healthy lifestyle. But they also generate storms of free radicals (the result of oxygen molecules that are converted into oxidizing agents during the cellular creation of energy) that can cause damage to body tissue. Fortunately, nature and our own bodily physiology offers a counterattack to these free radicals in the form of antioxidants. These helpful compounds (ranging from basic vitamins and minerals to botanical extracts to enzymes and alpha lipoic acid and Omega-3 fatty acids) are instrumental in mopping up free radicals and consequently reducing tissue damage and spurring recovery. Support your bodybuilding efforts and overall health with antioxidants.

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  1. Super Mega Max

    Super Mega Max

    Item PSP042
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    9.7 out of 10 | 37 Review(s)
    Super Mega MaxSuper-Potency Vitamin / Mineral Support for the Advanced Athlete The Highest Quality, Most Potent Super Multi Available!ProSource once again sets the example for superior product development by introducing yet another upgrade to its already highly advanced MegaMax formula. You'll find that most vitamin and mineral manufacturers are content to pass along the same obsolete formulas year after year, with no regard for any improvement. Let's face it, it takes time and money to upgrade. ProSource on the other hand has consistently, over the years, evolved and made upgrades to its existing MegaMax formula, incorporating the latest, cutting edge supplement science. This highly advanced compound enhances the delivery, availability, absorption kinetics, distribution, uptake, concentration, and utilization efficacy of this crucially essential vitamin in the body. Super MegaMax continues with its customer approved ultra-high potencies of B12 (100 times the potency compared to Animal Paks) along with superior antioxidant protection from lycopene, quercetin, N-acetyl-cysteine CoQ10 and others that most manufacturers do not include. The comprehensive list continues with MSM and boron to help support healthy joints and, of special note, an isomer blend of natural vitamin E, shown to be many times more powerful than synthetic forms for antioxidant and healthy heart support. To round out this favorite, potent amounts of crucial minerals are added to help maintain electrolyte balance and enhance nerve function and a complete spectrum of vitamin B factors are included for optimal energy enhancement. Athletes clearly need extra vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant support to maintain their grueling physical regimens. Match your high-level of nutrient requirements with Super MegaMax, the most trusted and powerful nutrient support formula available. Learn more about Mega Max ingredients: Maximize Fat Loss While Building Muscle Mass Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  2. Alpha Lipoic Acid

    Alpha Lipoic Acid

    Item PSP014
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    9 out of 10 | 4 Review(s)
    Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) Super Antioxidant and Insulin-Mimicking Benefits Alpha lipoic acid(ALA) is a potent anabolic supernutrient that can help speed muscle recovery, increase endurance, and maximize muscle fullness through its potent insulin-mimicking effects. ALA is also a powerful anti-oxidant that has been shown to help protect cells from the oxidative damage caused by intense exercise. Many bodybuilders have reported this compound to be more than twice as effective as vanadyl sulfate for increasing muscle hardness and overall pump. Recent scientific studies have indicated that alpha lipoic acid may offer critical muscle-building support for bodybuilders through its powerful effects on glucose uptake and insulin action. By increasing the uptake of glucose and other key anabolic nutrients in the muscle cells and improving the action of insulin. ALA may help to maximize your overall anabolic potential. This product contains the highest quality alpha lipoic acid available. There is no starch, wax, preservatives, artificial color, or fillers of any kind. Read Super Feature Article: Antioxidants: The Body's Best Defense Read Research Articles: Lipoic Acid Has Robust Effects On Stimulating Fat Oxidation   The Fun Way To Boost Insulin Action, Cut Insulin Resistance  Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  3. Mega Taurine

    Mega Taurine

    Item PSP018
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    9.8 out of 10 | 8 Review(s)
    TaurinePotent Muscle Cell Volumizer Mega Taurine CapsThis conditionally essential amino acid is the second most abundant amino in muscle tissue and has a number of important benefits to bodybuilders. Taurine has demonstrated profound muscle cell volumizing effects, which can help to enhance protein synthesis. Taurine also has powerful insulin-mimicking effects, which can enhance glucose and amino acid metabolism. Taurine's powerful anti-catabolic effects have been well documented. In one recent study, Taurine was shown to exhibit significant reductions in muscle breakdown by decreasing the highly catabolic chemical 3-methylhistidine by 20%. Intense exercise and stress quickly deplete taurine levels in the muscle. Therefore many researchers now believe that all high-intensity bodybuilders looking to maximize gains in strength and size should include 1000 mg to 1500 mg of Taurine in their daily supplement regimen. Read Super Feature Article: Amino Acids: Your Best Choice For Optimum Health, Growth, Energy And Focus Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  4. Ultra GTX

    Ultra GTX

    Item PSP074
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    8.8 out of 10 | 12 Review(s)
    Ultra-GTX Industry's Most Powerful Green Tea Thermogenic AvailableHighest Grade Available! Unlike competing green tea products, ProSource Ultra-GTX is specifically formulated to provide the maximum strength dosage of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) for truly extraordinary thermogenic power. A treasure trove of clinical studies all continue to document and tout EGCG, as well as green tea's other polyphenol components, as the industry's most extraordinary performance enhancing, thermogenic compounds. As a result, many manufacturers have been quick to jump on the green tea bandwagon, but slow to provide legitimate documentation of proven potency.In fact, while other green tea products may list high amounts of EGCG on their labels, many actually test out at much lower percentages than claimed. This alarming revelation puts into serious question the actual intent of these manufacturers, or at the very least, their ability to maintain quality. Conversely, ProSource Ultra-GTX is independently lab-tested and officially assayed to contain a certified 95% polyphenol content and an extraordinary 45% active EGCG content, making it the world's highest-grade green tea supplement ever developed. In addition, Ultra-GTX was specifically designed to yield only a minimal amount of caffeine so that it is without the jitters or sleep disturbance of caffeine-spiked formulas.In addition to guaranteeing potency, this unparalleled lab testing is also designed to ensure consistent quality and purity from batch to batch. And that means, with every 500 mg capsule of Ultra-GTX, you're guaranteed these unprecedented percentages of polyphenols and EGCG with every single dose! Learn more about the benefits of Green Tea: Ultra-Gtx (THE THERMOGENIC POWERS OF GREEN TEA) Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Green Tea Weight Loss: The Ultimate Wonder Nutrient For Fat Loss, And Health Protection Keep Training: Never miss a workout by incorporating these ten antioxidants into your nutrition regimen Fall Fat Inferno: basic science behind the newest key ingredients that should be included in a good fat burning/diet aid supplement Enter the Burn Zone: 8 Quick Fat-Loss Tips You Can Use Today  Read Research articles: Green Tea Targets Belly Fat Green Tea Promotes Fat Oxidation During Exercise And Increases Insulin Sensitivity EGCG, The Major Polyphenol In Green Tea Extract, Enhances Compliance To A Weight Loss Program EGCG, The Bioactive In Green Tea, Promotes Fat Oxidation Green Tea Boosts Thermogenesis And Weight Loss Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  5. Super CoQ10

    Super CoQ10

    Item PSP101
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    10 out of 10 | 5 Review(s)
    Coenzyme Q10Potent Energy Production Catalyst Coenzyme Q10 plays a critical role in the most basic and important of intracellular processes for athletes- it helps the body convert food into energy in the form of ATP. CoQ10 supplementation may confer an important performance edge, particularly to endurance athletes.  ProSource Super CoQ10 contains only the highest quality enzyme, processed according to the most stringent manufacturing standards. Coenzyme Q10 is used to support: Heart health Blood pressure Metabolism Learn more about Coenzyme Q10: Coenzyme Q-10 For Heart Health Prior Supplementation With Coq10 Significantly Reduces Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress And Muscle Damage Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  6. NAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine
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    9.4 out of 10 | 7 Review(s)
    NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine)Antioxidant and Detoxifier NAC is a more stable form of the amino acid cysteine. It helps raise levels of the potent anti-oxidant glutathione, and detoxifies the liver. For comprehensive antioxidant protection, combine ProSource's Carnosine and NAC with your favorite multi-vitamin to effectively fight free radicals and promote overall health.  Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart
  7. Muscle Maize

    Muscle Maize

    Item BQT016
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    9.5 out of 10 | 34 Review(s)
    Muscle Maize Ultra-High-Impact Recovery/Growth Formula With Advanced Anabolic Carbs & Proteins! A truly productive workout should leave every bodily system in chaos. Glycogen stores crashing, muscle tissues cannibalizing themselves for fuel, cell-attacking free radicals running rampant, insulin levels low, and adrenal glands fatigued. In order to convert this creative destruction into an opportunity for extreme growth, you need a comprehensive, high-performance, all-in-one formulation equipped to address each and every one of these emergency bodily conditions with the utmost power, speed, and efficiency. New Muscle Maize wages an all-out war on catabolism by attacking on several fronts, simultaneously. Its innovative matrix of high-glycemic waxy maize starch is designed to upregulate insulin secretion, thus facilitating increased transport of growth-factor-rich proteins (an advanced matrix of ultra-fast-acting whey isolate, hydrolyzed casein and leucine), while also delivering micronized creatine monohydrate for cell volumization, glutamine for increased protein synthesis, nitrogen retention and recovery, and beta alanine for carnosine support and reduced neuromuscular fatigue. Most importantly, the key to Muscle Maize's unprecedented growth-yielding power is the purity and potency of its individual ingredients. This amazing anabolic complex is made right here in the United States and is comprised of the most tested, premium quality ingredients available to ensure maximum performance! Competing products simply lack the ingredient quality and integrity necessary to compete with this unparalleled new mass builderNot surprisingly, the elite quality of Muscle Maize's raw materials also ensures that it possesses a remarkably delicious taste and texture. In fact, the early feedback we've received is confirming that this is one of the most delicious and enjoyable-to-drink shakes on the market today. In addition to the growth mechanisms cited above, Muscle Maize also contains Cinnulin PF, chromium, and R-alpha lipoic acid to increase insulin sensitivity, plus a complex of the finest adaptogenic herbal tonics (fortified with N-acetyl-L-tyrosine and Vitamin B5) to provide invaluable adrenal support in combating catabolic cortical processes and promoting an optimized muscle-building environment. Finally, Muscle Maize contains an array of antioxidants crucial to cleaning up free radicals to prevent oxidation of cell membranes and mitochondria.  Muscle Maize Highlights: Antioxidants High-glycemic waxy maize Wide-ranging scope of its anabolic and anti-catabolic properties Anabolic Carbs & Proteins Ultra-fast-acting whey isolate, hydrolyzed casein and leucine High-potency, all-in-one product for supporting rapid muscle recovery and dramatic growth  
  8. Super Vitamin C

    Super Vitamin C

    Item PSP067
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    8.7 out of 10 | 3 Review(s)
    Super Vitamin CHighest Quality and Potency Vitamin C! In addition to being a key antioxidant for overall health, detoxification and production of metabolic hormones, Vitamin C is necessary for normal glandular function -- particularly the adrenal and thyroid. When you choose Super Vitamin C from ProSource, you can be sure of the highest quality material at the lowest price. Learn more about Vitamin C: Keep Training: Never miss a workout by incorporating these ten antioxidants into your nutrition regimenVitamin C: High-Powered Antioxidant Paves the Way for Vibrant Health and Muscle GrowthAntioxidants: The Body's Best Defense Read Research Articles: Carbs, Protein And Antioxidants Boost Recovery From Exercise  Vitamin C Supplementation Decreases Stress Response To Exercise Click to read about An inside look at the ProSource headquarters: See What Sets Our Brand Apart  
  9. Activite Sport

    Activite Sport

    By MHP
    Item MHP006
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    10 out of 10 | 13 Review(s)
    Activite SportInteractive Food Optimizing Multvitamin Formulated specially for athletes, Activite™ delivers a full spectrum infusion of "activated" vitamins, amino acid chelated minerals and high ORAC antioxidants to help support muscle recovery. Another key feature is Anabolase™, the patented interactive food optimizer. Anabolase™-Patented Interactive Food Optimizer Containing: Aminogen« Carbogen« Lipolase«Activite is designed to Support: Free Amino Acid Levels BCAA Utilization Endurance During Exercise
  10. Liver Detoxifier and Regenerator
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    Retail $23.99

    Out of stock

    8 out of 10 | 1 Review(s)
    This liver support formula is chiefly powered by the popular herbal extract milk thistle. In addition, it also contains the two amino acids N-Acetyl Cysteine and Methionine that are added to enhance the production of the cellular antioxidant glutathione to further help with detoxification functions.

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