Amino Acid Supplements

The chemical building blocks of proteins are essential to the human body and all its processes. There are twenty-one in all and most are termed non-essential because they are produced by the body itself. Bodybuilders, however, deplete bloodstream levels of certain non-essential aminos (glutamine, for instance) swiftly, requiring amino acid supplements. Other amino acids (the BCAAs valine, leucine, and isoleucine) can only be acquired through dietary intake, and are thus termed essential. Different aminos are linked to different processes, some of which are of special interest to bodybuilders. Arginine has been linked to vasodilation and nutrient delivery; tyrosine to focus and intensity; glutamine to muscle recovery after exercise. To achieve your bodybuilding goals, you need to know your aminos and research the best amino acid supplements. <<

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  1. Carnivor Beef Aminos
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    MuscleMeds beef isolate brand of supplements continues with Carnivor Beef Aminos and its key complex of nine essential amino acids and another five non-essential aminos, all derived from beef isolate, beef albumin, beef liver and beef immunoglobulin. It’s also fortified with valuable growth compounds such as creatine, BCAA’s and more.
  2. BCAA Complex 5050

    BCAA Complex 5050

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    At 5050 mg, this is a mega-potent dosage of the pure free form branched chain amino acids in a powder format for potential better bioavailability. In particular, the breakdown for each amino is L-leucine (2526 mg), L-isoleucine (1262 mg) and L-valine (1262 mg).
  3. L-Tryptophan 500mg - 120 Vcaps
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  4. Superior Amino 2222 Softgels
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  5. L-Arginine


    By TwinLab
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  6. Threshold / Beta-Alanine
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  7. BCAA Complex 2200

    BCAA Complex 2200

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    BCAA Complex 2200 contains 2200 mg of BCAA’s per each 4-caplet serving. These pure, free form aminos are also delivered in a purportedly time-released format. It’s available in 400 caplet and 200 caplet bottles and best of all, at a super low sale price courtesy of ProSource.
  8. L-Ornithine


    By TwinLab
    Item TL0028
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  9. Arginine Power Super Stack
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  10. Amino Pump

    Amino Pump

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    Amino Pump’s proprietary blend provides the core ingredients for supporting strength and recovery. The full 8.1 gram blend consists of creatine monohydrate, L-aspartic acid, beta alanine, glycerol, leucine, taurine and agmatine sulfate. It’s available in Fruit Punch flavor.

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