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Pure Protein Bars are what made Worldwide Sports a huge success. Their Pure Protein RTD's are also some of the best tasting around. Worldwide makes an assortment of diet, fitness, pre- and post-workout, strength and recovery, and thermogenic RTD's for your bodybuilding and athletic needs.

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  1. Pure Protein Greek Yogurt Bar
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    Greek Yogurt Barby Pure Protein   The original Pure Protein Bars from World Wide Sports offer a good nutrient profile of 32 to 34 grams of protein from whey protein hydrolysate and whey protein isolate plus a solid vitamin and mineral blend. Their new Pure Protein Strawberry and Blueberry bars have been reformulated with a Greek Yogurt style coating and real blueberry and strawberry pieces. In addition to the original low sugar high protein formula, these new bars have increased protein content, more calcium and they're gluten free. Greek Yogurt bars should be a tasty addition to the popular Pure Protein product line.- Higher Protein Content - Greek Yogurt Style Coating and Real Fruit Pieces
  2. Pure Protein Bar
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    The original high protein/meal replacement sports bar. Please note bars sent in summer months may arrive melted. To maintain optimal freshness and texture, keep these bars stored in a cool, dry place. If they were delivered to you during hot humid weather, allow them time to cool and harden before consuming them (a few hours in a refrigerator will restore texture).

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