Although Nutrex makes great testosterone boosters and their Vitargo CGL, they are probably known most for their powerful thermogenics diet pills Lipo 6 and Lipo 6x. The folks at Nutrex have extensive knowledge of dietary supplements, and are always seeking to produce cutting edge products. <<

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  1. BCAA Drive Black

    BCAA Drive Black

    By Nutrex
    Item NTX027
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  2. PostLift


    By Nutrex
    Item NTX044
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    PostLift is a post-workout muscle repair and recovery formula featuring a leucine metabolite to support protein synthesis, 10 grams of BCAAs, plus betaine anhydrous, glutamine, L-carnitine L-tartrate, a low-osmolality carbohydrate source, and electrolytes.
  3. LIPO-6 Rx

    LIPO-6 Rx

    By Nutrex
    Item NTX043
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  4. Lipo-6 Black Ultra Concentrate
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    Another sparse but effective variation on the Lipo-6 brand, this ultra concentrated thermogenic is a somewhat more potent formula providing enhanced diet and energy support.
  5. Glutamine Drive

    Glutamine Drive

    By Nutrex
    Item NTX037
    Save 75%

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  6. Niox Ultra

    Niox Ultra

    By Nutrex
    Item NTX009
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    Unlike some manufacturers in the bodybuilding industry, Nutrex seems to be of the mind that less is more with many of their supplements. Niox Ultra is a good example. It utilizes only four proven ingredients to address NO boosting, vasodilation and endurance support.
  7. Vitrix


    By Nutrex
    Item NTX039
    Save 47%

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    Retail $59.95

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    Vitrix is a basic formula designed to help support male hormonal health. It contains undocumented amounts of Tribulus terrestris extract and Eurycoma longifolia extract, both associated with testosterone support, plus L-citrulline, a precursor to L-arginine which is a factor in vasodilatory muscle pump.
  8. Outlift


    By Nutrex
    Item NTX042
    Save 50%

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    Retail $69.95

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    Choosing the right pre-workout boils down to two things—a respected company and a formula that contains the ingredients that best suit you. With that, Outlift is a solid choice, offering amino acids, creatine and a major dose of caffeine anhydrous, among other compounds. It’s available in Blue Raspberry and Fruit Punch.
  9. Lipo-6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate
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    Retail $49.95

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    Lipo-6 Black Hers Ultra Concentrate is a thermogenic formula designed specifically for women, and with that, it contains added vitamins and minerals, while also providing the diet support complex Lipo-6 is known for, including caffeine anhydrous, theobromine, citrus aurantium, yohimbe and rauwolscine.
  10. Lipo 6

    Lipo 6

    By Nutrex
    Item NTX006
    Save 50%

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    Retail $49.95

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    This popular thermogenic has earned a solid following due to its straightforward formula of caffeine anhydrous, synephrine, gugglesterone, bioperine and yohimbine. Its liqui-cap technology purportedly provides enhanced absorption and delivery of these key compounds.

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