Muscle Warfare

Muscle Warfare is a new line of bodybuilding supplements with a marketing strategy based around naming their products after terms derived from the military (hence, NUKE, Napalm, ThermoFuse, MRE, Napalm Mini-Gun, etc.). Their emphasis, not surprisingly, is placed on pre-workout, post-workout, protein, and T-booster formulations for the hardcore bodybuilder.

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    Muscle Warfare Napalm Pre-workout optimizer In a development which has been becoming more common lately in the industry, this pre-workout product has been simplified to focus more prominently on its core ingredients. Muscle Warfare has revised its Napalm pre-workout product to specifically facilitate muscle pump with L-Citrulline and L-Arginine, recovery with a BCAA blend, plus taurine for volumization, tyrosine for focus, and caffeine for its stimulant value. Simple, but effective.

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