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The Metabolic Nutrition product line consists of eight entries that focus on key bodybuilding systems such as peptide bonded BCAA formula, protein, glutamine and several diet support supplements. <<

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  1. T.A.G (Trans Alanyl Glutamine)
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    This singular glutamine supplement has been hydrolyzed, which according to the manufacturer helps to enhance uptake, efficacy, and subsequently, recovery. Each one scoop serving of this unflavored powder provides 10 grams of trans-alanyl-glutamine.
  2. ProtiZyme
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    Proper digestion and assimilation of nutrient intake is a somewhat underappreciated yet vital consideration for achieving your bodybuilding goals. ProtiZyme protein formula combines quality whey isolate and concentrate with a maximum potency blend of digestive enzymes, along with vitamins and minerals to provide an overall easily digested protein supplement.
  3. Tri-Pep Branch Chain Amino Acid
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    A straightforward BCAA formula with the added element of being bonded to peptides, which in theory, should offer greater nutrient uptake and bioavailability. It’s available in a 400-gram container and three choices, Lemonade, Grape and Unflavored.

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