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Consumer Safety: This is key to our success, and yours. For example, LG Sciences was the first to use NAC in our Methyl products to protect consumers from potential overuse. In addition, LG Sciences employs a degreed biochemist and supplement expert to formulate all of our products. Other companies cannot make this claim. LG Sciences takes the time to educate our consumers and we never formulate products based on gimmicks. Innovation: LG Sciences continues to release a host of new compounds, many with patents pending, to take your training to the next level. All of our bodybuilding products are based on extensive research by well-respected experts. Quality: LG Sciences has earned the reputation of a quality provider of supplements. We personally source all of our own raw materials. These materials are tested to make sure you get a quality product with LG Sciences. We reject sources that want to provide a "finished good". LG Sciences always certifies the quality of our ingredients and tests to ensure the ingredient list is accurate. <<

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