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  1. Clean Burn

    Clean Burn

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    The key component to this thermogenic is Kaged Muscle’s Clean Burn™ Matrix, which highlights a 1000 mg dose of L-carnitine L-tartrate, along with green tea extract standardized for a potent 50% EGCG. This blend also contains Gymnema sylvestre and capsicum fruit extract. The final ingredient to the Clean Burn formula is chromium for an altogether lean yet solid diet support supplement.
  2. Citrulline Powder
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  3. Glutamine Powder
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  4. BCAA Powder
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  5. Creatine HCL

    Creatine HCL

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  6. In Kaged

    In Kaged

    Item KMP005
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    KAGED MUSCLE's intra-workout technology offers advanced mechanisms for supporting endurance, muscle pump, energy, focus, amino-based muscle recovery, and hydration.
  7. Hydra Charge
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    Hydra Charge is essentially an all-in-one performance enhancer that features a Spectra blend of numerous support compounds including green coffee, green tea, broccoli sprout concentrate, oregano concentrate, turmeric, raspberry and so much more. Its flavoring system that includes coconut water is renowned for the ability to help enhance the electrolyte activity of this quality supplement.
  8. Re Kaged

    Re Kaged

    Item KMP003
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    KAGED MUSCLE's RE-KAGED addresses post-workout recovery by way of a wide-spectrum amino surge driven by 100% pure whey isolate, plus betaine and creatine HCl for strength support, and an innovative digestive-support complex
  9. Pre Kaged

    Pre Kaged

    Item KMP002
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    KAGED MUSCLE's comprehensive pre-workout technology offers a multi-pathway approach to supporting energy, endurance, thermogenic activity, focus, intensity, power, and recovery.
  10. Caffeine


    Item KMP010
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    Caffeine is one of the most reliable stimulants in the bodybuilding industry. This entry from Kaged Muscle contains 200 mg of pure organic caffeine per dose, derived from green coffee beans. Check out the super low price for this item courtesy of ProSource.

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