Hair No More

A long-standing favorite of bodybuilders, fitness competitors, and anyone seeking to shed some body hair, Hair No More is a favorite amongst ProSource customers. Their products are fortified with moisturizers and conditioners to nourish skin while helping to remove unwanted hair. <<

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  1. Hair No More Inhibitor Gel
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    Inhibitor Gel is the second part of a two-part system for hair removal and maintaining results over a period of time. This soothing gel, and the Spray Mist both help restore PH balance after the Vanishing Creme (first part) has done its job. Each product is made from plant extracts and other natural ingredients to help remove unwanted body hair and keep it off for three to five weeks, or longer.
  2. Hair No More Vanishing Creme
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    The first part of a two-part hair removal system, Hair No More’s Vanishing Creme contains key plant extracts and other natural ingredients to gently but effectively remove unwanted body hair, dissolving it to the root. No more shaving, waxing or plucking. Simply apply the Vanishing Crème, and then the Gel or Spray Mist for maintenance and you’re done.
  3. Hair No More Inhibitor Spray Mist
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