One thing Fizogen products are known for is their ingredients. You are unlikely to find some of the compounds they use in any other product. That is because they exhaustively search the scientific literature for the most up to date information on extracts and other ingredients. Then they combine these ingredients in formulas they believe will produce the best results.

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  1. Blast Cycle

    Blast Cycle

    By Fizogen
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    Blast Cycle includes a lengthy laundry list of compounds intended to address just about every aspect of workout performance and mass accrual. Its NO potentiating complex utilizes several forms of arginine plus a citrulline ethyl ester, while cell volumizing is facilitated by way of several forms of esterified or buffered creatines. At the same time, Blast Cycle also contains stimulant content (caffeine, vinpocetine, tyrosine), and a number of potential insulin triggers (R-alpha-lipoic acid, 4-hydroxyisoleucine). The exact content of these ingredients is not documented on the label, however.

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