Designer Whey

Designer Whey got its start back in 1988 as Next Protein, LLC. The name was changed five years later to Designer Protein, at which time, their flagship product was introduced, Designer Whey. Shortly thereafter, the company name changed to include Designer Whey in large part due to its success with the product of the same name. They are known industrywide for their protein powders, bars and RTD shakes. <<

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  1. Designer Protein
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    When this brand was first introduced, it enjoyed great success. Over the years, more brands became available, in part, following their lead. The protein (whey concentrate and whey isolate) is still quality at 18 grams per serving. It is also low in sugar (2 grams) and calories, at about 100 per serving per flavor. Available in French Vanilla, Strawberry and Gourmet Chocolate.
  2. Designer Whey Grass-Fed Whey Advanced Protein
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    New Designer Whey Grass-Fed Protein gives renewed meaning to eating clean. Every aspect of this formula (and container) is geared toward a more health conscious approach for the bodybuilder, with grass-fed derived whey, non-GMO fiber, gluten free and nothing artificial. Even the container is touted as an environmentally friendly package.

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