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Few supplement companies offer the intriguing mix of products Controlled Labs does. They offer nitric oxide boosters, creatine products, amino acid supplements, and the other bodybuilding supplements, but they also have some innovative appetite suppressants and brain boosters as well. Check out Controlled Labs Fish Oil as well as its popular pre-workout! ProSource offers only the best quality, most research-proven supplements available. We also eliminate unnecessary mark-ups to keep prices super low. Our team of experts is here to help answer any of your questions. Browse our site today to get great deals on Controlled Labs supplements as well as other top-rated bodybuilding products! <<

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  1. Red Acid Reborn
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    This thermogenic offering from Controlled Labs provids diet support via two core ingredients, green coffee extract, standardized for chlorogenic acid, and natural caffeine. It also contains Syzgium aromaticum extract, Nelumbo nucifera extract and Rauwolfia canescens extract.
  2. White Rapids

    White Rapids

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    Controlled Labs contribution to the pre-workout category, White Rapids combines core key compounds with one or two surprising additional ingredients. These include citrulline malate, betaine anhydrous, agamatine sulfate, caffeine anhydrous and toothed clubmoss, among others. Available in three fruit flavors.
  3. STIMino


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    STIMino delivers solid pre-workout nutrition via the proven compounds of leucine (2500 mg), betaine anhydrous 1500 mg), taurine (1000 mg) and a good dose of caffeine anhydrous (125 mg). As a result, it provides the growth, recovery and energy benefits one expects in this category. Available in Furious Fruit Punch flavor.
  4. Orange OxiMega Reds
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    Power packed with a wide array of fruit extracts, Orange OxiMega Red also contains a probiotic blend and enzyme complex. Just a few of the extracts include pineapple, beet, cherry, blood orange, cranberry, papaya, red currant, pomegranite, bilberry and so much more. Available in a naturally delicious Orange flavor.
  5. White Pump
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    This vasodilator takes a somewhat different approach to its formulation by relying on L-norvaline as the key compound, with the support ingredients betaine anhydrous, agamatine sulfate and vitamin C. Available in White Pineapple flavor.
  6. RAZdiponectin
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    Raspberry ketones have earned a place in the diet support category and as a result, many brands have made this key bioactive available to the market, including Controlled Labs. Their Razdiponectin is a single ingredient supplement that contains 250 mg of raspberry ketones.
  7. Orange TRIad + Greens
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    The original daily multiple by Controlled Labs has been amped up with a wide array of antioxidants (raspberry, pomegranate, cranberry, acai and more), digestive enzymes (bromelain, papain and amylase among others) and a probiotic blend. The other feature is the extensive bioactive greens added, including barley, green tea, wheat grass, milk thistle, aloe, ginkgo and so much more.
  8. Orange OxiMega Fish Oil
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  9. Blue Up with Stimulants
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    Adding a stimulant twist to T-boosting, Blue Up delivers on the latter with a standardized extract of Tribulus terristris, along with Avena sativa, Eurycoma longifolia and a couple more, and then adds the stimulant support from natural caffeine and Pausinystalla yohimbe bark extract.
  10. Green MAGnitude
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    Creatine is the go-to compound in this formula, with a proprietary matrix of “Green” creatine, magnesium creatine chelate and dicreatine malate. It also delivers with betaine anhydrous, magnesium, taurine and tyrosine. Available in two sizes ( 80 servings and 40 servings) and several different flavors.

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