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ProMera Health have over 75-years of cumulative pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, consumer-packaged goods and marketing experience. By leveraging these experiences we created a company that is uniquely differentiated by the quality and value of the products that we produce. Safety is of paramount importance to ProMera Health, as all products are currently processed according to cGMP (current good manufacturing processes) as if they were regulated by the Food & Drug Administration. While such guidelines are not currently required, ProMera Health is achieving these high standards as a normal business practice. In addition to high manufacturing standards, ProMera Health takes the extraordinary measure of having their products certified as drug-free by one of the country's leading drug-testing facilities. Aegis Sciences Corporation has subjected both CON-CRET and StayActiv to the International Olympic Committee drug screening panel. <<

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  1. CON-CRET Flavored Creatine
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