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As a real culinary artist making tasty treats, Chef Jay now uses his expertise to make delicious high-protein bars and cookies that are not only indulgent but loaded with muscle building whey protein. His Tri-O-Plex bars have been a favorite here at ProSource ever since their introduction. Don't forget to try his cookies, too.

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  1. Tri-O-Plex Bar
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    8.4 out of 10 | 5 Review(s)
    Tri-O-Plex Barby Chef Jay's "Whole  Grain Protein Bar" These cakey protein bars combine great taste and protein technology in an original "Whole Grain Protein Bar" form that's a departure from the chocolate-or-yogurt-covered protein bar. Each bar delivers 30 grams of 3-sourced (TRI) Protein.Please note: Some protein bars sent in summer months may arrive melted. To maintain optimal freshness and texture, keep these bars stored in a cool, dry place. If they were delivered to you during hot humid weather, allow them time to cool and harden before consuming them (a few hours in a refrigerator will restore texture).
  2. Tri-O-Plex Low Sugar Cookie
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    Tri-o-plex Low Sugar Cookieby Chef JayDelicious, full-flavor high-protein Tri-O-Plex cookies with less than 3 grams of sugar for carb-conscious customers.

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