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One of the first manufacturers to introduce sesame seed extract to diet supplements, Avant Labs manufactures diet supplements to help achieve a healthy weight. Use Avant Labs supplements in conjunction with your other bodybuilding supplements to achieve your fitness goals. Save on shipping when you buy Avant Labs supplements in bulk with some of the lowest prices available online! <<

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  1. Lipoderm-Ultra


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    Avant Labs takes a somewhat unorthodox approach to diet support with this topical cream that is designed to be applied to the surface of your skin for a purported transdermal application of its key ingredients, that include yohimbe, caffeine, sesamin, synephrine and three other support compounds.
  2. Avant Lipoderm Y

    Avant Lipoderm Y

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    This yohimbine and caffeine anhydrous combination formula is in a cream format that is pumped out of the bottle and designed to be applied topically for a transdermal application for purported thermogenic benefits.

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