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Allmax Nutrition's products are geared towards bodybuilders and fitness minded athletes. They include several standards such as a good whey protein isolate called Isoflex and a good tasting mass gainer called Quick Mass. They also offer some of the more popular products that bodybuilders use such as micronized creatine, L-arginine, BCAA's, L-glutamine, L-taurine, CLA and ZMA to name a few. ProSource carries a good amount of Allmax's more popular products at incredibly low prices. <<

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    Most bodybuilders know the importance of making branched chain amino acids part of their daily regimen, whether they come as part of an ingredient profile in a protein or other blend, or as a single supplement like AminoCore. In addition to BCAA’s, AminoCore also contains good potency B vitamins and alpha ketoisocaproic acid. Available in two sizes and flavors.

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