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Alacer Corp. was founded in 1972 with a focus on vitamin C, complimented by minerals and B vitamins. This vitamin C focus led the company to collaborate in its early days with global vitamin C experts, including extensive consultation with Nobel laureate and vitamin C advocate Linus Pauling. In 1978, Alacer introduced the Emergen-C, effervescent powdered drink mix as the 'champagne of nutritional drinks'. The good tasting, fizzy drink mix featured 1,000 mg of vitamin C, B vitamins and electrolytes, which became Alacer's signature formulation. The novel delivery system for vitamins and nutrients soon had a loyal following who found Emergen-C to be the fast, fun way to support health and energy. Today Alacer sells 10 flavors of the original Emergen-C formulation, five flavors of a complete Multi-Vitamin line in formulas for kids and adults, and two organically flavored and sweetened versions. Alacer also offers four flavors of Emergen-C specialty formulations, which address support for joint, bone and heart health. The latest addition to the Emergen-C line are three new 2.5 ounce nutrient shots, consisting of citrus-flavored Emergen-C Immune+ (immune system support*), berry-flavored Emergen-C Alert! (healthy energy and mental focus*) and orange-flavored original formula Emergen-C. <<

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  1. Emergen-C Vitamin C
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    These popular single serving packets have helped pave the way for athletes and other individuals to get a solid dose of vitamin C (1,000 mg), along with a long list of other key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The drink tastes great and the convenience can’t be beat. Available in 30-pack boxes and three tasty flavors, Super Orange, Pink Lemonade and Lemon Lime.
  2. Electro Mix

    Electro Mix

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    Here is a convenient way to restore lost electrolytes from Alacar Emergen-C. This Electro Mix is available in 30 individual serving packets and each contains calcium, magnesium, manganese, chromium and potassium. It also contains stevia rather than sugar, has zero carbs and zero calories.

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