Clinical Study Documents Significant Results in Just Two Weeks!

betastax weight loss info

Here's some good news for those of you who are tired of reading about "the best thermogenic to come along since the days of 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'."

Yes, that's right. We can all stop talking about how great things were when the 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'/caffeine stack was the agent of choice for leaning out and revving up.

Why? Because there's a new product now available that makes even the best of the old 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'-based products look like weak tea. That new product is BetaStax, a revolutionary, multi-pathway extreme weight-loss catalyst that may be so far superior to 'fat-burning legends of yesterday' that it renders comparisons almost irrelevant.

That's certainly a bold claim. But you needn't take our word for it. You can read the results of a major independent clinical study that has electrified industry experts across the nation.

Clinically Validated Weight-Loss Results in Just Two Weeks

betastax weight loss info If you were buying and using weight-loss products during the "glory days" of legal 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'-based supplements, you probably remember that these products represented a great step up from the technologies that had preceded them. In sharp contrast to earlier supplements, the 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'-based products (among them the legendary industry leader Xenadrine RFA-1) delivered real results you could see and feel, including measurable weight loss, in as little as 8 to 12 weeks. This was a phenomenal achievement.

So, needless to say, it came as quite a surprise when the news broke earlier this year that a clinical study conducted on the primary active ingredient in BetaStax documented significant weight-loss results in just two weeks. This result was so unprecedented, so off-the-charts, that it has become the talk of scientific circles throughout the industry.

Here they are: In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study1, 50 healthy volunteers were randomly assigned to take placebo or 250 mg of the main active ingredient in BetaStax, a bioactive matrix of weight-loss agents tradenamed PureWaySlim. Weight, waist and hip circumferences, basic metabolic panel, blood glucose, and lipoproteins levels were measured at baseline and then at 2 and 4 weeks. The results were astounding. But even more importantly, the consumption of (250) mg prior to two major meals daily resulted in significantly greater reduction in body weight, waist and hip circumferences when compared to placebo treatment as early as two weeks and continuing up to 4 weeks. This study was conducted by researchers at a prestigious American university and as such represents rock solid evidence for the case of a truly viable successor to 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'.

This is the kind of documented breakthrough that drives manufacturers of competing products to the brink of despair. While these competing manufacturers are tinkering with established mechanisms, hoping for tiny increments of improvement, one visionary company unleashes a completely new technology that establishes radically new standards for the entire industry with regard to efficacy and results. BetaStax is just such a technology.

A Profound Energy Rush with No Subsequent Crash

Of course, yesterday's 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'-based products weren't solely about weight loss. They were also about that terrific surge of energy and well-being that spurred athletes on to new heights of intensity in their workouts and gave typical users a welcome mid-day kick-start. Some users (particularly those who were sensitive to stimulants) reported jitters or nervousness, but most welcomed the 'fat-burning legends of yesterday''s energy boost.

Here again, BetaStax truly shines, offering an explosive upsurge of energy that can legitimately be compared to that produced by 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'. Members of our ProSource Product Research Team who consumed the recommended dosage of BetaStax were truly astounded by the vitalizing rush of energy and well-being they experienced. "While we had heard manufacturers make similar claims in the past, until BetaStax we really hadn't seen a product that truly compared to 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'", says ProSource product testing analyst Gary Crass. "This is in fact the first product we've seen that appears to seriously rival 'fat-burning legends of yesterday' in both weight-loss and energy enhancement", says Gary. Upon further analysis, BetaStax's proprietary matrix of ultra-bioactive, premium-grade energy factors appears to provide for rapid delivery and a dramatic energy rush that can be felt, literally within minutes of the first dose. For dieters, this remarkable biochemical phenomenon is a powerful antidote for the lagging energy levels that typically effect those on low-calorie or low-carb regimens.

BetaStax Earns Ecstatic Praise and a #1 Ranking from the ProSource Research Team

betastax weight loss info It isn't every day that we at ProSource get to talk about a product (in any supplement category) that has achieved such a high standard of efficacy. But that's what we have with new BetaStax. And it's really no wonder this major development was created by BioQuest because their product development team is the same one that created the original Xenadrine-RFA-1 formula over a decade ago. These guys are clearly the industry's foremost specialists in the thermogenic category. In addition to Xenadrine, they've had a number of major fat-burning successes including their popular Tetrazene line. Now, with BetaStax, BioQuest is demonstrating that these previous achievements are merely prologue to new and exciting advancements that will change the way athletes enhance their physiques and everyone else loses excess weight.

As a result of BetaStax's undeniable and extraordinary thermogenic potency, our product testing team unanimously ranked it to the top in the category- and by a significant margin. Combine that with the compelling scientific support behind its active weight-loss component and there's no question that a new king has emerged in this category. This is a well-earned accolade. BetaStax represents the natural next step in the evolution of thermogenic science, marking a watershed moment in supplement history in which a new class of thermogenics may finally leapfrog the standards set by the 'fat-burning legends of yesterday'-based products of yesteryear.

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