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You can't fool serious bodybuilders with hype and empty science. For far too long, supplement manufacturers offered the promise of naturally enhanced testosterone levels, but failed to back it up with any sort of brand-specific testing or physiologically active ingredients in clinically indicated dosages. Those days came to an end with the introduction of AndroTest and AndroTest Extreme, and bodybuilders bid goodbye forever to the days of paying for T-boosting supplements that delivered little or no results. Knowledgeable athletes, long accustomed to carefully reading ingredient labels and looking for documented science behind manufacturer's claims, have held AndroTest Extreme in high esteem for years, and that's a situation which doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon. Let's take a look at the current state of the art in T-boosting science.

Testosterone -- It Matters
Testosterone is one of the most important building blocks for athletes and hard working gym rats.  In fact it has been shown to increase muscle mass, decrease fat mass, improve strength, increase bone density, and positively influence your overall mood and sexual function(1).  Unfortunately, as we age our testosterone begins to fall at an increasing rate.  This can lead to issues such as decreased libido, impaired erectile function, fat gain, muscle loss, and decreased mood and vitality(2).  Testosterone is so important that more recently researchers found that measuring testosterone levels can be a good predictor of squat and sprinting performance for strong weight trained athletes(3).  Meaning the higher your testosterone levels are, the bigger weights you will hit in the gym, and the faster your times will be on the field.  

The BIG 3
AndroTest Extreme sets itself apart from your average test booster by utilizing three BIG components, known as Tribulus Terrestris Extract with a minimum of 40% protodioscin, ActivAli Tongkat Ali, and Testofen Fenugreek Extract with a minimum of 50% Fenuside.  These may not be familiar to you unless you have some botany in your background, but that's beside the point.  What is important is the recent research which shows these effectively increase testosterone in males.  

Androtest ChartAndroTest Extreme takes testosterone boosting a step further and added Testofen, a standardized fenugreek seed extract that contains a minimum of 50% Fenuside.  Just last year (2011) researchers in Australia wanted to verify if the exact same form of fenugreek used in AndroTest Extreme (Testofen) had any effect on the libido of healthy men(4).  The population size of the study participants was substantial (60 healthy men as young as 25 years old).  The study gave the men two different standardized tests, the first was the Derogatis interview for sexual functioning-self report or DISF-SR, and the second was a quality of life (QOL) assessment.  The subjects receiving Testofen had positive test results in as little as 3 weeks, and significant improvements were reported in sexual arousal, sexual behavior, and orgasm.  Before and after analysis of the QOL survey reported that over 81% of the men receiving Testofen felt improvements in libido, recovery time (66%), and sexual performance quality (63%).  Even more pronounced was the reported improvement in general energy (81%).  The researchers end the report by stating (trigonella foenum-graecum is just another name for Fenugreek extract) the following:

"Taken together, this research indicates that Trigonella foenum-graecum has potential in balancing hormones and, in particular, is a well tolerated naturally derived product to use to support libido in healthy males."

In addition to the above findings, an unpublished study by Gencor Pacific (the makers of Testofen) gave exercising males Testofen and measured several key indicators in which they found(5):
  • Significant increases in free testosterone compared to the placebo group

  • Improved immune system compared to the placebo group

  • Prolactin levels remained within normal ranges

  • Significant decreases in bodyfat compared to baseline

  • Maintenance of muscle mass and weight despite bodyfat loss

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One might argue that this study may be biased because the makers of Testofen funded the research.  However keep in mind they utilized the gold standard when adhering to study principles with a randomized double blind placebo controlled study. 

If these findings are not convincing enough, there is even more evidence published in 2010 in the highly regarded Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition(6).  This study again gave 500 milligrams of fenugreek extract to 49 randomly assigned young males with previous weight training experience.  And it went so far as to measure real world results that matter to us in the gym by testing body composition and strength over 4 and 8 weeks.  The effects of fenugreek extract were once again astounding.  In fact they found that the fenugreek group lost 2.34% body fat.  The researchers attributed this change due to the increase in lean body mass (muscle), which was experienced in the fenugreek-supplemented group.  In addition they found that continued supplementation resulted in greater strength increases.  Both the placebo group and fenugreek group showed 1 rep max strength gains (bench press & leg press) from week 0 to week 4.  But only the fenugreek experienced strength increases from week 4 to week 8.  In the words of the authors:

"Together, these findings imply that supplementing with 500 mg of the commercially available supplement combined with resistance training can alter body composition to a greater extent than resistance training alone for 8 weeks."

With all this in mind you can be assured that AndroTest Extreme gives you more than enough fenugreek extract in each serving to meet the same doses found in the previously discussed research.  In fact a daily total dose of AndroTest Extreme gives you 600 milligrams of fenugreek extract in a premier standardized form known as Testofen. 

Perhaps the most recent and exciting piece of research was published in the Journal of Andrologia using Tongkat Ali(7).  This study was interested in the effects of 200mg's per day of Tongkat Ali and its ability to increase testosterone and symptoms of high testosterone in men.  It's rare to find research that tests both subjective and objective feedback, which is why this study is particularly important to those of us interested in testosterone increases.  Not only that, but they used a large group of men (76) and had them supplement Tongkat Ali for one month (the same supply you would get in a bottle of AndroTest Extreme).  So what did they find?  Let's sum up the results from the men who consistently used Tongkat Ali for one month:
  • A significantly lower Ageing Males' Symptoms score (a lower score means subjective measures of testosterone improved, indicating higher levels of testosterone)(8)

  • An average increase of testosterone of 46.8%

  • Some test subjects experienced testosterone increases as high as 221% over median testosterone levels
Clearly the subjective and objective results from this research speak for themselves.  And it further validates the findings of a 2003 British Journal of Sports Medicine paper that found in healthy men given 100 milligrams/day of Tongkat Ali increased fat free mass (muscle), reduced body fat, and increased muscle strength(9).  Of course all of these findings are consistent with what we should expect as a result of a drastic increase in testosterone(10).  

Testosterone Tribulus GraphicThe third component of The BIG 3 is simply icing on the cake at this point.  AndroTest Extreme contains the highest quality Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris extract.  The AndroTest Extreme version of tribulus terrestris is standardized for a minimum of 80% total saponins, 60% furostanol saponins, and most importantly a minimum of 40% protodioscin.  While the research surrounding all forms of tribulus is controversial, there is no doubt the effect in users and for many it is noticeable within even 10 days of use or less.  Although the exact mechanism of action is unclear (or yet determined) for tribulus terrestris, research has speculated it increases DHEA in males(11-12).  DHEA is a precursor to testosterone, although this relationship is indirect, it's well known that they are interconnected.   In addition to the protodioscin connection to testosterone increases, tribulus terrestris has also been shown to act as a diuretic(13).  One of the most common and noticeable effects of tribulus use is the rapid elimination of subcutaneous  (under the skin) water.  This results in a dry and hard look that lets you show off those hard earned muscles.  Finally animal research with tribulus terrestris (research that actually used a standardized tribulus for protodioscin) found increases in weight that was attributed to androgen increases seen in previous research by the same authors(14).  In addition to the weight increase, they found increased intracavernous pressure (ICP), which simply means blood flow to the penis was increased.  They suggest this was a result of nitric oxide release.  All this again equates to a stronger libido, and improved overall sense of well being. 

The AndroTest Extreme Experiment
Perhaps more interesting than all of the above discussed research, is the results using the actual supplement AndroTest Extreme.  To get an idea of just how powerful the AndroTest Extreme formula is, you can look directly at the results of a 2005 clinical study that used the exact same formula as AndroTest Extreme excluding the Fenugreek.  Now we know the power fenugreek extract (Testofen) as we discussed above, so let's take a look at the clinical results of the AndroTest Extreme's predecessor AndroTest, which contained the same tribulus terrestris extract, and the highest quality Tongkat Ali, ActivAli.  The objective of the AndroTest clinical study was to see if, and how much AndroTest affected the following measures vs. a placebo group in weight training healthy men:
  • Total Testosterone
  • Free Testosterone
  • SHBG
  • Libido (based on subjective tests)
  • Safety biomarkers
AndroTest ProtodioscinAt the conclusion, they found that both free testosterone and total testosterone were increased after only 2 weeks.  In addition testosterone continued to climb from week 2 to week 4.  By the end of four weeks, the AndroTest group experienced an average increase in free testosterone of 59.75%, and a total testosterone increase of 59.88%!  The AndroTest group also experienced over 40% increases in both free and total testosterone in the first two weeks.  In addition to the average increases, they found certain subjects had hyper responses to AndroTest.  One male had over a 275% increase in total testosterone, and doubled his free testosterone.  Another tripled their free testosterone!  These are all strong indicators that combining a high quality tribulus terrestris extract with ActivAli is an effective testosterone booster in weight training men.  And don't forget these results happened without the powerful new addition to AndroTest Extreme -- Testofen.  

Presented here is a strong (pun intended) case for AndroTest Extreme rising above the testosterone booster market to give you the best results available.  With the use of high quality ingredients, scientific support, ingredient doses that match the actual science, and its own clinical study, you can see why this is the most powerful testosterone booster on the market.  

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