Goal: Staying Lean, Building Muscle
Bodyparts: Low back, hamstrings, lats, glutes, biceps, forearms

Exercise Sets/Reps
Deadlift* 10/5
-superset with-
Pull-Up 10/To Failure

* Use your bodyweight.
--Perform all 10 supersets consecutively, with no rest in between.
--Aim for 5-10 pull-ups on each set.

Doesn't look like much, does it? Maybe you're an ace at the deadlift and even if pull-ups are challenging, it's still just a bodyweight exercise. You laugh in the face of our exercise selection and that's okay -- get back to us after actually doing it and we guarantee you'll be singing a different tune. Let's examine a few of the perks and the challenges of this high-intensity routine.

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Perk No. 1: Builds Muscle, Burns Fat
In a single workout using only two exercises, you'll hit most of your major muscle groups. Your low back, glutes, hamstrings, lats, biceps and forearms will be the main victims of this onslaught but the total body demand will ensure that you trigger the greatest hormonal response, helping you get stronger and add muscle in minutes. And it should go without saying that it will help you burn a ton of calories both during and after your workout.

Perk No. 2: It's Quick
Start to finish, this routine should take you somewhere around 15 minutes, depending on your experience level and starting weight load on the deadlift. Heavier lifters will be pulling more weight and may fatigue more easily but since we're talking about a bodyweight requirement, it's all relative. Still, it's two simple, proven exercises -- no bells and whistles necessary.

Challenge No. 1: They're Both Pulls
Both the deadlift and the pull-up place a heavy demand on your forearms. So use straps on one or both exercises. This isn't a forearm-centric routine and even with the use of straps, they'll still get a ton of attention over the course of the 15 minutes. Be prepared for the burn and be prepared to work through it. If you choose to perform the routine sans straps, just know that you may need more than 15 minutes or that you will complete far fewer pull-ups.


Challenge No. 2: No Rest
Oh, did we mention that there's no rest? At all? The only allowance you'll have is the time it takes to set your straps on the bar. You are welcome to set up a stopwatch, CrossFit-style, for a little motivation. If you can complete the entire workout in, say, 12 minutes, then bravo -- but you'lll want to do it in 10 the next time. The absence of rest ensures that you're getting the most out of the workout, which is designed to place a high metabolic demand on your body in a very short amount of time. How else are you going to work off those gingerbread cookies?