When most of us reach for a performance bar, we're hoping it will help us get through the next part of the day or workout session. But if you're currently leading the major leagues in home runs, like premier second baseman Dan Uggla, you need the best nutrients possible to push you through the next crucial inning or game. That's why Dan depends on the delicious and nutrient-dense Supreme Protein® bars.

"I eat two Supreme Protein® bars a day," the consistent-hitting second baseman says. "The flavor is unbelievable and each one has all the ingredients to deliver the nutritional profile I need to perform at a high level."

The key to this superior nutritional profile is 30 grams of premium protein, powered by top-quality whey protein isolate (WPI). This WPI is the gold standard of all protein available today with an amino-acid density unlike any other food source. In fact, the biological value (a measurement of how completely a protein is used) of this whey isolate is much higher than beef, chicken, fish or eggs. This makes it a quicker and more superior lean mass-building agent than anything available and can be easily incorporated into a workout routine to provide optimum recovery and energy support.

This is a critical fact that many major athletes like Dan depend on for gaining the advantage.

"During the baseball season, it is important for me to maintain lean body mass and weight so that I can maintain my strength throughout the course of the season," Dan says. " Supreme Protein® bars allow me to get the protein and nutrients that I need so that I can recover from my workouts faster and exercise longer before feeling signs of fatigue. I've definitely noticed a difference since I've added Supreme Protein® bars to my routine."

Incorporating Supreme Protein® into his training methods seems to have paid off as Dan is well-established as one of the elite new major league players, third in 2007 Rookie of the Year voting with a current stat line (mid June) of a Major-League leading 23 HR, plus 50 RBIs and a .281 Batting Average.

The match-up with Supreme bars, according to Dan, was one of relative perfection. Less than a year ago, he discovered these amazing bars and developed an affinity, recognizing the same commitment to excellence in the bar recipe that he shows for his career. This relationship is a natural for me," he says. "I aspire to be the best player I can be, and the best player among my peers. That's something Supreme Protein® has already achieved. Supreme Protein® is easily the category leader in both taste and quality." And Supreme Protein® bars have achieved this lead in part by offering a premium protein blend featuring high amounts of whey protein isolate to help support lean muscle mass.

But this is only part of the story. These incredibly delicious bars deliver a quadruple layer taste sensation like no other bar on the market today, making Supreme Protein® worthy enough to befit the current home-run king. From his rookie start in 2006, to his well-deserved 2nd base spot at next month's 2008 All Star Game at Yankee Stadium, this high profile Florida Marlin's favorite has shown a steady consistency in his performance along with extraordinary offensive firepower.

This power-hitting phenomenon credits the power-packed Supreme bars for providing the kind of vital lean mass-building nutrition for the single most awe-inspiring stat in baseball, home run king! You may not be a top professional athlete like Dan Uggla, but it's good to know that the same nutritional masterpiece that helped carry this champion to high ranks in the majors is also available for your everyday workouts. Putting Supreme Protein® in your lineup is a winning move!