Age: 21
Height: 5'10"
Starting Weight: 150lbs
Current Weight: 190 lbs

Time it took to complete Transformation: 2  years

My Story: I always see "Transformations" of people who have lost a lot of weight, but I don't think people like myself who have to fight for EVERY single pound GAINED get enough credit. I have always been the smallest of my friends, and for me to gain weight and great stronger I've had to dedicate my entire life to fitness and dieting. This is no longer a hobby this is what consumes my life and I wouldn't want it any other way. Through trial and error and an educational background (Associates in exercise science + a CPT through ACSM) I have developed a workout routine that works for me. I've also designed a diet that allows me to gain mass while staying lean and ultimately getting that "ripped look". I enjoy bulking and then cutting down trying to make my body as efficient as possible, meaning I like to have the lowest possible body fat while still maintaining as much strength as possible. Fitness is my life.

Supplements Used to Help Achieve Goal:
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