If physique transformations were easy, everyone would be doing them. But out in the real world, change comes hard. Some people get off to a good start, but lose their way. Plateaus prove intractable; family issues and work commitments intrude. Some people just never reach their goal. And then there's Roger Romance. ProSource's Transformation of the Year athlete has traveled a long, long way to get where he is today.

You would never guess the truth if he didn't tell you, but not so long ago Roger was a "train wreck." That's the phrase he uses to describe a situation in which he lost his house, investment properties, cars, and savings to the home mortgage collapse, as well as his health and well-being to devastating exhaustion and depression. We asked him to tell us all about that, and how he recommitted himself to attaining physique excellence.

ProSource: Welcome, Roger. Thanks for sharing your story and photos with our readers. Can you describe what your life and health were like at the beginning of your long journey to revitalization?

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Roger Romance:
I was living on my mom's couch in a condo I helped her buy when I was on top of my game. Everything was gone. Physically, I was shot. I was a train wreck. I weighed 215 lbs and it was all flab. My body fat percentage must have been in the high 20s. I can tell you my waist was close to 40 inches. I was wearing bad clothes to hide the fat and I couldn't get health insurance because I had high blood pressure and cholesterol.

ProSource: What, in your mind, was the last straw, where you knew you'd hit bottom?

You would think all that would be enough, right? It's terrible to say, but I got a DUI. That was the ultimate wake-up call. Like, I'm out of control here, and I'm endangering people. Everything had to change. And it did. Weirdly, one outcome of the DUI was I could no longer go anywhere but a gym that was on the corner of my mom's street. I had been in and out of gyms since high school, but I never got the results I wanted. But very quickly, the gym became the foundation of my new lifestyle.

ProSource: What were the first changes you noticed after the first few days and weeks of training regularly?

I was thankful just to be focused and committed to self improvement. I can tell you that the regimen I have now bears no resemblance to what I was doing when I started. But you have to start somewhere. One push-up, a bench press, then another, you know?

One day, I was sitting in the gym, getting nowhere fast, watching a gorgeous woman do her high-intensity workout, and I said to the guy next to me, "She's got it going on." And this guy said, "She sure does. She's my wife. I'm a trainer here." He looked the part, about 220 lbs and ripped. He's a physique competitor. We got along instantly. We changed my diet and I started training for real. The first week was brutal, as I was miserable from training and the diet change. I was tired and achy, but I pushed through. It wasn't long before I had to buy new clothes.

ProSource: What was your nutrition program over the course of your transformation? What was your primary strategy and goal?

I first wanted to lose weight, then add muscle as I started honing my physique. I got into bodybuilding through my trainer. My diet is very, very simple. Lots of chicken and fish, plus bacon for fat content. Egg whites, oatmeal, green vegetables, brown rice or brown rice pasta. Some people like variety; I like to keep it simple.

ProSource: What were some significant benchmarks that you achieved on your way to success?

Well, I think my physique speaks for itself. My primary goal was to get on stage as a competitive bodybuilder, and I've done that. I will continue to do it. On a personal note, it was hard to lose friends because my lifestyle has changed so much. My true friends stayed, and my party friends left. That's for the best. I guess I knew I had made it when I ordered 32" waist shorts online and I had to return them for a size 30".

ProSource: What supplements are you using, now that you have completed your transformation? Do you use them daily?

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I'm a big believer in protein consumption, both for muscle support and for fat loss. I eat a lot of protein from whole-food sources, and I supplement throughout the day with ProSource's NytroWhey Ultra Elite. I've tried other proteins, but NytroWhey not only tastes great, but it is very easily digested. I can use several servings throughout the day and get absolutely no bloating, which is not something I could say about most of the other proteins I've used. So many protein formulas are bulked up with low-quality whey concentrate, soy, or protein fillers that are not easy to digest. In fact, what I've learned is that many of the products out there today are very gimmicky and not really about performance. NytroWhey is truly the exception to that. The quality of ingredients is by far the best that I've seen and it really makes a difference when it comes to promoting real results. I've spent a lot of time researching the options and feel pretty confident that NytroWhey Ultra Elite is the best protein on the market.

On top of the protein, I also take ProSource's Mega BCAA powder. It's all about maintaining a growth-positive environment in muscle tissue. My current workout is pretty extensive and I never want to slip into a catabolic state. Always be building. The aminos in Mega BCAA help me do that. I notice that when using Mega BCAA, I am able to recover much quicker.

Finally, I'm a big, big fan of ProSource's testosterone support product, AndroTest. I can't imagine how low my T-levels must have been when I was fat and sloppy. I remember being tired all the time and lacking focus. You really have to get proactive with testosterone support and AndroTest has real T-boosting power. You can feel it working in so many ways. Libido, intensity, workout recovery, overall mood. And best of all, it's totally natural, so it's sustainable. Just a constant high-water mark for your T levels. I mean look at me. Results don't lie. For me, AndroTest is a quality of life thing.

ProSource: Any final words of advice for our readers, Roger?

Keep your eyes on the prize. If I can do it, you can!

ProSource: Thanks again, Roger, for sharing your inspiring story. And congratulations on becoming ProSource's Transformation of the Year! If any of you have any questions for Roger, or would just like to contact him, you can reach him here:



YouTube Channel:

Email rogerromance2127@gmail.com

Roger Romance's
Weekly Workout Regimen

Day 1 : Chest

Incline Press Smith Machine 20,15,12,10
Flat Bench Smith 20,15,12,10
Incline Dumbbell Press 15,15,10,8
Flat DB Press 15,15,10,8
Cable Fly 20,15,10,12,10
Pec Flys on Machine 20,20,20,10- sometimes 7 sets for 15
Hammer Decline 20,15,12,10

Day 2 : Biceps/Triceps

Skull Crusher to Standing Barbell Curls 4 set 10 reps
Skull Crusher with dumbbells to hammer curls 4 set 10 reps
Push down with rope grip 20 rep into 10 at the bottom for 4 set
Single arm kick back 10 each side 4 sets
Hammer machine 10 for 3 sets
Single arm Preacher curls with dumbbells 20,15,12,10
Cable curls 20,15,12,10
Machine preacher curls drop set

Day 3 : Shoulders

Machine Lat raises 20,15,12,10
Hammer machine press 20,15,12,10
Dumbbell lat raises 4 for 10 into front raise for 8 each side
Cable with rope high rows 20,15,12,10
Upright dumbbell row 4 for 10 superset with shrugs 20,20,15,15
Reverse flys on pec machine 20,20,15,15

Day 4 : Back

Seated Lat Pull downs front and reverse grip 4 superset 10 reps
Seat cable row close grip 20,15,12,10
Seated cable row wide grip low to waist 20,15,12,10
Bent over dumbbell rows 4 for 10
Hyper extensions on back machine 4 for 10
Dickersons 20,12,15,10
Pull ups 3 for 10

Day 5 : Quads

Leg extensions 20,15,12,10
Leg Press 20,20,15,10
Hack Squats 20,20,10,10
Squats 20,15,12,10
Adduction and abduction machines 20,15,12,10
Single leg extensions 4 for 20

Day 6 : Hamstrings and Calves

Laying leg curl 20,15,12,10
Seated Leg curl 20,15,12,10
Standing single leg curl 20,15,12,10
Stiff leg deadlift 20,20,10,10
Seat calves raises close, middle, wide stance 20 close 15 middle 10 wide for 3 sets
Standing calves raises feet positions straight, angled in and out 10 reps 4 sets
Single leg calve raise 20,15,10,12

I rarely do cardio but when I do 30 mins on the bike or stairmaster. I take Sundays off most weeks and if I can only train 5 days. I do legs in one day.

Use as directed and with a sensible nutrition and exercise program. Read all product labels and warnings thoroughly before use. Endorser's results are not typical. Endorser was remunerated for his appearance. Consult a health care professional before beginning any weight loss program. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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