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5 Strategies For Beating The Holiday Binge

5 Strategies for Beating the Holiday Binge

Get ready folks, Thanksgiving is imminent and holiday party season is just around the corner. Cookies, finger foods, desserts, and more are waiting in ambush. Running the gauntlet of holiday meals and parties can be daunting, but if you prepare correctly, you won't wake up on January 2nd, 2016, filled with regret.

Did you know that the average person on Thanksgiving consumes approximately 4,500 calories? Given the quality of many of those calories, that’s a recipe for failure when it comes to progressing toward your physique and performance goals. Even worse, a busier schedule means less planning and more chaos, which in turn can lead to missed or skipped workouts. This article will attempt to identify some potential areas where you can get knocked off track and how to anticipate them and work around them.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

We’ve all seen it. You get to the gym between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, and you’ve got the place to yourself. Where’d everybody go? Don’t be a no-show! Map your day out ahead of time and schedule in a workout time. Even if you only have 30 minutes at the gym, an intense workout targeted at one body part or even a fast-paced resistance training circuit that targets major muscle groups and utilizes compound movements will sustain growth and keep you lean.

Consistency is a key element of your workout regimen. Completed workouts keep you energized and focused on your goals. Skipped workouts lead to mental fuzziness and compromises in other areas of your life. Got an office party on your weeknight calendar? A six pm workout will put you in the right frame of mind. Big holiday meal with your in-laws this weekend? Move your cardio to Sunday morning. You’ll have added incentive to keep to the straight and narrow. Every clean meal, every successful hour in the gym, is another link in the chain of success. Don’t break the chain!

Have We Mentioned Quality Workouts?

Once you make it to the gym or get your shoes laced up, you should be amped up and ready to go. Don’t let those rest periods linger! Even if you’re circuit training with machines, use any down time in transit by adding some challenging lunges (with dumbbells), push presses or dynamic push-ups to your routine. Same thing goes for a cardio workout, obviously. We know you’re not just pounding out 30 minutes on the bike or treadmill, but make sure to bring maximum burst to short intervals with one minute at max intensity and one minute at a lighter intensity. While no one can ‘out-exercise’ a night (or several nights) of eating and drinking, sticking to your workout routine is an excellent way to make you feel better and stay focused on your long-term goals.

Go Into Damage Control Mode

Since you’ve already knocked out a workout and had a small snack, you shouldn’t have ravenous hunger. Regardless, remember that protein is your ally in a party or social dining setting. Protein is thermogenic, meaning that simply digesting it burns more calories. Protein is also more satiating, which means it will help you feel full and minimize the amount of calories you eat. And finally, protein is anabolic and helps to maintain fat-free mass. Thus, once you arrive at the party, try to start off with lean cuts of meat that are high in protein and go find the raw vegetables, cheese and hummus.

Oh, and if you do over-consume, rest assured that you won’t just "burn it off tomorrow." Don’t believe me? Then consider this: if running at 7 mph burns 16 calories per minute, you would need to run a little over an hour to burn 1,000 calories. And 1,000 calories at a party is nothing, especially if you are eating and drinking. One mixed drink and three cookies and you are already pushing 500 calories!

Employ Supplementary Countermeasures

Parties are cruel environments when it comes to the average person who is trying to lose weight. Research has shown that after drinking as little as one or two empty-calorie beverages, your intake of food goes up by 300 to 400 calories (Caton, Bate, and Hetherington 2007). And it gets worse as you drink more (no shocker there) (Caton et al. 2004).

Of course, you’re not the average person. For the serious athlete, “pre-gaming” has an entirely different meaning than it might have for the general population. Clean eating to stave off cravings is the name of the game for you. When getting ready, make a point of having a small, healthy meal consisting of some fresh fruit with some peanut butter, trail mix or combine these with a protein shake made a little thicker than usual. Protein drives satiety, and it supports muscle tissue.

Protein Is Your Best Dietary Friend

A high-quality whey protein product like NytroWhey® Ultra Elite will leave your hunger satisfied with the highest-quality protein (including absolutely NO cheap whey concentrates, sugars and other fillers). NytroWhey Ultra Elite’s ultra growth-factor-rich Cross Flow Microfiltration (CFM) Whey Protein Isolate provides maximum bioavailability and spurs elevated blood amino acid levels for hours, while its TherMAX Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate is designed to flood aminos into the bloodstream immediately upon ingestion. A third component, Leuvon™ Leucine Peptides, is an advanced technology designed to enhance digestibility and utilization of leucine, a primary biological trigger for extreme anabolism.

If you’re entering the holiday season with fat loss on your mind, you owe it to yourself to check out Vectron® by ProSource. This unique fat-loss, muscle-supporting protein matrix contains a key active ingredient, a weight management system called Prolibra®, that has been validated in independent clinical testing. Indeed, when Prolibra® was put to the test in the form of a research study that was published in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, the results were phenomenal. Each study participant was instructed to reduce their caloric intake by 500 calories per day and consume either two doses of Prolibra® or two doses of placebo over a 12-week study period using a double-blind approach (Frestedt et al. 2008). Both groups lost weight as a result of restricting their calories, but the study participants who were taking Prolibra® lost significantly more fat when compared to control participants. Not only was there more fat lost, but individuals taking Prolibra® also maintained muscle mass more efficiently. For fat loss and targeted muscle support, ProSource Vectron® is an indispensable tool that should be at the top of your holiday “must have” list.

Another good option for those of you pressed for the time required to eat cleanly is an extended release protein product with plenty of micellar casein content, like ProSource’s NytroPlex-GF. NytroPlex supplies muscle tissue with a long-lasting, high-quality stream of aminos that will keep anabolism stoked while you’re going from work to holiday shopping to socializing. Micellar casein is a high-quality milk protein that is known to digest much slower than whey protein, and NytroPlex, with its tremendous 56-gram dose of protein (also including plenty of whey and egg albumin) will help you feel full.

Regardless of whether you choose lean cuts of meat, a protein supplement or a combination of the two, you know you are filling your belly with a quality nutrition that has been shown to help stimulate increases in resting energy expenditure (especially as compared to showing up at the party with an empty stomach) (Hackney, Bruenger, and Lemmer 2010). Don’t arrive hungry to the party!

Power Up With a Thermogenic

Energy crashes lead to binge eating! One of the reasons you’re even considering wolfing down that sprinkle-covered Christmas tree cookie (which you won’t enjoy anyway) is because your energy levels are flagging after a day of on-the-go activity without proper rest or nutrition. A modern-day thermogenic like BioQuest's BetaStax® Elite contains premium-grade energy factors to help increase energy expenditure, increase your vitality and focus while also keeping your appetite under control. BetaStax Elite also contains a matrix of diet-support ingredients including one, PureWay-Slim®, which has been shown in a comparison of clinical studies to achieve more weight-loss in two weeks than other leading weight-loss compounds achieved in eight weeks.


The holidays are intended to be fun and enjoyable. As they approach, arm yourself with a proper mindset and a strategy to help minimize the empty calories you consume while maximizing the quality of your workouts. Be a diligent planner and stay ahead of the chaos, get in high-quality workouts, eat clean, and adopt a damage control mindset when tempted by tasty party treats.

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Read more about BetaStax Elite.

Scientific References

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Use as directed with a sensible diet and exercise program that includes reduced caloric intake and increased physical activity. Consult a health care professional before beginning any weight loss program. Read and follow all product label instructions and warnings thoroughly before use. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

The articles featured herein are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Specific medical advice should only be obtained from a licensed health care professional. No liability is assumed by ProSource for any information herein.

4 Weeks to Ripped!

A Triple-Threat Supplemental Strategy for
Taking Your Physique to the Next Level!

Serious athletes and fitness-conscious people know that it’s a physique war out there. It’s not just the fashion models and bodybuilders, either. It seems like a bigger portion of the beach population is bringing its “A” game every year, and maybe you’re suddenly feeling a step behind. Later on, at the club, maybe you’re feeling just a little bit invisible. You’re not far from where you want to be, but you’re not THERE yet.

But you will be, and soon. At this point, all you need is a little supplemental push to vault you over the last obstacle that separates “fit” from “fantastic.” And today’s most powerful physique-enhancing supplements are more than capable of helping you make that transition. Let’s get started!


Above all, the most rapid way to promote fat loss is to take a high quality fat burner. The best of the next-generation weight-loss supplements attack excess fat from a number of different physiological pathways, ramping up fat loss to a phenomenal rate. In fact, the acknowledged leader in the category has been delivering clinically documented results in as little as two weeks. So the next time you’re checking out an impossible ripped specimen on the beach, realize you’re probably spying a BetaStax Elite consumer.

Using a multi-dimensional approach, BetaStax Elite from BioQuest aids in fat loss by supporting the following mechanisms:

  • Increased satiety, A.K.A. increased feeling of fullness after a meal
  • Decreased fat and carbohydrate absorption
  • Increased appetite suppression, A.K.A. decreased your feelings of hunger
  • Lipid mobilization and utilization, A.K.A. increased fat metabolism
  • Increased metabolic rate and energy

What makes Beta Stax Elite so potent?
PureWay-Slim®: This innovative and novel bioactive fat loss agent has been impressing researchers since the day it first emerged from the labs. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study carried out at the University of Miami (Miami, FL), it was reported that taking 250 mg of PureWay-Slim® (same as contained in a dose of BetaStax Elite) resulted in significantly greater reductions in body weight and waist and hip circumferences when compared to placebo treatment in as little as a few weeks! Subjects not only lost fat, but also had remarkable elevations in plasma Cholecystokinin (CCK) after meals. This is a neuropeptide that mediates the feeling of satiety or “fullness” after a meal by binding to receptors in the brain. Having high levels of CCK while dieting makes caloric restriction a breeze and increases your chances of fat loss success!

Green Coffee Bean Extract: The next active ingredient in BetaStax Elite is a novel botanical agent that supplies a standardized dose of chlorogenic acid: an innovative compound that supports fat metabolism in the liver. Beyond fat metabolism, there is an abundance of research illustrating that chlorogenic acid may support the inhibition of glucose-6-phosphate translocase, which regulates the absorption and utilization of consumed carbohydrates. This could mean that less of the fat and carbohydrates that you eat get absorbed and stored (as fat) in the body.   

Razberi K®, Raspberry Ketone (4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one): Not enough physique ripping power for ya? BetaStax Elite also contains raspberry ketones, which have been reported to have an effect on fat accumulation in many studies, even with diets rich in fats and carbohydrates. These findings are supported by animal research, which suggest that raspberry ketone’s weight loss benefits are due to support of fat metabolism and inhibition of absorption of dietary fat (by suppressing lipase activity). The raspberry ketone in BetaStax Elite is the perfect synergist for green coffee extract (containing standardized chlorogenic acid), together supporting positive outcomes for fat absorption and metabolism.

Caffeine: Caffeine is a common ingredient in most fat burners. After all it’s an effective stimulant with decades of research supporting its fat burning, appetite suppressing, and ergogenic benefits.

The multiple benefits of caffeine exist because it acts on two levels, centrally (in the brain) and peripherally (in the body). Centrally, caffeine can cross the blood-brain barrier and act as a central nervous system stimulant by blocking adenosine receptors. The end result is increased energy levels and wakefulness. Beyond increases in adrenaline levels, caffeine also supports dopamine levels in the brain, which gives you an overall sense of well-being (which increases dieting success).

In the body, caffeine inhibits an enzyme called phosphodiesterase (PDE). Inside cells, PDE normally breaks down cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). This results in increased norepinephrine (noradrenaline) release from sympathetic nerves and increased adrenaline release from the adrenal medulla (in the kidneys). The increase in noradrenaline and adrenaline in the body has significant fat burning effects as they are key regulators of fatty acid release from fat cells into the circulation to be burned for energy. Caffeine also completes the binding of adenosine in the body by binding to the same receptors on fat cells that adenosine does.  Under normal conditions, adenosine binds to fat cells and decreases the release of fatty acids; however, with caffeine on board, the inhibitory effect of adenosine on fatty acid release is down-regulated, resulting in greater fat mobilization and metabolism.

Put it all together, and you’ve got BetaStax Elite, a fat-loss powerhouse that you’ll feel working from the very first dose as your physique enhancement shifts into overdrive!


One of the toughest metabolic conundrums faced by high-level athletes is how to maintain hard-earned muscle mass, while attempting to reduce body fat. That dilemma became a lot more manageable when ProSource researchers, working hand-in-hand with America’s premier protein manufacturers, formulated Vectron—the industry’s most potent protein supplement designed specifically to aid in fat loss!

What makes Vectron so potent?
ProSource Vectron is an innovative product that contains a patented fractionated protein formula called Prolibra®. The protein complex in Vectron is formed from partially hydrolyzed whey and is fortified with a state-of-the-art blend of minerals that work synergistically to help support lean mass, promote fat loss, and normalize blood glucose. These benefits are backed by a 12-week clinical trial published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, where subjects taking Prolibra® while undergoing a modest calorie reduced diet retained twice as much lean mass while at the same time had 28% greater fat-loss than the control group (with the same diet). Taking Vectron twice daily has been shown to reduce blood glucose after a meal and maintain muscle mass even under conditions of significant fat loss. Overall, daily Vectron supplementation helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, decreased appetite, and decreased fat storage--all the while helping to maintain increased muscularity.  

Protein, of course, is always thermogenic, and you should always be consuming plenty of it to support your fat-loss efforts. But Vectron is protein technologically supercharged to target excess fat, making it an indispensable tool for your beach-body goals in 2015.


Once you have your mass up and your body fat down, it's time to put the finishing touches on your physique. Whether you are getting ready for the beach, a photo-shoot, or a bodybuilding competition, subcutaneous water retention can make you look bloated and flabby, even when you are lean. In the past, you would have had to regulate water and sodium consumption or even use harmful diuretic drugs to overcome simple water retention. However, thanks to the researchers at BioQuest there is Razor Ripped, the potent and safe way to reduce excess water retention, naturally and gently, enabling you to reveal your polished physique in 72 hours or less.

What makes Razor Ripped so potent?
BioQuest's Razor Ripped uses a unique formula of botanical diuretics, caffeine, and green tea, which not only help to tighten your skin, but also help to support your metabolism and enhance vascularity.

The unique diuretic blend in Razor Ripped was formulated to synergize key diuretic botanicals of differing potencies, starting off with a highly potent diuretic blend comprised of celery seed extract, taurine, and parsley powder. Next, BioQuest has added dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), which has been used as a potent diuretic for over 2000 years in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. To synergize with Dandelion’s diuretic properties, Razor Ripped contains Uva Ursi extract, which contains an antimicrobial and diuretic glycoside called arbutin. Finally, the mild herbal diuretic horsetail extract (from a plant called Equisetum arvense) rounds out the full spectrum of natural water-shedding botanicals in Razor Ripped.

There it is, your three-pronged, multi-pathway supplemental road to ripped. Implement it today and join the circle of the elite physiques!

Read more about BetaStax Elite.

Read more about Vectron.

Read more about Razor Ripped.


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Use as directed with a sensible diet and exercise program that includes reduced caloric intake and increased physical activity. Consult a health care professional before beginning any weight loss program. Read and follow all product label instructions and warnings thoroughly before use. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Supplement Picks Of The Experts: Fat-Loss Catalysts

Sports Nutrition Round Table:

Supplement Experts Select the
Leaders in Key Bodybuilding Categories

Part Three: Fat-Loss Catalysts

Is there any supplement category more volatile and subject to change than the weight-loss category? The rate at which products (and manufacturers) come and go in this field seems to accelerate with each passing year.

There’s a simple reason for that, of course. Most of these short-lived products simply don’t work. They contain outdated, discredited agents or inadequate dosages of common compounds. In fact, a lot of them are mostly caffeine. And with fat-loss products, it doesn’t take long for customers (especially experienced athletes) to determine that a product is a waste of money.

This unfortunate state of affairs makes the fat-loss category unusually easy to rank. If the definition of an effective fat-loss support technology comes down to whether customers are willing to buy that product more than once, you’ve already narrowed the field to a few dozen contenders. If you're looking for truly comprehensive, multi-pathway agents of fat loss (as opposed to valuable, but necessarily narrow-focused, single ingredient supplements like CLA or green-coffee bean formulas), you’ve got even less competition. Finally, if you’re only considering fat-loss support supplements that have stood the test of time and attracted a large and enthusiastic fanbase of repeat consumers over the course of years, well, you can count those contenders on the fingers of one hand.

In fact, this week, our panel of sports nutrition experts would like to suggest you can count the best of the best on one finger.

Welcome to Part Three of our Sports Nutrition Round Table discussion of the absolute BEST products available in four key supplement categories: Premium Protein, Mass Building, Fat Loss, and Testosterone Support. We’ve already covered Premium Proteins and Mass Builders. And now, once again, we’ve gathered the experts, each a well-credentialed and respected PhD in the field of sports supplement science, to help you get the most value out of every supplement dollar you spend. As always, the statements and opinions of the experts expressed here are not meant to be construed as endorsements by the employers and universities with which each expert is associated.

Take it away, experts!

Category: Fat-Loss Catalysts
Experts Pick: BioQuest BetaStax Elite

Doug Kalman, PhD, RD, FACN: There is no standard recipe to creating a masterpiece. If there were one, everyone would be able to follow the same exact formula for masterful success all day long. The reality is that wondrous things, events and products only come along once in a rare while. Well, scientifically, medically, physiologically and in reality, BioQuest's BetaStax Elite is just that product, fully stocked with active effective ingredients and bursting with real applicable science. This should come as no surprise, by the way. BioQuest has a well-earned reputation for applying due diligence in every aspect of the research, development and manufacture of superior-quality supplements, and BetaStax Elite is another prime example of that dedication to excellence. Clinically supported dosages of raspberry ketones, chlorogenic acids, caffeine, and BetaStax Elite’s key active ingredient, PureWay-Slim, all have demonstrated real physique transformation potential. Simply stated, the science of BetaStax Elite is, well, Elite! A product designed to utilize multiple pathways in the body, to augment the efforts you put in for weight control and fat loss while helping you to maintain energy levels and a smile. In my opinion, as a research scientist and nutritionist, BetaStax Elite is a sound investment as part of a weight and fat loss program.

Andrew Jagim, PhD, CSCS, CISSN:
I was impressed with the science surrounding Beta Stax Elite's PureWay-Slim technology, which independent clinical trials have shown to facilitate significant reductions in body weight, hip and waist circumference after only two weeks of use!  It also contains a standardized dose of chlorogenic acid, which has also been shown to boost fat metabolism in the liver. Not only are the active ingredients able to significantly enhance fat loss, they can also provide a burst of energy which can help facilitate intense training sessions or provide energy for those on a lower calorie or low carbohydrate diet.  Through intensified workouts and ramped up fat metabolism throughout the day, BetaStax Elite can help you obtain that shredded physique you’ve been searching for.  

Bill Campbell, PhD, CSCS, FISSN: Exactly! An unfortunate side effect of dieting is the suppression of one’s resting metabolic rate. A decreased resting metabolic rate should be avoided so that long-term weight loss can be achieved. Fortunately, there are a few strategies that can be utilized to elevate metabolic rate. The first and most effective strategy is to increase lean body mass through resistance training. Lean body mass is highly correlated with metabolic rate. The more muscle one has, the greater their metabolism.  The other strategy that has been shown to be effective in the scientific literature is targeted supplementation. BetaStax Elite contains several metabolism-igniting ingredients and therefore is an effective choice for increasing metabolic rate.

Mike Roussell, PhD: Getting back to BetaStax Elite's PureWay-Slim mechanism, it was shown in an unpublished clinical trial performed at the University of Miami to elicit an extra 3.8 pounds of weight loss after 4 weeks. The blend of ingredients in PureWay-Slim seems to elicit the enhanced weight loss by increasing satiety from a meal via increases in the hormone CCK. In addition to that, two other notable ingredients have been added to BetaStax Elite, caffeine and citrus aurantium, as well as caffeine, the well-known performance-enhancing stimulant that can also increase lipolysis (e.g. cellular fat burning). When taken before exercise, citrus aurantium has been shown to increase the calorie-burning effect of exercise by more than 150 calories. As taken as part of your fat loss diet supplement regimen, BetaStax Elite will help enhance fat loss from a two pronged effect of appetite control and enhancing the calorie burning effect of exercise.

Chad Kerksick, PhD: Packing on muscle is much more exciting when you get lean and burn fat from areas you want to highlight. Your diet and supplementation regimen needs to allow you to burn more calories, have more energy and decrease body fat. Over time, these outcomes will lean your physique and improve how you look and feel. BetaStax Elite is a weight-loss, diet-support product that has been shown to help people do just that. The formulation found within BetaStax Elite is comprised of several ingredients that are supported by a number of different published reports.  These reports clearly demonstrate their ability to positively impact all aspects of the fat breakdown process including increasing calorie burning, mental focus and appetite control.

Richard Kreider, PhD: Thermogenic supplements can help increase energy expenditure and thereby promote greater fat loss during training.  They can also help prevent weight regain after dieting. BetaStax Elite is an innovative thermogenic supplement that contains caffeine and green tea, common thermogenic nutrients, as well as chromium, raspberry Ketones, and conjugated linoleic acids.  Research has shown that each of these additional nutrients can promote fat loss while dieting and/or training.  Together, BetaStax Elite provides an essential source of nutrients that can help promote fat loss during training.   

Dwayne Jackson, PhD: BetaStax Elite has been my go-to fat burner since the day it was introduced. Why? Simply because it works so well. I was lucky enough to try BetaStax Elite when it was first developed, and coupled with a good diet and training program, I lost a significant amount of excess fat in only a few months.  The key to BetaStax Elite’s potency is its approach to fat loss. BetaStax Elite attacks fat loss from several angles with key ingredients that curb appetite, give you energy, mobilize fats, increase metabolic rate, and block carbohydrate/fat absorption. This product is so potent, that you can feel the energy rush and increase in body temperature within 30 minutes of taking it. Based on my personal experience with BetaStax, I give this product my highest approval.

Thank you again, guys.

Next week, we’ll be wrapping up our series with Part Four: Testosterone-Support Supplements.

Read more about BetaStax Elite here.

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Use as directed with a sensible diet and exercise program that includes reduced caloric intake and increased physical activity. Consult a health care professional before beginning any weight-loss program. Read and follow all product label instructions and warnings thoroughly before use. Endorser used this product in conjunction with diet and exercise and was compensated for his appearance. Endorser’s results are not typical. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

From Obese To On-Stage

Yuri Diogenes Loses 100 Lbs And

Realizes His Bodybuilding Dream


One of the great things about coming to work every day at ProSource is you get to meet great people who have accomplished amazing things. One such person who has made a big impression on all of us here is Yuri Diogenes, a man who progressed from being seriously, morbidly obese to stepping on-stage as a ripped and rock-hard bodybuilder at an NPC-sponsored physique event in Texas.


When that spotlight hit Yuri and the crowd applauded, it represented the culmination of two long years of hard work and discipline in the gym and a total commitment to a new and healthier lifestyle. The man who had once despaired at the notion of keeping up with his 3-year-old daughter, who once regarded climbing a flight of stairs as a daunting challenge, strode to center stage. He struck his first pose, the light catching his impressively defined physique in sharp relief, and the crowd went crazy. Yuri Diogenes had arrived.


Yuri’s story could be anybody’s story. It could be your story, if you have the work ethic and determination. People will tell you it can’t be done. Yuri is here to tell you it CAN be done.


ProSource: Hi, Yuri. You’ve got an amazing story to tell.


Yuri Diogenes: I do. It’s been a long road, and I’m in a good place right now. I feel great.


Yuri Diogenes

ProSource: What have you been up to?


Yuri Diogenes: I’ve been working with trainer Jeff Dwelle, preparing for the 2015 competition season. Also, I signed a book contract with Morgan James Publishing, where I'll be co-authoring with Jodi Miller (@jodileigh), Ms. Natural Olympia title as a professional competitor in the PNBA organization in 2011 and 2012. The book was foreword by Greg McCoy (Manager of the Destination Dallas Gym in Plano, TX). The intent of the book is to explain a framework that Jodi and I put together to assist individuals to achieve their goals without compromising other areas of their life while staying in shape. The ebook version of this book should be out this summer and the paperback version should be available this fall.


ProSource: That’s good news! Congratulations! Now, however, we’re going to take you back to a darker place for a moment. Can you tell us how your weight and fitness problems initially began?


Yuri Diogenes: I started getting overweight when I was 26 years old and for 10 years I was obese. I “blame” the overweight mainly on my lack of commitment to staying in shape. In high school, I was a soccer player and was always in shape, but I lost control over my caloric intake and activity level when I start building my professional career in the technology field. I started working in many projects, including writing technical books and I stopped living a healthy lifestyle.


ProSource: How bad did it get?


Yuri Diogenes: In October 2011, I weighed 280 lbs, 36% of which was body fat. I was developing early-onset arthritis due to my obesity and I had a whole-spectrum bad blood panel (high cholesterol, etc). My doctor said I was basically killing myself. That was my wake-up call to make a real change.


ProSource: Sounds like bad times.


Yuri Diogenes: Oh yeah. I had serious knee problems. Sometimes I couldn’t even climb the stairs without having pain. That for me was the most humbling thing. My youngest daughter was three years old at the time, and I was unable to just run around with her. I couldn’t even walk faster without feeling pain. You think, am I going to be letting my family down here? It isn’t even just about you anymore. That was rock bottom.


ProSource: And then you began to climb. How did you begin? What were your first steps?


A Weight Loss Transformation

Yuri Diogenes: Everything started when I met my former trainer (Greg McCoy) at the NPC Heart of Texas competition in September 2011. A friend of mine introduced me to him and we scheduled to meet in October. From day one, I told Greg, my ultimate goal is to compete in a bodybuilding show by the time I turn 40. He embraced this challenge, we started to work together, and to my surprise, nutrition was the biggest element of this change. I changed my eating habits completely, eating six times per day (every three hours) with a total of 1800 calories a day. My macros were around 60% protein, 20% carbs and 20% fat. The first three months were painful. My body was trying to adjust to this new routine and I felt so many side effects (bad mood, cramps, lack of energy) that at one point I thought I might give up, but I’m glad I didn’t.


ProSource: Can you provide a general idea of your training program?


Yuri Diogenes: I keep it simple and direct. I have one rest day and I don’t skip workouts. Basically it’s:


Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Arms and Calves

Wednesday: Back and Traps

Thursday: Chest

Friday: Shoulder and Calves

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Cardio only (1 hour)


ProSource: What were the first changes you noticed after you started eating right and training regularly?


Yuri Diogenes: Learning to eat again was hard work! So was the training. However, after I settled into the program, which I will say took me one month, the main change was my energy level was significantly higher.


ProSource: And here you are today, an inspiring example of what it means to set a goal and attain it.


Yuri Diogenes: Yeah, well, there were a lot of dark days on the journey, but you have to know that it WILL get better. I lost 100 lbs in the first year of this program. I lost a lot of fat, but I was not ready to compete. I needed to gain muscles. That’s where training and supplementation come in. All of 2013 was dedicated to working on gaining muscle mass. In June 2014, I competed for the first time at the Adela Garcia Classic in Pflugerville, Texas. I didn’t place, but I was amazingly happy because my goal was to step on stage and compete, and that goal was accomplished.


Yuri Diogenes 6ProSource: Maintaining that muscle mass and your ripped physique continues to be a 24/7 job. Can you tell us what your supplementation regimen consists of these days?


Yuri Diogenes: Maintaining muscle mass and low body fat after 40 is a big challenge. I have to eat very clean and I have to supplement intelligently as well. Lately, I’ve been very impressed with the overall quality and price of ProSource brand supplements, and I’ve been using them to stay on point with my physique. NytroWhey Ultra Elite is a great protein formula that gives me the high-quality whey and extra leucine I need to maximize muscle gains after my workouts. It mixes easily with four to six ounces of water, and it really tastes sensational. I travel a lot for my work, so I can take NytroWhey with me and that ensures I’m getting my daily requirement of protein quickly and easily. I eat Quest Bars for the same reason. They taste good; they’re quick, easy, and they help me keep my macros in correct proportion.


When your diet is sixty percent protein, you really have to make sure you’re supplementing with a good vitamin/mineral/enzyme daily multi, and for me ProSource’s Super MegaMax does the job. It’s formulated specifically for the needs of bodybuilders and hardcore athletes, so it’s got the joint-support factors I need, plus antioxidant support, enzymes for digestion, and the whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Finally, again because I’m over 40, I’ve been thinking more about male hormonal support. I’ve had a great experience with ProSource’s AndroTest. I've tried many test boosters in the past, and the results haven’t been great. With AndroTest, I decided to watch closely two things: strength and overall energy throughout the day. I clearly felt an increase in strength, which lead me to lift heavier and I was way more focused throughout the day. My mood and endurance also improved. It’s definitely worth trying!


Also in the hormonal support category, I’ve started taking BioQuest’s AndroFury approximately 15 minutes before starting my workout. The fact that there is a mix of pre-workout performance maximizers and test-boosting components really intrigued me. I felt way more focus and could lift with more intensity without the side effects that some pre-workout gives to me, such as shakiness and nausea. My energy levels have been very high throughout my workouts! Again, if you’re not taking this one, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!


ProSource: It looks like you’ve got everything covered. What’s next for you in 2015?


Yuri Diogenes: As I said, I’m working with Jeff Dwelle, with the goal to competing in at least two local bodybuilding events here in Texas. My goal is always to make sure I improve every year. Bodybuilding for me is about self-improvement, always enhancing my overall physique. My current plan with Jeff is to be on stage again either in May or June; I want to be at 187 (which is seven lbs heavier than last year) and compete again in the middleweight division.


ProSource: What advice can you offer our readers on achieving their own fitness and physique goals?


Yuri Diogenes: I think the main advice is, adopt the lifestyle that will get you where you want to be. I see many people looking to do a summer diet, a New Year’s diet, etc. Seasonal changes don’t last long. If you really want to improve your physique and maintain it, you need to think long-term. Training and rest is important, but the real change comes (and stays) when you combine all those factors together in a lifestyle you can maintain indefinitely.


ProSource: Thanks, Yuri, for sharing your inspiring story with our readers. You can find Yuri on Twitter @yuridiogenes and on Instagram @ydiogenes

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Click here to read more about AndroTest.

Click here to read more about Super MegaMax.

Click here to read more about AndroFury.

Use as directed with a sensible diet and exercise program that includes reduced caloric intake and increased physical activity. Consult a health care professional before beginning any weight-loss program. Read and follow all product label instructions and warnings thoroughly before use. Endorser used this product in conjunction with diet and exercise and was compensated for his appearance. Endorser’s results are not typical. A 4-week study of healthy males showed a 59.75% average increase in free testosterone compared to baseline and 59.88% average increase in total testosterone compared to baseline. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The Time Is Now

Is there anything more exciting than the first two or three weeks of a new diet and exercise regimen? We are filled with a new sense of purpose, as we lug our gym bags through the front doors of the gym each day. Those first pounds of body fat, acquired through the dark months of October, November, December, and January (or maybe longer) seem to melt off with ease.

Eventually February turns to March, however, and suddenly some of the novelty begins to wear off. The first easy pounds are gone; the next ones, the pounds that stand between you and your lean, rock-hard Summer 2015 physique, are more stubborn and difficult to lose. As your progress slows, your energy and motivation may begin to flag. Welcome, friends, to the danger zone where the largest percentage of people looking to make significant transformations lose their way and start to back-slide.

Will you become a member of this defeated cohort? No you will not. Because your time is now, and we're here to help.

Reset, Refocus, and
Regain Momentum

If you find yourself stuck on a February plateau, rest assured that you're not alone. Many people hang in there for 8 to 10 weeks and then start to get frustrated and emotionally fatigued from making only limited progress towards their goals. This article is intended to help sharpen your focus and reset your motivation to allow you to continue to power through workouts, while keeping your diet clean and maximally supportive of your training efforts.

Let's talk for a moment about your original goals. Keep in mind that's it's important to set realistic goals based on the process and not outcomes. Too many people set goals that are not achievable (i.e. lose 30 pounds by Spring Break), which ultimately puts people on a path that will emotionally defeat them. Instead, make a goal to exercise a certain number of days per week versus losing one pound a week. Secondly, always strive to make your diet and workout better today than yesterday. Clean up little pieces of your diet each day and add a set or two each workout and/or complete another five hard minutes on the treadmill. Finally, do not let feelings of complacency set in. Do something every day, even if it is ten minutes on the treadmill. Some days you don't win, but pick your battles each day to win the war.

Protein's All-Important Role in
Maintaining Transformational Momentum

Enough mind speak, this article is really about discussing some nutritional tools that can help you tighten up your diet and trim calories in a number of areas. Physique improvement is governed by a number of things. Those things we can change include the amount, type and distribution of calories we consume across the day.

For starters, to lose fat you need to cut back the calories you consume, but if you cut back too much you may not be getting enough protein in your diet. When that happens, your body has no choice but to take the protein it needs from itself. Last time I checked, fat tissue contains very little protein, but muscle contains significant amounts of protein. In other words, bye-bye muscle!

High-quality sources of protein like those found in lean cuts of meat and superior supplemental sources like ProSource's NytroWhey Ultra Elite and Vectron should play a critical role in your weight loss efforts. In fact, research studies indicate that in a three-week time period when average men and women dieted and exercised to create a 40% shift in energy and consumed a diet that either met the RDA for protein (0.8 g/kg/day), provided 2x (1.6 g/kg/day) or 3x (2.4 g/kg/day) the RDA for protein, this impacted how much and what type of weight was lost (Pasiakos, Cao et al. 2013).

The results of this study are exciting because it gives us a great deal of information about how your body loses weight. For example, which group lost the most body weight? Actually, the group that consumed the RDA for protein (0.85 g/kg/day)! This group lost approximately 8 pounds, but a whopping 58% of this weight was fat-free mass while 42% of the lost weight was fat. Fat-free mass is any tissue in your body that is not fat, thus muscle and your organs are the primary contributors to this mass.

But what happens when you consume 2x or 3x the RDA for protein? When 2x the RDA was consumed nearly 6 pounds were lost, but in this instance only 30% of this lost weight came from fat-free mass, while a staggering 70% was lost as fat! Similarly, when 3x the RDA was consumed almost 7 pounds was lost, but 36% was fat-free mass and 64% was fat.

These changes highlight several key points to successful physique transformation. First, focus on body composition changes, not just body mass changes. Second, higher protein intakes (2x to 3x the RDA) when restricting calories through diet and exercise are important to help maximize fat loss and minimize fat-free mass lost. In both higher-protein diets, the participants consumed approximately 122 to 185 grams of protein each day (Pasiakos, Cao et al. 2013). While this amount can easily be met with protein-containing foods, doing so while keeping overall calories down across an entire day can be challenging. This is where high-quality supplemental sources of protein Vectron and NytroWhey Ultra Elite can help.

Super-Premium Proteins For a
Higher Rate of Body Repartitioning

Choosing a premier supplemental protein source is essential to attaining your physique goals. NytroWhey Ultra Elite contains a powerful combination of three cutting-edge protein technologies. Its Provon whey isolate is an ultra-pure CFM whey isolate that yields the purest, most potent, growth-factor-rich amino acid profile and maximum bioavailability, while the TherMAX hydrolyzed whey in NytroWhey Ultra Elite is subjected to advanced micro-processing to yield extremely low-molecular-weight di and tri-peptides for immediate amino absorption and assimilation by the body. Finally, Leuvon 590 Leucine Peptides feature a unique leucine-bound leucine-peptide technology, which provides bioactive muscle-growth triggering leucine in great amounts, up to four times that found in competing proteins. This is a powerhouse complex for supporting muscle tissue and the natural thermogenic activity associated with protein intake.

ProSource's Vectron, on the other hand, is of special interest to those seeking fat loss due to its advanced weight management system, Prolibra. In an independent, randomized, double-blind, 12-week clinical trial published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, subjects taking Prolibra retained twice as much lean muscle while at the same time experienced 79% fat-loss compared to the control group at 51% fat loss. While all protein is thermogenic to some extent, results like that place Vectron at the head of the class for transformational power.

Add a Complete and Comprehensive
State-Of-The-Art Thermogenic To The Mix

Cutting calories through diet and exercise and staying sharp through the day can be challenging. BetaStax Elite from BioQuest is another high-potential tool that can help drive your motivation and power you through the ups and downs of body transformation.

The ingredients found in BetaStax Elite, in particular PureWay-Slim, have been researched and associated with support for reductions in body weight as well as waist and hip circumferences. To maintain these positive changes, continual efforts in your workout program and diet are required, but adding BetaStax Elite may help to jumpstart your body-changing efforts. Indeed, in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, test subjects supplementing with 250 mg of BetaStax Elite's key active ingredient PureWay-Slim (prior to two major meals daily) experienced significantly greater reductions in body weight and waist and hip circumferences compared to test subjects receiving placebo treatment.

BetaStax Elite contains other ingredients that continue to garner interest as weight loss support factors. Chlorogenic acid, a primary compound found in green coffee bean extract and a primary constituent of brewed coffee, has been reputed to help support weight loss (Vinson, Burnham et al. 2012). In addition, raspberry ketones have been linked to support for weight loss and fat oxidation. Cell culture studies demonstrate favorable changes in lipolysis and rates of fatty acid oxidation (Park 2010) while a recently published study in humans that included raspberry ketones in a greater combination of nutrients found significantly greater rates of weight loss and body composition changes (Lopez, Ziegenfuss et al. 2013).

BetaStax Elite also contains a complex of premium-grade energy factors which are just what's needed to help you re-energize and maintain focus during your spring workouts, ensuring that you get maximum production from each and every trip to the gym.

The time is now for you to sharpen your focus and build upon the improvements you have already made. The nutritional side of the equation is extremely important and challenging to manage each day. Nutritional tools like a high-quality source of protein similar to that found in NytroWhey Ultra Elite and/or Vectron, combined with a comprehensive thermogenic like BetaStax Elite will help you on your way to a leaner, more rock-hard physique. When warm temperatures are near and pool parties come calling, you'll be proud to show off your new and improved body.

Healthy weight management and substantial weight loss are best achieved by making lifestyle changes, such as lowering caloric intake and increasing exercise activity. When used in combination with a sensible diet and exercise program, the key ingredients in BetaStax Elite can support your weight loss program. Consult a health care professional before beginning any weight loss program. Read and follow all label instructions before using. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Duncan, M. J. and S. W. Oxford (2011). "The effect of caffeine ingestion on mood state and bench press performance to failure." Journal of strength and conditioning research / National Strength & Conditioning Association 25(1): 178-185.

Duncan, M. J. and S. W. Oxford (2012). "Acute caffeine ingestion enhances performance and dampens muscle pain following resistance exercise to failure." J Sports Med Phys Fitness 52(3): 280-285.

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Park, K. S. (2010). "Raspberry ketone increases both lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation in 3T3-L1 adipocytes." Planta Med 76(15): 1654-1658.

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Vinson, J. A., B. R. Burnham and M. V. Nagendran (2012). "Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects." Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes 5: 21-27.

PureWaySlim Supplementation: Positively Impacting Human Health. Dario Pancorbo M.D., Carlos Vazquez M.D., and Mary Ann Flecther Ph.D., University of Miami, Miami, FL, USA

Frestedt JL1, Zenk JL, Kuskowski MA, Ward LS, Bastian ED. A whey-protein supplement increases fat loss and spares lean muscle in obese subjects: a randomized human clinical study. Nutr Metab (Lond). 2008 Mar 27;5:8. doi: 10.1186/1743-7075-5-8.

Top 10 Supplements to BuildYour Ultimate 2015 Physique!

Ah, January. The days are short and the nights are long. If you live anywhere above Southern California or Florida, they're probably cold, too. The days of bathing suits and snug summer polos, bikinis and tank tops, seem a long way away. For many people, January is a month of winter hibernation.

But it shouldn't be. Not for you. Instead, January should be the month for laying a firm foundation for the physique you want in the spring and summer months. These are the days of making -- and keeping -- a promise to yourself that this year you're going to build your greatest physique ever. Rock-hard and ripped for the guys, fit and firm for the ladies.

The road will be long and hard.But the rewards at the end will make all that winter effort worth it. When your determination flags, think of ProSource's 2015 Transformation of the Year, Roger Romance. Every major change, every great journey, begins with a first step, and continues when you keep your eyes on the prize.

So now you've made a New Year's resolution for 2015. Or maybe you just know that a head start is a good start. Either way, you'll be logging plenty of hours in the gym. (Check out some of ProSource's terrific training articles, written by some of the foremost experts in the business.) You'll be watching what you eat. And you'll certainly be looking for some help from some of the most powerful and most effective supplements ever designed for letting lean, adding muscle, losing fat, and supporting a fit, active lifestyle.

That's where we're here to help. Provided here are the Top 10 Supplements to help you attain your ideal New Year's 2015 transformation and physique. With their assistance, you'll be drawing praise and turning heads in the months to come.

Buy BetaStax Elite
Buy Mega BCAA
BioQuest BetaStax Elite
The first few weeks of a new regimen that targets dramatic transformation are pivotal. Nothing is more discouraging than overhauling your lifestyle only to see little or no visible changes. That is why adding a powerful fat-loss/energizing agent like BetaStax Elite to your regimen is so important. The first thing you need to know about BetaStax is that its key active ingredient, PureWay-Slim, has delivered clinically validated and significant reductions in body weight, waist, and hip circumferences in as little as two weeks. Yes, two weeks. Even better, in a comparison of clinical studies, BetaStax Elite's PureWay-Slim blend achieved more weight-loss in those two weeks than other leading weight-loss compounds delivered in eight weeks. That's called getting your transformation off to a high-flying start. BetaStax Elite also contains a number of other cutting-edge fat-loss agents in its formula (including a green coffee bean extract rich in chlorogenic acid content and raspberry ketones) which ensure that you're attacking body fact via every viable physiological pathway. In the first few weeks of your new program, you'll often feel fatigued and sluggish, especially if you're cutting back on caloric intake in an effort to get leaner. BetaStax Elite can help you here as well, with its unique matrix of premium-grade energy factors. These energy catalysts will help you avoid the late-afternoon slump synonymous with the early phases of dieting, while also giving you energy to burn in support of truly productive workouts.

Buy Vectron
Buy Vectron
ProSource Vectron
Protein is an ideal thermogenic super-food. It takes more energy to digest and assimilate, and it supports the muscle tissue that, in turn, burns fat for energy. Of course, not all proteins are created equal. Vectron from ProSource gives you all the fat-fighting power of protein, and does so in the contest of its key main ingredient, a weight management system called Prolibra. Prolibra is a unique fractionated protein complex that combines a specialized bioactive peptide matrix with a whey mineral complex to target both fat loss and muscle support. This is especially important for beginning dieters because your body, when faced with the twin stressors of reduced caloric intake and increased activity in the form of extensive workouts, will seek to preserve fat and cannibalize muscle tissue. To achieve your goals, you must reverse this outcome. Vectron is ideal for this, as illustrated in the results of an independent, randomized, double-blind, 12-week clinical test of Prolibra, in which test subjects taking Prolibra retained twice as much lean muscle, while at the same time experiencing 79% fat loss compared to a control group at 51% fat loss. That's a firm foundation for real transformational progress!

Buy NytroWhey Ultra Elite
Buy NytroWhey Ultra Elite
ProSource NytroWhey Ultra Elite
Now that we understand the thermogenic impact of protein, let's address the primary purpose of this all-important nutrient, which is muscle growth. As part of your transformation, you're going to be supplementing with plenty of protein, and you need to make sure that that protein is generating maximum anabolism with every scoop you take. READ YOUR INGREDIENT LABELS. Keep an eye out for useless whey concentrates, soy, caseinates, and inert fillers. That stuff won't help, and you won't find one millogram of it in NytroWhey Ultra Elite, the gold standard of premium proteins. What you WILL find is a matrix of protein technologies designed to exponentially up-regulate protein synthesis, trigger anabolism, and drive significant growth. The ultra-premium-grade, cold-processed CFM whey protein isolate in NytroWhey Ultra Elite is loaded with critical growth catalysts primed for rapid-action muscle support. For even faster uptake, advanced whey protein hydrolysates yield extremely low-molecular-weight di- and tri-peptides for super-swift absorption into muscle tissue. Add in a state-of-the-art leucine peptide technology designed to trigger extreme anabolism, and you've got a muscle-building powerhouse of unprecedented power and productivity. If you want to make your physique goals a reality, you owe it to yourself to go first class. And that's NytroWhey Ultra Elite.

Buy AndroTest
Buy AndroTest
ProSource AndroTest
Here's one strictly for the men. If you've made physique transformation your #1 priority for 2015, then you are most likely coming to this task from a physical and mental space you'd rather not be in. You may be feeling sluggish, slow, uninspired. Your workouts are off; your endurance is down.  So many of these negative outcomes are tied to suppressed or inadequate hormone production, specifically that of testosterone.

If this is the case with you, then your timing is impeccable, because the science of natural testosterone support is advancing by leaps and bounds recently, most excitingly in the form of AndroTest, the first true clinical-grade natural test booster. AndroTest contains a key, full-spectrum, protodioscin-rich botanical super compound designed to help potentiate the release of luteinizing hormone, which in turn can help support testosterone production (into the normal range). Maximized testosterone levels mean everything to a man, as you'll discover as soon as you start taking AndroTest. Men who are taking AndroTest right now are reporting enhanced power and performance in and out of the gym and an overall improved quality of life. That's what transformation is all about.

Buy MyoZene
Buy MyoZene
BioQuest MyoZene
You want to really change and grow? Then get the maximum benefit from each and every workout you undertake. We'll consider pre-workout preparation in a moment, but for now let's focus entirely on the your bodily environment in the first hour or so after an intense workout. Your glycogen stores are wiped out, so your insulin activity is low. Your muscles are damaged and screaming for fuel to carry out critical repair and recovery. If they're not finding it in sufficient amounts they're simply going to tear down existing muscle tissue to find it. That's called catabolism. If you let that happen, you've just wasted an hour on the gym floor, because growth is impossible in this scenario.

Instead, you need to turn to a mass builder that addresses growth from every vector. BioQuest's MyoZene is your ultimate transformational tool. It contains an ultra-hydrolyzed, rapid-action whey protein that's absorbed directly into the bloodstream for immediate utilization and unsurpassed muscle synthesis. It also provides Creapure creatine monohydrate for muscle cell volumization, key anabolic aminos to fuel recovery, and the exact amount of high-glycemic carbs to potentiate insulin secretion. Finally, Leuvon 590 Leucine Peptides are at work, providing maximally bioactive leucine (up to four times the amount of this essential amino found in other mass builders) to jumpstart anabolism. Take MyoZene immediately after your workout and, by the time you hit the shower, you feel growth happening at levels you've never experienced before. Feel that? That's your transformation, right on schedule.

Buy AndroFury
Buy AndroFury
BioQuest AndroFury / BioQuest AlphaFury
Of course, you're not going to get that growth if you've just completed a lackluster workout. You want to hit that floor ready to rock, with a skin-stretching muscle pump, plus endurance and intensity to spare. For the men, some targeted testosterone support goes a long way toward achieving maximized productivity as well. Men will find all of these key performance optimizers In BioQuest AndroFury, the first ultra-potent, testosterone-charged pre-workout formula. AndroFury unleashes a perfect storm of power, strength, and aggression via its complex of sophisticated muscle-pump agents, energy catalysts, and most especially, its key ingredient – a full-spectrum, protodioscin-rich botanical super compound designed to optimize testosterone levels. To further support this activity, AndroFury also contains an advanced mechanism precision-targeted to increase androgen receptor levels, further increasing the effectiveness of circulating testosterone. If testosterone enhancement isn't your goal (hello, ladies!), BioQuest's AlphaFury offers all the endurance support, muscle pump, focus and intensity without the hormonal support.

Buy Tonalin CLA
Buy Tonalin CLA
ProSource Tonalin CLA
If you're taking some or most of the Top 6 Essential Supplements we've already discussed, your New Year's 2015 Transformation should be well on its way. The remaining products in our Top 10 are meant to complement those technologies in synergistic ways. Conjugated linoleic acid, for instance, is ideal for those who are already taking a stimulant-based thermogenic (such as BetaStax Elite) for fat loss. Non-stimulant CLA, a form of fatty acid derived from some meat and dairy sources, has the added benefit of being a true body partitioning agent, as it both supports fat loss and helps maintain muscle tissue simultaneously. Indeed, this body-toning lipid has been the subject of intense scientific scrutiny for its ability to affect repartitioning (reduction of the abdominal area while enhancing muscle tone) while also supporting good (HDL) cholesterol. When looking for a CLA supplement, always look for the world-class Tonalin brand, as found in ProSource Tonalin CLA.

Buy Green Coffee Bean
Buy Green Coffee Bean
ProSource Green Coffee Bean Extract
Here's another key supplement well-suited for providing non-stimulant diet support. It should be noted here that not all people tolerate stimulant-containing supplements well. If you're one of those people, or if you're just looking for supplemental diet support late in the day, green coffee bean extract is a good way to go. The key active ingredient in green coffee bean extract is chlorogenic acid, a compound that has been shown to slow the release of glucose in the bloodstream after a meal, thereby helping to support the maximum utilization of fat as energy. This is an emerging technology that has shown great promise in recent years, and is well worth investigating as part of your fat-loss program. ProSource's Green Coffee Bean Extract contains the dosage of chlorogenic acid commonly used in clinical studies and is derived from the highest-quality sources.

ProSource ZMA
Whenever people think of the elements that go into radically reshaping a physique, they think of nutrition and exercise. This makes perfect sense, but try to keep in mind, though, that the ideal strategy for achieving success in your transformation can be seen as a three-legged stool: nutrition, exercise, and proper rest. ZMA has long been associated with support of better sleep (which is why it is most often taken at night, before sleep). It is also a highly versatile supplement in that it has been linked to strength increases and muscle recovery as well. Indeed, in a landmark clinical study involving college athletes, test subjects supplementing with ZMA experienced a remarkable 11.6% average increase in strength compared to a placebo group (4.6% increase). Not only is ZMA a unique double-duty supplement, it's also one of the greatest values in sports nutrition, particularly if its SNAC Systems ZMA, the industry gold standard, as found in ProSource ZMA.

Buy DopaTech-HGH
Buy DopaTech-HGH
ProSource DopaTech-HGH
We've addressed virtually every aspect of a successful New Year's Transformation Resolution except one. Mood is the key to maintaining your progress day-to-day over the long haul. There will be days when you're tempted to backslide into bad habits, skip a workout, succumb to crashing blood-sugar levels or cratering serotonin levels, and lose ground. A good mood will get you past those "trap days." Mucuna pruriens extract, standardzed for its key L-Dopa ingredient, has been shown to support endogenous levodopa, dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels in the brain, which will help keep you on an even keel, mentally and emotionally. A good day starts with a good outlook, and ProSource's DopaTech-HGH will put some spring in your step!

And there you have it, a perfect nutritional-supplement recipe for the attainment of the ideal physique. As always, we here at ProSource take a keen interest in the physique achievements of everyone in our extended ProSource family. If you succeed in your attaining your New Year's Resolution of a new, leaner, harder, healthier body, contact us and let us know about it. You could find yourself, like Roger Romance, featured on our website or in our catalogs. In the meantime, good luck in making 2015 your best physique year ever!

Use as directed and with a sensible nutrition and exercise program. Read all product labels and warnings thoroughly before use. Endorser's results are not typical. Endorser was remunerated for his appearance. Consult a health care professional before beginning any weight loss program. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Other Articles You May Be Interested In

Exploring the Connections BetweenProper Rest, Fat Loss, and Muscle Building

[Editor's Note: It's always a pleasure to welcome a new writer to the fold, and this week we'd like to introduce Lauren Jacobsen. A thought leader in the world of fitness and wellness, Lauren is a certified personal trainer with a degree in biochemistry, a former top figure competitor, a sports nutrition consultant, and proprietor of the very popular Her motto is "Be Fierce!" She writes extensively on fitness and supplementation issues, and now she's writing here. Take it away, Lauren!]

Rest, recovery, and recuperation -- whatever way you look at it, the bottom line is everyone needs sleep to function. And that's doubly true for athletes. Most of us don't get enough sleep; on average most people get about 1 to 2 hours less sleep than they need to function optimally. 

Lost sleep is not something you can catch up on either. Every hour of lost sleep is lost forever. Lost sleep is usually the result of our schedules; we sacrifice sleep for work, social or family obligations, and although you might not think getting sleep is important, too little starts to catch up on you very quickly. Your productivity slumps; your energy levels plummet; your workouts start to suffer, and eventually your physique and performance decline as well.
Yes, that's correct. Sleep can impact many physiological processes in the body and trigger hormonal cascades that can have a direct effect on your ability to burn off fat or build muscle! Maximizing your sleep is the first step to improving your body's ability to be a fat burning, muscle-building machine.

Sleep and Muscle Growth
With lost sleep comes elevated levels of cortisol during the afternoon and the evening, which can impede your muscle building efforts. Elevated cortisol shuts off growth pathways including insulin release and inhibits testosterone release. This leaves insulin unavailable to perform its job. Without its release, nutrients are left unutilized in the blood stream, and are not delivered to the muscle where they can perform their job, fueling recovery or your workout. Meanwhile, low testosterone levels can directly affect your muscle building, shutting off the androgenic pathways that stimulate growth or repair.

Lack of sleep can also impact your exercise performance. Since your body's physiological processes are impaired, you will not respond as well to the nutrients you are consuming in preparation for your workout, your energy levels will falter, and your sets will fall short.

If that weren't enough, let's not forget that during sleep our body's recovery systems are in full effect. Muscle tissue damage experienced during your workout is rebuilt and ready for your next workout. Chronic sleep loss means this process will be greatly impeded. Repeated tissue damage without repair is a first-class ticket to growth plateaus, overtraining or even injury.
Sleep and Your Fat Burning
When cortisol levels rise due to lack of sleep, fat burning pathways are shut down, while levels of important regulators of sleep and appetite drop including serotonin and leptin. Your metabolic rate also slows down during sleep deprivation in order to preserve energy, opening the door to excess fat storage.

When the body is out of its normal circadian rhythm (due to lack of sleep or disrupted sleep patterns), this can negatively affect metabolic rate and the fat burning processes. In one study that compared those who slept 8.5 hours per night versus those who slept 5.5 hours per night (for 2 weeks on a 1450 calorie diet) the people who slept more lost more fat than the group who slept less. More than half of the weight loss for the 8.5-hour group was fat, versus only a quarter for the 5.5-hour group. 

Need even more reason to sleep more? The test subjects who slept less lost more muscle mass -- 60% more!  Lesson learned? Sleeping less shifts metabolism out of fat burning into fat preservation and muscle catabolism!

Supplemental Strategies
for Supporting Sleep

Getting good sleep is a start, of course. Shoot for at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, which will make you feel more energized, stronger and more focused in the gym, not to mention it will ensure full post-workout recovery. But there are a few other things you can do to maximize your sleep, your fat burning and your muscle building, and that includes taking a few key supplements.

Buy ZMA on Sale
Buy ZMA on Sale

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ZMA (a combination of zinc, magnesium aspartate and Vitamin B6) has been shown in clinical studies to support natural increases in free testosterone. (In the body, about 98% of testosterone is bound, so increases in free testosterone are preferred for supporting muscle-building and recovery pathways.) Zinc plays a key role in protein metabolism, tissue repair and is a key enzyme involved in hormone production. Vitamin B6 plays roles in metabolic processes in the body related to energy production, while magnesium has been linked to muscle relaxation, helping reduce stress in the body. [Editor's Note: If you want to be sure you are getting the right clinically researched dose of ZMA, always look for the gold standard in ZMA manufacturing, SNAC Systems ZMA, as found in ProSource brand ZMA. SNAC Systems ZMA is the catalyst used in landmark product-specific university testing that documented significant mass gains in college athletes.] Take it 30 minutes before bedtime and you will not only get a better night sleep, but you will also ensure your muscles have what they need to facilitate recovery!  

Buy CLA on Sale
Buy CLA on Sale

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If you're an athlete trying to shed fat, you know that taking stimulant-based thermogenics anywhere near bedtime is a recipe for a sleepless night. That's where a good non-stimulant fat-loss agent can really come to the rescue.

CLA (also known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid) has been suggested to help improve overall body composition, by improving the ratio of lean mass to fat in the body. Scientists have theorized that a key mechanism by which CLA works involves enhancing insulin sensitivity, allowing both fatty acids and glucose to pass through muscle cell membranes at the same time, where they can be utilized as fuel instead of being stored as fat. Studies on humans have shown that while weight loss is not always achieved while taking CLA, reduction in body fat and support of lean mass are indicated. This, of course, is an ideal end result for bodybuilders. [Editor's Note:  Serious athletes know that the preferred source of CLA for maximum results is Tonalin CLA, as found in ProSource brand CLA. ProSource's premium formula contains a full 1600 mg per serving of this highly potent and pure body-composition-enhancing catalyst, standardized for 80% Tonalin CLA, the highest quality available.]      

Buy Forslean on Sale
Buy Forslean on Sale

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Coleus Forskohlii
Another key agent of stimulant-free fat loss is Forskolin, the active ingredient in Coleus Forskohlii. This catalyst has been shown to raise levels of cyclic AMP or cAMP by activating the enzyme adenylyl cyclase. When cAMP is high, it can help elevate circulating levels of other key hormones in the body, triggering pathways that effect both muscle building and fat burning including PI3K and mTOR/Akt.  These pathways can have an effect on muscle contraction, protein synthesis or muscle building, and fat burning.

In one study, overweight men that received a dose of 250 mg at 10% forskolin for 12-weeks, experienced positive changes in body composition as well as increases in testosterone levels. Testosterone can have an effect on helping increase fat metabolism, preserve muscle tissue and stimulate muscle building!  [Editor's Note: ProSource Forslean Coleus Forskohlii is standardized and patented in a dosage equal to that used in clinical testing. Its purity, potency, and price ensure that it is your best value for your supplement dollar.]     

Buy Theanine on Sale
Buy Theanine on Sale

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Theanine is a derivative of green tea leaves, which has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. This amino acid stimulates the brain's production of alpha wave activity, which is associated with feelings of relaxation. Theanine also helps the body produce other calming amino acids, such as dopamine, GABA and tryptophan. Supplement with a dose of 50 to 200 mg. [Editor's Note: Here as well, you can't go wrong with ProSopurce's premium-quality L-Theanine product, which is sourced 100% with industry-leading Suntheanine compound.]

Athletes seeking better sleep might also look into recent research involving melatonin, GABA, and 5-HTP. Regardless, proper rest is an essential (and often overlooked) element in maximized fat-loss, muscle-support, and performance. So get your Z-Z-Z's!

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Diet and Supplementation Strategies forMaintaining Long-Term Weight Loss

Buy Best Protein on Sale
Buy Best Protein on Sale

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this product!
Summer is over, which for many of you means less opportunity to show off those awesome abs you were sporting all season. Unfortunately, this is where you can quickly find yourself at a crossroads.

Take the high road and you'll be able to sustain and maintain your weight-loss achievement while turning your attention to loftier goals. Take the low road and you'll soon join the legions of people who slowly undo the fabulous work they have done and gain back the weight and fat you lost. It is sad, but studies indicate that a large proportion of people gain back all or a significant portion of the weight they lose within a year. Purely from a calories-in versus calories-out perspective, maintaining weight loss should be easier than losing weight, but that is obviously not the case.

Sustain and Maintain
Too many people never truly adopt their new lifestyle and instead follow an over-the-top diet approach that leads to weight loss, but cannot be maintained.Then, after you are mentally exhausted from depriving yourself of seemingly everything, you stop following your diet and go back to a good bit of the bad things you were doing before.

Make no mistake about it, losing weight is not easy. It starts by knowing how many calories you are bringing in each day and also how many calories you are burning each day. This is no easy task and many people miss their target by as much as 25-40%. The result is a disconnect in which you think you have really burned a good number of calories or had a killer diet day, when in fact it was average at best.

Take the High Road
Regardless, making improvements in your diet and working hard at your exercise program can occur each day and this should be a key goal for everyone: make today better than yesterday! Some days you will nail it; some days you won't.

From a dietary perspective, watching your overall caloric intake is critically important and at the end of the day is the most important consideration. But an excellent way to help this process along is to maximize and increase your intake of protein. A good bit of scientific evidence exists to indicate that consuming a diet which contains a higher intake of dietary protein can stimulate weight loss and ensure greater amounts of this lost weight comes from fat (Layman, Boileau et al. 2003, Arciero, Ormsbee et al. 2013).

In fact, a very recent study was published in Obesity and had study participants reduce their caloric intake by 75% (a common caloric restriction for weight loss) and consume as many as six meals per day with each meal providing either 15% or 35% protein. As seen in this study and a number of other studies, when caloric intake is restricted through dieting and a greater amount of protein is consumed, significantly greater amounts of fat loss were experienced (Arciero, Ormsbee et al. 2013).Moreover, greater rates of calorie burning were found and better improvements in fat-free mass occurred.

Buy Best Diet Pill on Sale
Buy Best Diet Pill on Sale

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A Premium-Quality Whey Protein
Is a Powerful Tool for Staying Lean

While this may sound easy, consuming six meals per day that contain 35% protein can be quite the task.Fortunately, products like ProSource's NytroWhey Ultra Elite can be added to your diet to allow you to quickly and easily consume a high-protein meal that provides very little extra carbohydrate or fat. Indeed a top-quality whey like NytroWhey Ultra Elite is low in both carbs and fat, while providing a cuttng-edge blend of whey isolates, whey hydrolystates, and an advnaced leucine-bound leucine peptide technology that are essential to supporting the muscle that uses body fat as energy.

How Much Protein Is Enough?
How much protein is needed or how much is too much (or not enough?). Answers to these excellent questions can come directly from a study by Pasiakos where they had men and women create a 40% shift in energy balance (through a combination of diet and exercise) while feeding participants a diet that provided 1x, 2x or 3x the RDA for dietary protein.

The most weight loss occurred in the 1x the RDA group, but too much of this weight was muscle. When 2x the RDA was consumed significant amounts of weight loss occurred and an excellent proportion of this lost weight came from fat as opposed to muscle, resulting in favorable improvements in body composition after just three weeks of dieting and exercising.In this respect, study participants who ingested 3x the RDA also saw amounts of weight loss and fat loss, thus the ideal amount of protein during an aggressive short-term diet and exercise approach may be somewhere between 2 – 3x the RDA (Pasiakos, Cao et al. 2013).

Again, consuming a diet with this much high-quality protein can be challenging simply from the perspective of preparing and packing the food.This instance is one where an excellent product like NytroWhey Ultra Elite can help you achieve your necessary intakes of protein while minimizing the burden of following this kind of program.

Buy Best CLA on Sale
Buy Best CLA on Sale

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this product!
Diet Supplements to the Rescue
Optimal caloric intake and delivering enough protein to facilitate fat loss and maximize body composition changes are key considerations. In addition, carefully selecting a high-powered thermogenic and dietary aid can nicely round out and maximize your body's fat-burning ability.

Beta-Stax Elite from BioQuest is an excellent product for this consideration as it brings to the table a combination of ingredients purported to be effective for weight loss and fat loss. BetaStax Elite's key active ingredient, Pure-Way Slim, is a proprietary blend supported by previous clinical research to facilitate greater weight loss and drive greater cognitive power towards your weight loss efforts. Beta-Stax Elite also contains raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract, two ingredients that have received support from cell culture, animal and human research as ingredients that can aid in fat burning and weight loss (Shimoda, Seki et al. 2006, Park 2010, Vinson, Burnham et al. 2012, Lopez, Ziegenfuss et al. 2013).

Finally, the non-stimulant unique group of fatty acid, conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), continue to be a popular choice for people looking to maintain their weight and lose fat. For years, animal research has supported the use of CLA as a fat loss agent. Human research using CLA is widespread as well and an excellent scientific review written by Whigham indicates that CLA exhibits a definite, but modest ability to stimulate weight loss, fat loss and overall improvements in body composition (Whigham, Watras et al. 2007). When choosing a CLA product, keep in mind that Tonalin CLA has long been the gold standard in this category. ProSource CLA contains 100% Tonalin-sourced CLA.

The end of summer brings its own challenges and one of the biggest challenges is working to build upon your successful efforts to lose weight and improve your physique. With colder temperatures, your workouts may become shorter, less intense and less frequent which means your dietary choices become more important.By increasing your protein intake, watching your calories and adding a few other ingredients into your daily regimen, you can help you to sustain your weight loss and potentially even shed a few more pounds going into the holidays.

Arciero, P. J., M. J. Ormsbee, C. L. Gentile, B. C. Nindl, J. R. Brestoff and M. Ruby (2013). "Increased protein intake and meal frequency reduces abdominal fat during energy balance and energy deficit." Obesity (Silver Spring) 21(7): 1357-1366.

Layman, D. K., R. A. Boileau, D. J. Erickson, J. E. Painter, H. Shiue, C. Sather and D. D. Christou (2003). "A reduced ratio of dietary carbohydrate to protein improves body composition and blood lipid profiles during weight loss in adult women." J Nutr 133(2): 411-417.

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Park, K. S. (2010). "Raspberry ketone increases both lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation in 3T3-L1 adipocytes." Planta Med 76(15): 1654-1658.

Pasiakos, S. M., J. J. Cao, L. M. Margolis, E. R. Sauter, L. D. Whigham, J. P. McClung, J. C. Rood, J. W. Carbone, G. F. Combs, Jr. and A. J. Young (2013). "Effects of high-protein diets on fat-free mass and muscle protein synthesis following weight loss: a randomized controlled trial." FASEB J.

Shimoda, H., E. Seki and M. Aitani (2006). "Inhibitory effect of green coffee bean extract on fat accumulation and body weight gain in mice." BMC complementary and alternative medicine 6: 9.

Vinson, J. A., B. R. Burnham and M. V. Nagendran (2012). "Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects." Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes 5: 21-27.

Whigham, L. D., A. C. Watras and D. A. Schoeller (2007). "Efficacy of conjugated linoleic acid for reducing fat mass: a meta-analysis in humans." The American journal of clinical nutrition 85(5): 1203-1211.

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Non-Stimulant Diet-Support SolutionsFor the Stim-Sensitive Athlete

For many of us, diet support is easy. If you have what could be described as a "normal" tolerance to stimulants, you're good to go when it comes to most "buzz worthy" thermogenic diet-support supplements. In fact, one particular thermogenic weight-loss supplement that has long been acclaimed as the category leader for its advanced and super-comprehensive matrix of transformative mechanisms of action has just been newly amplified for even more weight-loss power. But BioQuest's new BetaStax Elite is a story for another day.

Diet Support Without the Buzz
Today, we're talking non-stimulant alternatives. How do you know if you're stimulant sensitive? Well, we're not talking about that alert, amped-up feeling that many of us enjoy, particularly as we're walking out onto the gym floor in anticipation of a great workout. Symptoms for those who might be better off avoiding typical thermogenics include the onset of dizziness or nausea, heart palpitations, and difficulty sleeping (no matter how many hours have elapsed since your last thermogenic dose). Clearly, this outcome does not apply to your typical athlete. But for those of you out there who do experience these symptoms, this article is for you.

If you're sensitive to stimulants, your choices are more limited, though the best options still pack a powerful punch. This is also a good place to note that non-stimulant diet-support options are not just for the stimulant averse. Many athletes use these products in combination with thermogenics to attack excess fat via as many pathways of action as possible. A stack like this BetaStax / Tonalin CLA offering will pay real dividends for an athlete looking to get lean and rock-hard. So now, let's take a look at some noteworthy supplements that will address excess fat without the amperage.

Buy Best CLA on Sale
Buy Best CLA on Sale

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this product!
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring Omega-6 fatty acid found primarily in meat and dairy products. Bodybuilders have long valued CLA for its unique capacity to help effect body repartitioning via a combination of excess fat reduction and lean-muscle support. And, just as importantly for our purposes here, it is a common non-stimulant ingredient in diet-support products.

So, just how effective is CLA at supporting body repartitioning? In one of the largest and best controlled studies of CLA, researchers from Norway examined the effects of CLA supplementation (3.4 g/day) on whole body and regional composition in overweight men and women. The study used a double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled design in over 100 subjects. The study lasted 6 months during which time subjects were instructed to maintain their normal diet and exercise patterns, the only major change being to supplement with either CLA or placebo. After 6 months, the CLA group lost significantly more body fat (-3.3 pounds) compared to a gain of 1 pound in the placebo group. Further, the CLA group gained 1.3 pounds of lean body mass, whereas the placebo group had little change (+0.4 pounds). In summary, the placebo group had little change in body composition as expected, but simply taking 3.4 g/day of CLA without making any other lifestyle changes resulted in simultaneous fat loss and gain in lean body mass.1

In another study, researchers reporting in the Journal of Nutrition found that CLA supplementation to obese subjects can alter body composition in as little as 12 weeks. In this study, subjects made no other lifestyle changes other than consuming either CLA or a placebo. There were 2 groups of CLA that consumed a low dose (3.2 g/day) or high dose (6.4 g/day). Body composition measured by dual energy X-ray absorptiometry revealed that subjects in the high dose CLA group had a significant increase in lean body mass of one and a half pounds, and they lost about half a pound of fat. The increase in lean body mass with CLA occurred despite no changes in diet or exercise training.2

Clearly, these are exciting results. It should also be noted that of all the sources of CLA available to athletes, Tonalin CLA is far and away regarded as the industry gold standard. ProSource Tonalin CLA is a highly potent and pure premium-grade material that's standardized for an unprecedented 80% Tonalin CLA.

Buy Best Green Coffee Bean Extract
Buy Best Green Coffee Bean Extract

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Green Coffee Bean Extract
Another promising non-stimulant technology is green coffee extract, which contains high concentrations of chlorogenic acids that have been associated with diet support by way of their ability to help modulate glucose utilization and fat metabolism. Unfortunately, you can't just brew up a cup of coffee containing these beans because they're exceptionally bitter and the high temperatures used to roast coffee beans damage the chlorogenic acids. To avoid this outcome, supplement manufacturers use concentrated extracts of green coffee beans, which contain higher amounts of bioactive chlorogenic acids.

Here again, the science supporting this non-stimulant mechanism of fat loss is persuasive. A 22-week crossover study was conducted to examine the efficacy of a commercial green coffee extract in reducing weight and body mass in 16 overweight adults. Subjects received high-dose green coffee extract, low-dose GCE, or placebo in separate six-week treatment periods followed by two-week washout periods to reduce any influence of preceding treatment. Treatments were counterbalanced between subjects. Primary measurements were body weight, body mass index, and percent body fat. Significant reductions were observed in body weight (-8.04 ± 2.31 kg), body mass index (-2.92 ± 0.85 kg/m2), and percent body fat (-4.44% ± 2.00%), for the high-dose GCE subjects, all with no significant changes to diet over the course of the study. The results are consistent with human and animal studies and a meta-analysis of the efficacy of green coffee extract in weight loss.3

As always, it's worth the effort to read the ingredient label of your green coffee bean extract supplement very closely, because chlorogenic acid content and quality varies widely by brand. ProSource's Green Coffee Bean Extract is unrivaled in power and purity, and is standardized for a potent dose of 50% chlorogenic acids (200mg).

Buy Best Razberi-K on Sale
Buy Best Razberi-K on Sale

for a chance to win
this product!
Raspberry Ketones
Ever think of eating more raspberries to help increase your body's ability to burn fat?  It turns out a key ingredient found in raspberries has properties that a couple of preliminary studies suggest may help to increase fat breakdown and limit fat accumulation. Scientists originally became interested in raspberry ketones because structurally they are very similar to capsaicin, another common diet-support ingredient, but without capsaicin's spicy or pungent effect.  

The first study to examine the impact of raspberry ketones on its ability to prevent weight gain provided various doses of raspberry ketones to laboratory mice and fed them a high-fat diet.  The high levels of raspberry ketones in the animals diet helped to reduce weight gain and also increased the amount of lipolysis or fat breakdown in fat cells found in the animals.4

Several years passed before another study was conducted and recently scientists exposed fat cells to raspberry ketone in an effort to examine what exactly was responsible for the perceived prevention in weight gain and increase in fat breakdown as seen in the initial study. When exposed to fat cells, raspberry ketone significantly increased the amount of lipolysis or fat breakdown in fat cells.  A follow-up analysis revealed that raspberry ketones favorably increased the expression of adiponectin, an important hormone released primarily by fat cells.

Equally important, exposing fat cells to raspberry ketone decreased the amount of fat which accumulated in the fat cells, which is a favorable change linked to reduction in overall body fat.  The authors concluded that raspberry ketone holds great promise for its ability to both reduce fat accumulation and increase fat breakdown.5 Certainly, additional research is needed to further confirm these results in humans to see if they can be used as an aid to help lose fat and control your body composition, but the early results are encouraging.

Interested in trying this emerging new technology? Your best bet is ProSource's Razberi-K supplement. ProSource's premium-grade Razberi-K product contains only the highest quality Raspberry Ketones [4- (4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one] in a 100mg dose.

Buy Best Protein on Sale
Buy Best Protein on Sale

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this product!
Protein And More Protein
As most athletes are well aware, simply doing your best to support muscle tissue is, in itself, a valuable diet strategy because muscle is more metabolically active and may improve calorie expenditure, thus further supporting a leaner physique. Therefore, maximizing protein intake throughout your day is essential. Of course, not all proteins are created equal when it comes to body repartitioning. One protein, in particular, ProSource's Vectron, contains an elite fractionated protein complex called Prolibra, a specialized bioactive peptide matrix along with a special whey mineral complex designed to precisely target essential mechanisms of body transformation.

How effective is it? Let's take a look at the science. In an independent, randomized, double-blind, 12-week clinical trial published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, subjects taking Prolibra retained twice as much lean muscle while at the same time experiencing 79% fat-loss compared to the control group at 51% fat loss. Those are results you can really get excited about. Other proteins, such as ProSource's NytroWhey Ultra Elite, are also critical to supporting your workouts and recovery, and should form the cornerstone of your daily supplementation regimen.

And there you have it. Clearly the fitness-conscious, stimulant-sensitive athlete has plenty of options when it comes to attacking excess fat. So go out there and beat the bulge, without the buzz!

1 Gaullier JM, Halse J, Hoivik HO, Hoye K, Syvertsen C, Nurminiemi M, Hassfeld C, Einerhand A, O'Shea M, Gudmundsen O. Six months supplementation with conjugated linoleic acid induces regional-specific fat mass decreases in overweight and obese. Br J Nutr. 2007 Mar;97(3):550-60.

2 Steck SE, Chalecki AM, Miller P, Conway J, Austin GL, Hardin JW, Albright CD, Thuillier P. Conjugated linoleic acid supplementation for twelve weeks increases lean body mass in obese humans. J Nutr. 2007 137: 1188-1193.

3 Joe A Vinson, Bryan R Burnham, and Mysore V Nagendran. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, linear dose, crossover study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of a green coffee bean extract in overweight subjects. Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes. 2012; 5: 21–27.

4 Morimoto, C, Satoh, Y, Hara, M, Inoue, S, Tsujita, T, and Okuda, H. Anti-obese action of raspberry ketone. Life Sci. 2005; 77(2): p. 194-204.

5 Park, KS. Raspberry ketone increases both lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. Planta Med. 2010; 76(15): p. 1654-8.

6 Frestedt JL1, Zenk JL, Kuskowski MA, Ward LS, Bastian ED. A whey-protein supplement increases fat loss and spares lean muscle in obese subjects: a randomized human clinical study. Nutr Metab (Lond). 2008 Mar 27;5:8. doi: 10.1186/1743-7075-5-8.

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Separating the Facts From the MythsTo Achieve Real Fat-Loss Results

Buy BetaStax Elite on Sale
Buy BetaStax Elite on Sale
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Owning and operating a gym which specializes in semi-private personal training, it will come as no surprise to you that 90% of the people who walk through the door are primarily interested in losing fat and looking better naked. I have been successful in helping many of these people get the results by implementing a multi-faceted approach stressing nutrition and efficiency.

Sadly, most trainers and coaches who deal with a fat-loss clientele simply sell workouts and empty promises. Rarely is there a nutrition component involved beyond general cookie cutter advice such as "eat more lean protein." In addition, many trainers put together "workouts" that are not structured and progressive training programs. What's more, many trainers don't apply the most efficient philosophy or principles with their clients, instead choosing to stress MORE: more steady state cardio, more volume, more days in the gym, etc.
Keeping all of the above in mind, I thought I'd share the philosophy I use to help my fat-loss clients achieve consistently great results.

Training is NOT a Weight/Fat Loss Method
I've always felt, despite the prevailing consensus to the contrary, that training (or "exercise" as most call it) is a horrible weight loss method. The objective of a structured and progressive training program is to increase fitness and performance: strength, conditioning, work capacity, movement quality, etc.  You should evaluate the effectiveness of your training program based on its ability to drive improvements in fitness and performance, NOT on how much weight you lose or (typically) don't lose.

Expecting training/exercise, by itself, to result in significant decreases in body weight or body fat makes about as much sense as expecting adherence to any popular diet to increase your deadlift by 50 lbs. Can improved nutrition make a positive impact on your performance in the gym? Sure, a little bit, but if your numbers and strength are not moving up, and you are complying with a sound diet, are you seriously going to analyze your diet to get moving in the right direction? Probably not. Instead, you are going to look at things like frequency, volume, loading parameters, exercise selection, or training split.

It's the same with training and weight/fat loss. While training does burn calories and makes a very small contribution to creating the caloric deficit needed for fat loss, it is NOT the primary objective. If your goal is fat loss, and your weight and body composition are not improving, it's highly unlikely your training program is to blame, and if you are a regular reader of the training articles on this site from the likes of Josh Bryant, I doubt that's your problem. It's your crappy diet.

Look, I've done the math, and training (a combination of strength training and cardio) for one hour, 7 days per week, will typically result in an expenditure of about 3000 calories. That's all. The general belief (even though some have refuted it) is that there are 3500 calories in one pound of fat. So, as you can see, it's a 7-hour time investment for less than a pound's worth of calories. Trying to "exercise off" body fat is analogous to trying to drive a nail into a board with a screwdriver. If you bang away long enough, you might get the nail started. But wouldn't it be easier just to use a damned hammer?

In my opinion, this is the primary reason people discontinue a training regimen. They are expecting the training to burn up all kinds of calories and result in large-scale decreases in body weight and fat, and, when that doesn't happen, they say "screw it"and quit. The reality is, they are probably deriving a great deal of benefit from the program, but if the results don't meet their expectations, motivation dwindles. What's happened is that sensationalized, unethical fitness pros and the media have ingrained it into the typical person's head that a training/exercise program equals a weight-loss program. If more people, like the clients at my gym, were educated as to what the true benefits and objectives of training are, they would see the value in training and wouldn't discontinue it if the scale isn't moving.

Buy Transformation Stack
Buy Transformation Stack
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Bottom line: train to enhance fitness and performance, NOT to lose weight and fat. Let your diet or, as I like to call it, "nutristyle," dictate and drive fat and weight loss.

In the Hierarchy of Fat Loss Nutrition, Calories Sit at the Top
Piggy backing off of the principle discussed above, the best and most efficient way to create a caloric deficit necessary for fat loss is to establish and adhere to your fat loss caloric requirements. It's far easier to simply eliminate 500 calories from your diet by eating in a slight deficit vs. spending an hour on the elliptical trainer.
For the general adult who's typically carrying far too much weight, has lost lean muscle and is generally unfit, I'll set their fat loss caloric requirements at 11-12 calories/pound of their current weight. For someone already fairly lean, and who carries a bit more muscle, I usually start around 14-15 calories/pound. These ranges typically put someone in just a slight caloric deficit. If it doesn't, and the results reveal that on a bi-weekly basis, despite 90% compliance, I adjust downwards. The goal at my gym is to find how MUCH (not how little) a client can eat and still drop fat.

Calories Rule, BUT Macros Matter
Once I've established a client's fat loss calorie requirements, I then take a look at macronutrients. Can you lose fat and weight just focusing on calories? Experience has told me yes, absolutely, but, if you want OPTIMAL results, and my clients do, then the composition of those calories matter.

My general guideline, and I'm sure you've heard this before, is 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. In a fat loss phase, one of the goals should be to hang onto as much lean muscle tissue as possible, and eating adequate protein is one half of achieving this goal, with strength training being the other. [Editor's Note: A premium fat-loss protein such as ProSource's Vectron, is an excellent choice here. Vectron contains a unique weight management system called Prolibra that has produced (in an independent, randomized, double-blind, 12-week clinical trial) significant improvements in the ratio of lean muscle mass to fat for test subjects.]

The remaining calories are made up of fat and carbs, and the ratio of each is dependent upon the amount and type of activity being done. At least in the initial period of a fat loss phase, I like to keep carbs at about 1 gram per pound as well (this will typically change as time moves on). The remaining calories come from fat. For example:

Buy Vectron Protein
Buy Vectron Protein
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200 lb. Male Strength Training 4 Days/Week
(no structured cardio other than leisurely walks)
Fat Loss Caloric Requirement: 2400 kcals (12kcals/lb.)
Protein Requirement: 200 grams (800 calories or 33% of the diet)
Carb Requirement: 200 grams (800 calories or 33% of the diet)
Fat Requirement (what remains): about 90 grams (800 calories or about 33% of the diet)

Remember "The Zone"diet? Looks a helluva lot like that doesn't it? A fairly even distribution of the macros.

Follow Meal Plans
Could one feasibly track their calories and macros eating a wide variety of foods which differ daily? I suppose they could, but it would be a royal pain in the ass. This is particularly true when trying to get the macros correct. It's not nearly as tedious to track overall calories, but trying to get those in the correct amounts while eating different foods every day would be a nightmare. This is why I devise actual meal plans for my clients to follow. While this sometimes appears to be too regimented to them, they soon realize it simplifies the process, making it more efficient and manageable.

Yes, the down side is that you are eating the same food every day, but no one said fat loss was easy. It's going to take some sacrifice, especially if you want optimal results. People need to get it out of their head that fat loss nutrition is this made-to-order, "your way right away" process. I've found too much food variety to be totally detrimental when it comes to losing fat. Pick a handful of fat, protein, and starch sources for each and stick to them. Trying to incorporate your mom's 35 ingredient chili recipe will have you pulling your hair out, spending an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen crunching numbers. Just keep it really simple. Boring is not bad when trying to lose fat.

I won't get into food sources too much. I always find it funny when people say "I don't know what to eat." That's usually not the problem, as most functioning members of society can rattle off "healthy" foods most nutrition experts would generally agree were, in fact, "healthy." The problem isn't not knowing WHAT to eat, but, rather, knowing HOW MUCH and IN WHAT PROPORTION to eat.

I'm often asked if I subscribe to an "if it fits your macros"(IIFYM) or a "clean foods" philosophy. As with most things, I think common sense dictates that going to either extreme is probably not necessary. Look, I've fit PopTarts into a client's post workout meal (IIFYM). If it fits, it fits. But 80% to 90% of the food on my clients' meal plans are comprised of "clean foods”: chicken, bison, top sirloin, fish, sweet potatoes, oats, avocado, etc. Also, it's not uncommon for me to allow clients "discretionary" calories they can use for whatever they want. I'll get their calories and macros as close to what they need as I can and then leave them 100-300 calories (depending on their weight) to use for whatever. Ten to twenty grams of a specific macro isn't going to make or break their plan, so I don't get overly rigid.

In the Hierarchy of Fat Loss Training, Strength Training Sits at the Top
What makes muscle, keeps muscle. As stated above, a primary goal during a fat loss phase should be to hang onto as much metabolically active muscle tissue as possible. Most people don't just want to lose weight. They want to look different and better naked. The only way to look "lean," "toned," "shaped," "ripped," "athletic," or whatever term you want to use to describe it, is to strength train, which adds shape, size, contour, and, dare I say it, "tone" to your muscles. It you want "the look," you have to have developed muscle tissue and low enough body fat for that muscle to show. Lack either one of those and you won't achieve the desired look.

Also, you need to STRENGTH TRAIN. This means a portion of your workouts need to be devoted to heavily loaded multiple joint exercises for 3 to 6 reps per set. All too often, people in "fat loss mode" start doing a ridiculous amount of volume, using short rest periods and very light-moderate loads. While speeding your workouts up and doing more, more, and more may seem like it is conducive to fat loss, the reality is you need to stress higher threshold type II muscle fibers, and a consistent regimen of light, high-rep circuit or "metabolic" (FYI, I hate that term, as everything is metabolic) stuff isn't going to cut it.

A really easy way to ensure you are meeting this requirement is to start each training session with a heavily loaded multiple joint exercise for 3 to 6 sets of 3 to 6 reps. This will get into the right fibers. After that, you can progressively increase your reps per set on the remaining exercises in your workout, working up to no more than 12-15 reps. Here's an example:

  1. Deadlift 3-6 sets of 3-6 reps (2-3 min between sets)
  2. Glute Ham Raise 4 sets of 8 reps
  3. High Box Step Ups 3 sets of 10-12 reps each leg
  4. Stability Ball Leg Curls 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps

In the Hierarchy of Fat Loss
Training, Cardio Sits at the Bottom

My clients look at me like I'm nuts when I tell them there is no structured cardiovascular work in their training program, outside of maybe 5 minutes of intervals at the end of a strength training session (which is typically sprinting, sled work, versa climber, air dyne or battling ropes) and leisurely walking outside of the gym. I explain to them if they are eating in a caloric deficit by following their nutrition plan and strength training 3-4 days/week, very little else is needed in the way of structured exercise.

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Cardio doesn't help to build or retain muscle tissue, can drive up stress hormones and lower anabolic hormones, and, what's more, you just become more and more efficient at it, which means you have to do more and more of it. If you eat right, you can spend your time doing something else besides plodding away on an elliptical.

For my clients, I'll program in a bit of cardio as needed, typically once they are eating a fairly low number of calories and I don't want to drop them any further, but they still have some fat to lose. This does not happen very often.

Look, if you like to jog or cycle just because you like to jog or cycle, then have at it. I personally like to ride my road bike and often times ride the two miles from my house to the gym and back 3-4 times per week with maybe 1 or 2 other longer rides simply to enjoy the fresh air and blow off steam. But none of this is necessary if you are lifting hard and eating right.

Also, if you are skeptical of the "no cardio" approach, put on a heart rate monitor while you strength train. This was an eye opener for me. My 50-60 minutes strength training sessions typically had me burning 600-700 calories with an average heart rate response of 75% of age predicted maximum, with peak heart rate often times exceeding 90%. AND it retains and builds muscle. Lifting weights may not be "aerobic," but it is certainly cardiovascular. If you think about it, strength training is nothing more than a form of interval training: work real hard for 20-60 seconds and then rest.

A Word On Supplements
[Editor's Note]
When it comes to losing fat and optimizing your workouts for great results, clearly sports nutrition supplements play a part. One of the first drawbacks you'll encounter upon cutting back on caloric intake (besides being hungry, of course) is that you'll be easily tired. You could try to bull your way through your workout anyway, but lethargic workouts generally aren't productive workouts.

To counter this kind of energy deficit, you'll want to consider supplementing with a premium-quality pre-workout product. A supplement like BioQuest's AndroFury contains a comprehensive matrix of energy and performance optimizers including clinically indicated dosages of caffeine, arginine-AKG, citrulline, niacin, beta alanine, and R-lipoic acid to get you amped, as well as glutamine, taurine, and BCAAs to support post-workout recovery. (Men will also benefit from the testosterone-supporting, protodioscin-rich, botanical super compound contained in AndroFury. For women who have no desire to support testosterone levels, BioQuest also makes an AlphaFury pre-workout that has the workout optimizing content of AndroFury, without the hormonal technology.)

And what about fat? Here again, fitness-conscious people have potent weapons at their disposal. One of the thermogenic fat-loss category's legendary supplements has recently been upgraded and amplified to achieve exactly the kind of transformation you're looking for. BioQuest's BetaStax Elite contains a super-comprehensive matrix of weight-loss factors that work synergistically to attack excess fat. In a comparison of clinical studies, BetaStax Elite's primary ingredient, PureWay-Slim, delivered more weight loss for test subjects in two weeks than other leading weight-loss compounds achieved in eight weeks, while subjects also experienced clinically validated and significant reductions in waist and hip circumference as well.

Those of you who are sensitive to stimulants might also want to consider non-stimulant weight-loss options such as ProSource's Tonalin CLA or Razberi-K products. Tonalin CLA has been long associated with positive effects on body repartitioning (oxidation and reduction of excess body fat combined with lean muscle support), while raspberry ketones provide support for both fat oxidation and antioxidant activity.

When looking to transform yourself, you don't have to go it alone. Enlist some supplemental support on your way to your goal!

Fat Loss Finale
So, there you have, the Live Fit Fat Loss Manifesto. In summary, here are the take home points to lose fat most effectively:
  • Keep training in perspective. Remember, training is NOT a weight loss method. It's a fitness and performance enhancement method.
  • Set your calories, on average, at about 12 calories/pound (fitter people with more muscle can go a bit higher) to put yourself in fat loss caloric deficit.
  • Set your protein and carb intake (initially for carbs) at 1 gram per pound of body weight.
  • The remainder of the calories should come from fat
  • Set up meal plans which meet all of the above requirements, follow them, and don't go crazy with food variety.
  • Prioritize STRENGTH training to retain lean muscle while in a deficit.
  • Limit or eliminate cardio (assuming you are following your nutrition plan) outside of leisurely walking and maybe a bit of interval work at the end of your strength training sessions.

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