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Sometimes we can become so focused on one or two barometers of success—often measured in terms of status or wealth or power—that we can lose sight of what's truly important, and our quality of life slips away. Once on this slippery slope, many people never heed the warning signs until it's too late. Justin Petruzziello, however, looked at himself in the mirror and said enough is enough. And then he set out to save his own life.
   "I went from 215 pounds to 309 in 2 years ... I realized I had hit bottom when the doctor gave me a breathing machine to keep me alive at night!"
Justin is a respected residential and commercial mortgage banker. Because he is very good at what he does, he travels quite a bit, enjoys attending premium events like Super Bowls and World Series games, and has a taste for the nightlife and fine restaurants. He's met celebrities from all walks of life

"I was going out every night to dinner and really let myself go." Justin remembers. "I went from 215 pounds to 309 pounds within 2 years. I started having trouble sleeping at night and it was hard to concentrate during the day at work. I started to get scared because I was having a hard time breathing. I was waking up in the middle of the night in sweats. I went to the doctor and he sent me to sleep study, where I was diagnosed with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is extremely dangerous because you stop breathing in your sleep and it is not good for your organs.

"I realized I had hit bottom when the doctor gave me a breathing machine to help me breathe at night. Here I was in my 30s, the prime of my life, and I needed a breathing machine to keep me alive at night!"

"If I didn't get my life into balance, I was going to die."

Justin knew the difficulty of the challenge that lay before him. He didn't entertain any notions of "miracle" diets or effortless transformations. Instead, he approached his health emergency the way he tackled financial problems at the bank. He assessed the severity of the situation with an objective eye and then he armed himself with the best information he could find. Then he set rational and reasonable goals, and began to improve his quality of life one day and one step at a time.

First, he cleaned up his diet. The two or three huge, rich meals he once ate per day gave way to 6-7 small meals centered around fruits, vegetables, and protein staples: chicken breast, salmon, tuna fish, peanut butter, lean steak, and egg whites. The key, he knew, was to eat lightly to ward off hunger and keep his metabolism revved up. Then, for the first time in a long time, he returned to the gym.

"It was slow at first," Justin admits. "But I knew what I wanted to accomplish and I paced myself. I believe in circuit training and shorter rest periods between sets. What worked for me was working out everyday. I developed a routine that provided all body parts at least 48 hours between training sessions. I truly believe in a diligent cardio routine combined with free weight training. Also, I started using the jump rope every day. I figured that every time I saw a prize fighter on TV they were jumping rope, so I incorporated that into my routine." [For more information on Justin's highly successful workout routine, see the chart at the bottom of this article.]

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Justin's return to vibrant health was based on a philosophy involving three equally important factors—nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. "You can't just do one part of the 3-part system," he says. "Exercise and proper meals are crucial, but I could not have succeeded without ProSource supplements and the Supreme Protein bars! Supplements gave me the edge I needed to accomplish extraordinary results. I started taking the supplements in 2007, when I discovered ProSource. I was told by my friends that this is where they bought their supplements from and the prices were reasonable as well.

"I have to say, the Supreme Protein bars really helped a lot. When your overall goal is to shed fat and build muscle, you really have to emphasize protein sources and keep carb intake low where you can. Supreme Protein proved to be ideal for this; the bars taste great, helped me curb my cravings for chocolate and other sweets, and they helped me hit my protein intake goals every day. Plus, the premium protein blend in these bars is completely superior to what you find in other bars. Supreme Protein was the cornerstone of my low-carb dietary regimen."

"I also benefited enormously from using the AndroTest Extreme and the ProSource TribuTest. I experienced huge gains in my performance and saw more weight being added to my bench and other movements. For more whey protein, I used ProSource's NytroWhey shakes. To assist in post-workout recovery, I took ProSource Ultra Glutamine. I always take ProSource's Omega-1250 fish oil supplement, plus flaxseed oil, ProSource Vitamin C, and B12 pills."

"Today, I weigh in at a tight 170 pounds of muscle and have a six pack and a 30 inch waist. And I'll NEVER have to use that breathing machine again."

"People at the gym where I was training thought I was training for a fight, but in truth I was fighting for my life! I started shedding the weight gradually but consistently. That's the key. Every month I was losing an average of 12 pounds. Slow and steady. Looking back, I definitely believe I saved my life."

Two years. That's how long it took Justin Petruzziello to attain the physique and the vitality he possesses today. He had a long way to go, longer than the vast majority of people who would like to enhance their health and well-being, but he achieved his goal. The next time you read some ad in which an actress gushes about how "the pounds just melted away," think of Justin. There's nothing flashy about Justin; he succeeded through determination, the gathering of accurate and useful information, and some key help from ProSource, maker of some of the world's most advanced supplementation technologies.
ProSource Supreme Protein

"If I didn't get my life into balance, I was going to die," Justin remembers. "Today, I weigh in at a tight 170 pounds of muscle and have a six pack and a 30 inch waist. And I'll NEVER have to use that breathing machine again. I've created a new lifestyle for myself and my goal is to continue it. So many people have been coming to me, asking me to show them how I achieved my results, that I've been asked to become a trainer at Club Metro USA. I happily accepted.

"I still can't believe it, sometimes I find myself looking in the mirrors and smiling now. In the near future, I see myself owning my own gym and training and helping people that are overweight. I'll always continue to help people be financially successful in my banking career, but now I want to help them be physically fit as well."

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Justin Petruzziello's Weekly Workout

Day 1
CHEST ( Alternate between dumbbells one week and straightbar following week)
Cardio 15 min treadmill - warmup 
Bench Press 4 10-12
Incline Press 4 10-12
Cable Flyes 4 15
Incline Flyes 4 15
Hanging Leg Raises 4 25
V Situps 4 25
Crunches 2 As Many To Exhaustion
20 min cardio 
Day 2
15 min cardio warm up 
PullUps 4 15-20
Pulldowns 4 10-12
One Arm Rows 4 10-12
Bent Over Rows 4 10-12
20 min cardio 
Day 3
Rest Day - Just Cardio 45min 
Day 4
15 min cardio warmup 
Straight Bar Curls 4 10-12
Alternate Dumbell 4 10-12
PullUps 4 Weighted
Dips 4 Weighted
Rope Extensions 4 15
Overhead Dumbell 4 10-15
French Press EZcurl 4 10-15
ABS - Repeat and add different movements.
20 min cardio
Day 5
15 min cardio warmup 
Shoulder Press 4 10-15
Lateral Raises 4 10-15
Rear Cables
Dumbell Shrugs 4 10-15
20 min cardio
Day 6
Rest day - Just cardio 45 min 
Day 7
15 min light cardio 
Squats 4 10
Leg Extensions 4 10
Leg Press 4 10
Seated Calf 4 15-20
Abs - Repeat previous routine and add new movements
20 min cardio