The Item: IFBB Pro League Olympia Preview, Andrew Oye's IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup

The Scoop: Just Announced: Promoters of Joe Weider's Olympia Weekend just announced the Olympia Qualification Series Standings for the 212 Division competitors fighting for spots to compete in the Olympia 212 Showdown at the 2013 IFBB Olympia Bodybuilding Championships in Las Vegas, NV (September 28).

212 Showdown Olympia Qualification Series Standings
1. IFBB Pro Sami Al Haddad, Bahrain, 13 points
2. IFBB Pro Mark Dugdale, USA, 8 points
3. IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino, USA, 8 points
4. IFBB Pro Raul Carrasco Jimenez, Spain, 7 points
5. IFBB Pro Muhammad Masoom, Pakistan, 6 points
6. IFBB Pro Marco Rivera, USA, 5 points
7. IFBB Pro Luke O, Czech Republic, 3 points
7. IFBB Pro Aaron Clark, USA, 3 points
7. IFBB Pro Bola Ojex, Nigeria, 3 points
10. IFBB Pro William Bonac, Netherlands, 2 points
10. IFBB Pro Thomas Benagli, Italy, 2 points
10. IFBB Pro Mboya Edwards, Canada, 2 points
10. IFBB Pro Charles Ray Arde, USA, 2 points
14. IFBB Pro Khalid Almohsinawi, Kuwait, 1 point
14. IFBB Pro Milton Holloway, Jr., USA, 1 point
14. IFBB Pro Derik Farnsworth, USA, 1 point

The "So What?": As reported in "Andrew Oye's Pro--Muscle Report," the IFBB Pro Olympia Qualification Series Point System applies to IFBB Pro League athletes' eligibility to compete at the 2013 Olympia Weekend and face reigning Olympia 212 Showdown Champion IFBB Pro Flex Lewis. 2013 IFBB contest--circuit competition winners qualified include: IFBB Pro Troy Alves, IFBB Pro Jose Raymond, IFBB Pro Tricky Jackson.

The Series'' Top 5 qualify for the 2013 Olympia Showdown contest. In the event of a tie, the competitor with the best top five contest placings will be awarded the qualification. 2012 Olympia Showdown's Top 5 automatically qualified (IFBB Pro David Henry, IFBB Pro Eduardo Correa Da Silva, IFBB Pro Jose Raymond, IFBB Pro Al Auguste).

Andrew Oye's Verdict: Despite some minor initial criticism, the Olympia Qualification Series Point System, which launched during the 2012 IFBB Pro League contest season, seems to have worked. Although, the division designated for smaller (or lighter) IFBB Pro League athletes seems to be getting smaller. 2011 Showdown Winner IFBB Pro Kevin English did not compete in 2012 to defend his title and is not on the 2013 competitors list (but, as a past winner, he is still qualified and might show up), and three potential spots on the 2013 competitors list were scooped by a single athlete -- IFBB Pro Jose Raymond, who qualified with his 2012 Olympia Top 5 placing and two contest--circuit competition victories (and, between January and September, there were only four 212 Division contests on the IFBB Pro schedule for the 2013 calendar year)! This may change with the addition of the 212 Division to the IFBB Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Championships at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival.

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