If MuscleTech supplements work for Phil Heath and Branch Warren, that's good enough for the legions of aspiring bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts that purchase MuscleTech products every day. Recently, we sat down with representatives of MuscleTech and talked about a wide range of topics currently impacting the industry, and to see what keeps MuscleTech on top of its game.

In an industry where companies sometimes rise and fall like the tides, it's comforting to know that some organizations are reliable over the long haul. For the last 18 years, MuscleTech has been cementing its position as a leader in the supplement industry. The company has experienced incremental growth, never cut corners, and never threw in the towel. Today, they sponsor both the reigning Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, and 2012's Arnold Classic champ Branch Warren.
Rest assured, MuscleTech's top execs have an interesting perspective on where the industry stands today and where it's going.

As a bonus, Mr. Olympia champ Phil Heath was able to answer some questions as well. So let's get started!

Q. Please tell our readers how your company started.
MuscleTech began as a direct-to-consumer mail order business in 1995. We started off with three products-Creatine 6000-ES, Acetabolan, and the original Hydroxycut formula-which were sold individually, or as a stack. Word started to spread that our formulas worked, and more and more people experienced success with our products. As the buzz grew about our products, so did our company.

Just a year later, due to significant consumer demand, we launched our Wholesale Retail Division. Shortly thereafter our products started flying off the shelves of some of the biggest vitamin and health retailers across the country. The rest, as they say, is history.

Q. What was the initial motivation to start MuscleTech?
We felt that there was a significant gap in the industry when it came to quality, research-driven products and so we saw the opportunity to fill that gap. We wanted to create a supplement company that was committed to producing quality, science-based formulas with scientifically backed ingredients.
It's hard to believe that here we are, 18 years later, and we still follow that same philosophy. It's helped make us a major player which leads the way with scientific breakthroughs and innovative products that continue to dominate the industry.

Q. What are some of your top products right now?
We launched a number of new products in the last year that have been huge for us. Even more are on the way in 2013, but some of our top products right now are our intense new pre-workout, NeuroCore, and the new formulation of our flagship Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, an intense new super-thermogenic that people are reviewing well.

We have a few new products hitting shelves that I'm really excited about: PUSH10 and PHASE8. PUSH10 is a new, one-of-a-kind pre-workout formula that delivers a powerful strength and performance boost without stimulants, creatine, or any banned substances. PHASE8 is a new multi-phase, sustained-release protein formula that combines six different proteins with different digestion rates so that it breaks down slowly to supply muscles with protein and amino acids for eight full hours.

Q. Who are your sponsored athletes, and how do they impact the industry?
Top athletes give your company recognition and credibility, and we have two of the top guns in bodybuilding: the reigning two-time Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath, and 2012's Arnold Classic Champ, Branch Warren. We easily have one of the most impressive pro athlete rosters in the business.

Q. Let's say a customer is just starting a fitness regimen, can only afford one product, and he/she comes to you. Which one supplement do you recommend? Why?
That depends on what they're trying to achieve. If their main goal is building muscle, I recommend Nitro-Tech, which combines ultra-pure whey protein isolate with the strength and performance enhancing abilities of creatine.

If they want a super-thermogenic, then I definitely recommend Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. If their main goal is sports performance, then I recommend either NeuroCore or new PUSH10 pre-workout products to help them get better overall results out of their gym sessions.

Q. What do you believe are the best and worst things about the supplement industry?
Best: We help people transform their lives for the better; truly terrific and positive people in this industry; and the chance to help athletes raise their game.
Worst: Not all companies are equal; some provide great formulas clinically backed with human research, some do not; we have not yet convinced every person on earth to supplement daily.

Q. How important are the trade shows and expos to the growth of your company?
Trade shows are critical for us globally. Any chance we have to interact with our fans and consumers is a golden opportunity. That's why we always bring our popular team members like Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, Branch Warren, and Jon "Bones" Jones to meet the fans.

In 2011 we initiated our MuscleTech Sample Station at the Arnold and Olympia expositions with a simple concept: Get the best sample package in the industry and get your picture with your favorite athlete. The feedback has been phenomenal. We'll continue to give the folks what they want!

Q. What separates your company from all the others in the industry?
We are committed to continually evolving so that we deliver the most innovative, effective, science-based products available. That is what sets us apart. We always look for new ways to improve our existing products and seek out new supplement technologies and ingredient advancements to remain on top of the industry. People always want the latest and greatest new ingredients. In this business, if you're not evolving, you're done.

Q. What does your company do to ensure ethical standards?
I believe ethics begin with a better quality of product, and we do everything possible to ensure our product quality. If you remain committed to quality, ethical standards have to follow suit, and all of our ingredients are thoroughly tested to ensure the highest standards of quality and purity.

Q. Does MuscleTech perform its own research? How will science guide your future?
I take pride in Iovate's state-of-the-art scientific capabilities and I believe that our Scientific Affairs Division is in a class by itself in the supplement industry. We invest heavily in the company's product development activities.

Our research and development team is a highly experienced group of people with degrees in nutrition, biomedical toxicology, pharmacology, chemistry, biotechnology, human biology, and human kinetics, performing in-house research, and quality-control activities.

Our products are built on legitimate science and we use a combination of in-house research, third-party research, and strong partnerships with many renowned and respected institutions, universities, and laboratories throughout the world. Compare our facilities and methods to other companies, and our superior dedication to research is easy to see. That's why we've got the most cutting-edge science in the industry and a legacy of breakthrough innovations.

Advanced scientific research is what built this company, it's what took us to the top, and it's the secret to our future success.

Q. Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout-out to?
First, I'd like to thank ProSource.net for being a great partner to our company and for honoring us with this feature. Second, I have to thank the fans of our brands for their continued support and trust in our products. Third, I have to thank each and every employee at Iovate. Without their passion for the industry and their dedication to our company, its products, and our consumers, we wouldn't be able to help people around the world improve their health and their lives.

Interview with Mr. Olympia Phil Heath

Q. How long have you been sponsored by MuscleTech? What made you join the team?
I signed on with MuscleTech about two-and-a-half years ago. I wanted to take my career to the next level, and for me, MuscleTech represented that step because it's one of the brands that helped make our industry what it is today. They've actually been around for a long time.

When I first got into bodybuilding, MuscleTech was a company that was already established as one of the big players. It has always been an innovative company that uses science and research as the foundation for its products. I've known a lot of people over the years who used their supplements and got good results, including myself. Much like me, they strive to be the best. So for me, it seemed like a perfect fit. I only go with what I trust, and I trust MuscleTech.

Q. Why do you think it's important for athletes to earn sponsorships?
First, I think it's important because it helps legitimize bodybuilding as a sport. Company sponsorship is part of any major sport, so for our industry to grow and become more accepted into the mainstream, I feel we need to have more bodybuilders given sponsorships and widespread exposure. This will help drive more people into it to help it grow, which will consequently also elevate the level of competition.

Second, bodybuilding is unfortunately not a lucrative sport, which means that many bodybuilders depend on sponsorship just to get by. Professional bodybuilders work extremely hard to get to where they are, and it can be an expensive lifestyle. Unless you consistently place near the top or have company sponsorship, you're going to have people who just scrape by and eventually just quit.

Why would a young person want to stop playing something like football or basketball to face hardships like that, when they can have big money and fame elsewhere? We need more supplement brands like MuscleTech to help promote not just the athletes, but the industry itself.

Q. When training, what is your favorite MuscleTech supplement? How do you use it?
There are a number of MuscleTech supplements I use in my training regimen. This question also depends on what my goal is at the time. So for example, if I'm trying to bulk up, get cut, get stronger, I always tailor my supplement regimen to match the type of program I'm on.

However, the one MuscleTech supplement I can say that is my overall favorite is definitely Nano Vapor. The taste is good, but the results I get are great! All my workouts are grueling, challenging and super intense, so I need every edge I can get to help keep me going and push me to the next level.

Nano Vapor gives me insane energy and razor focus. I take three scoops about a half-hour before training, and I'm jacked up and ready to go. I can easily say this is the best pre-workout that I've tried.

Q. How do you know MuscleTech's products work?
For starters, MuscleTech built its reputation on developing products that are based on real research and development. When I first started training, long before I ever became part of Team MuscleTech, I used some of their products because they came highly recommended by friends who experienced good results with them, and I found that they worked for me too.

After I joined Team MuscleTech back in 2010, I got a chance to meet the people behind the company. I saw how serious and committed they were to developing only cutting-edge products that worked, and I was impressed. They maintain their high standards for quality to this day, and I still use their products. I can still tell you firsthand: I know for a fact that their products work.

Q. How has your performance in the gym improved using MuscleTech's supplements?
I can't just attribute it solely to MuscleTech products, but I've definitely noticed a difference with them. I mentioned how much I love Nano Vapor, and that it gives me amazing energy and heightened focus, but I've also gotten some good results with some of their other products, like last off season when I was bulking up and used Mass-Tech. Not only did it help me pack on the pounds, but I noticed I had more strength than normal than last time around.

I used Hydroxystim, and that stuff was pretty insane. I'm a pretty big guy, so there aren't many supplements out there that can knock me on my ass, but that hit me pretty hard.  Intense energy, laser focus, and some crazy sweating. I needed two towels for those workouts.

My favorite workout tends to change, depending on when you ask me. I like to keep modifying my workouts, constantly changing it up and throwing new elements to make sure my body never gets used to anything. I'm in the off-season right now, so at the moment, I say quad days are my favorite. Ask me again in about five months, and I'll probably have a different answer for you

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