Sports Nutrition Round Table: 

Supplement Experts Select the
Leaders in Key Bodybuilding Categories

Part Two: Mass Builders

Those of you who have read Part One in this series know that we’ve brought together a panel of sports nutrition experts, each a well-credentialed and respected PhD in the field of sports supplement science, to participate in a round table discussion aimed at selecting the absolute BEST product available in four key supplement categories: Premium Protein, Mass Building, Fat Loss, and Testosterone Support.

We’ve also been highlighting the enormous quality gap that exists between a select few super-premium products and the largely interchangeable offerings that make up the selection of these categories. Last week, we addressed the disproportionate impact marketing costs have upon products in the Premium Proteins category.

This week, in spotlighting Mass Builders, it seems appropriate to discuss the bait-and-switch retailing strategies that come into play when companies boast of their “super-advanced” proprietary blends. Mass builders, because they often contain a number of different catalysts devoted to delivering different outcomes (cell volumization, protein synthesis support, insulin up-regulation, etc.) commonly make use of this formulation method. Indeed, some mass builders contain as many as five or six different proprietary blends in one jug.

What’s In Your Proprietary Blend?

Clinical testing results are the meat and potatoes of supplement advertising. Manufacturers LOVE to cite independent-study-derived evidence that such-and-such compound or ingredient delivers such-and-such desired physique or performance result. Who says this product works? Independent reasearchers, that’s who! That’s instant credibility, right there.

Or is it? This is where the utility of the proprietary blend proves advantageous. Look to the ingredient label and you’ll find that many of these blends provide no documentation regarding the exact amounts of each ingredient present. How much of Ingredient A that’s been shown to achieve Outcome B in clinical testing is actually contained in the jug you’re holding? Is it a clinically significant amount, per dose? Or a negligible trace?

If the ingredient in question is expensive to obtain (and many truly effective nutritional factors are), providing enough of it to make a difference becomes a challenge that only a few reputable manufacturers can take on. If you’ve already spent most of your product budget on media buys, providing enough Ingredient A is a luxury you can’t afford without pricing yourself out of your customer’s budget. So you tout the science to the skies and hide the actual dosages provided.

Then again, there’s the matter of simple volume. Take a look at that ingredient panel, the one with six different proprietary blends containing twelve ingredients each in undocumented amounts. Look at the scooper in the jug. Do the math. Taking into account that protein and carb content take up a good deal of each serving in a mass builder, how much space is left for everything else? Not much, right? Unless you’re eating the whole jug after your workout.

The Brand Specific Study

There is a solution to this conundrum, of course. It’s called the brand-specific study. And 99% of manufacturers are loathe to even consider it. In the brand-specific study, you hand your product – the actual product with your brand on it – to independent sports nutrition researchers. You let them conduct a placebo-controlled clinical investigation to determine its efficacy (with regard to strength increase or muscle mass increase or what-have-you) and you live with those results.

The product we’re going to be discussing in Part Two of our series was subjected to one such (rare) brand-specific clinical study. The results of that study have served to make this product clearly superior to every other product in the Mass Builders category.

But we’ll let the experts take it from here.

Category: Mass Builders
Experts Pick: BioQuest MyoZene

Doug Kalman, PhD, RD, FACN: You've just hit a new personal best; having pushed your body past a boundary you once thought was never possible. You’re not only stimulating your mind and body, but you are also creating a nutritional opportunity for growth. Let me tell you, it’s time for MyoZene. This is not hyperbole; it is fact. MyoZene is a post-workout supplement ideal for increasing lean muscle mass while allowing you to recover from intense training. If you recover more quickly, your next workouts can be harder, stronger, and longer, which over time can allow your body to achieve even better gains. The brand-specific, published clinical study documenting MyoZene users gaining 4% muscle in one month while also losing 3.8% in body fat really says it all. One of the added benefits of MyoZene is that the product, when used as directed, can trigger visible results within the first few weeks of use. Scientifically validated, MyoZene is like no other sports nutrition product. I know that sounds like a lot, but as a scientific research and team sports nutritionist, the data and results are powerfully real.

Andrew Jagim: About that clinical study. Researchers investigating MyoZene as a post-workout recovery drink documented significant improvements in the upper and lower body muscular endurance of test subjects, with 24% and 32% increases in muscular strength at mid and post-4 weeks, respectively. This was the first study of its kind to investigate the effects of a protein-creatine supplement and yield such impressive results. Previous studies had seen minimal improvements in the range of 5% to 15%.  Subjects also experienced reductions in body fat with concomitant increases in fat-free mass. So they got stronger, improved their muscular endurance, dropped body fat and gained muscle. Talk about one hell of a product!  

Chad Kerksick. PhD:
Find any scientist who knows the literature surrounding supplementation, muscle growth and physical performance and they will tell you that a high-quality source of protein, creatine monohydrate and optimal levels of the essential amino acids, in particular the branched-chain amino acids, are on their top five list. MyoZene contains all of these! Scour the scientific literature and try to find an ingredient getting more attention than leucine for its ability to stimulate muscle growth and regulate other cellular processes that drive positive changes in your muscle in response to resistance training. Lastly, is there a single better ingredient than ultra-hydrolyzed whey protein isolate? No, there isn’t! MyoZene has it all!

Andrew Jagim, PhD, CSCS, CISSN: I always tell my clients to Refuel, Recover and Reload. BioQuest’s MyoZene allows you to do just that. The combination of carbohydrates and protein provides you with all the nutrients you need to refuel after an intense workout and replenish those glycogen stores that you tapped out. The protein, and more specifically the L-leucine contained in MyoZene, provides you with the building blocks needed to repair damaged tissue and stimulate muscle growth in order to recover before your next training session, ultimately allowing you to reload and get back in the gym to do it all over again. No more worrying about finding optimal post-workout nutrition, MyoZene takes care of everything for you. Best of all it has a new flavoring system so it also tastes great.

Dwayne Jackson, PhD: Agreed. Based on my personal experience with MyoZene as a post-workout muscle builder, I give it my highest recommendation. I have been using this product since its inception, which was long before post-workout formulas were mainstream. This fact alone speaks to the innovation of the R&D team at BioQuest.  Above all, MyoZene contains key research-backed post-workout muscle builders like whey hydrolysate, creatine, dextrose, and LCLT, which eliminates the need for buying/taking multiple products. This ensures I get everything I need, in one shake, within seconds of completing my workout!

Bill Campbell, PhD, CDCS, FISSN:
In the post-workout period, many individuals make the mistake of focusing solely on maximizing muscle protein synthesis, and fail to ingest ingredients that will reduce the increased rate of muscle protein breakdown that is also elevated after intense workouts. A comprehensive, muscle-building sports nutrition product not only provides anabolic ingredients such as leucine, creatine monohydrate, and whey protein, but it also provides ingredients that are effective in suppressing the increased rate of muscle protein breakdown that is prevalent in the post-workout period. The top supplement pick in this area is MyoZene. This product contains ingredients that not only will amplify the post-workout anabolic response, but it also contains ingredients that are insulinotropic and have the effect of lowering the catabolic environment that intense workouts create.  For those attempting to maximize lean body mass gains, MyoZene is recommended for its comprehensive approach to maximizing muscle protein synthesis while simultaneously suppressing rates of muscle protein breakdown. 

Mike Roussell, PhD: The combination of nutrients in MyoZene is consistently my go-to blend for people that are training with a high frequency to support their muscle building efforts. The carbohydrates in MyoZene when combined with protein, as in this formula, make for the best combination for accelerated glycogen replenishment. While one serving contains 25 grams of protein, it is enhanced with added leucine so that it contains 8 grams per serving. Generally 20 grams of whey contains just 3 grams of leucine! Leucine is the main driver of muscle protein synthesis and research also shows that it can increase the function of muscle mitochondria. MyoZene also contains L-Carnitine, which has been shown to be effective at reducing muscle damage from intense exercise. It is a great adjunct to high volume/high frequency training. One easily overlooked benefit of MyoZene is the serving size. One serving is 3 scoops. This allows you to easily customize the dose that is right for you by easily increasing or decreasing the number of scoops that you use. This is a great overall muscle building supplement!

Richard Kreider, PhD: I think my colleagues have covered it. If you want to build muscle, take MyoZene!  MyoZene is an all-in-one muscle building and recovery formula! It contains ultra-rapid-action hydrolyzed whey protein with high amounts of essential amino acids (EAA) necessary to stimulate protein synthesis; leucine to help maximize protein synthesis; proper amounts of Creapure®, the highest quality of creatine monohydrate available; and high glycemic carbohydrates needed to increase insulin levels after exercise to promote protein synthesis and replenish muscle glycogen stores. Taken together, you have the essential nutrients to optimize training, performance, and recovery.    

Thanks again, guys.

Next week, in Part Three of our series, we’ll take a look at Fat-Loss supplements.

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