2006 USA'sIn the lead-up to the 2006 USA titles, the overall winner had been predicted as if it were set in stone. Indeed, if Jerome Ferguson could have shown up on a sphinx and been tanned in gold, no one would have disputed the unconventional props. Instead the show turned out to be as unpredictable as a "Days Of Our Lives" episode with an unsuspecting Ferguson being bullied out of the top 3 by the muscle mutations of Omar Deckard, Leo Ingram and Robert Hatch. Omar had a grip as tight as Coleman's grasp on the Olympia crown, whilst Leo Ingram was so large his physique will have to seek planning permission if it continues this construction. Both physiques were like apples and oranges. The judges' decision went to Omar who displayed cuts and lines upon his much improved mantel of muscle that had cover model potential, whilst Leo's second position dominated areas with mass and full-bellied thickness that came out at you like an Imax theatre with intention to intimidate. The heavyweight class featured a close battle between "Mighty" Mike Ergas and "L train" Lional Brown, who were throwing muscle missiles at each other that had the crowd bouncing glances at both like a Wimbledon final. Lional had come down from the supers to the heavies looking huge and in great shape. His back had canyon-deep crevices and his arms were amongst the best in the show. Although his legs were cut, they lacked the sweep needed to flow from the ravines of the upper body to the lower and this is where Mike pounced on his counter attack. No visible weaknesses on Ergas were noted with the exception that his condition was slightly off in comparison to his 2005 controversial second placing at the nationals and the lack of tan that washed him out on the prejudging evening. Mike competes with a complete package -- great symmetry, plus a flawless display of posing expertise and size that intimidated any challenges to pole position. When Mike and Omar were both awarded their invites into the Pro ranks, an emotional Ergas cried uncontrollably in relief and happiness. It had been a long time coming and well deserved. Men's Bantamweight
    1. Fernando Abaco 2. John Ligsay Jr. 3. Recus Williams 4. Dewayne Warner 5. Eric Chesser
Men's Welterweight
    1. Perry McRae 2. Jesse Sabater 3. Albert Diaz 4. Steve Kamya 5. Ralph Gaxiola 6. Lashawn Gonzales
Men's Middleweight
    1. Gregory Peeples 2. Darron Glenn 3. George Maiorano 4. Scott Turner 5. James Allen 6. Damon Aviles 7. Julius Rumingan 8. Allen Sarkiscadeh 9. Cesar Moscoso 10. Jeffrey Walden 11. Marcelo Caraveo 12. Ali Washington 13. Brock Bentson 14. Tom Cook 15. Rocky Nehk
Men's Light Heavyweight
    1. Randy Chaney II 2. Peter Putnam 3. Manny Torres 4. William Owens 5. Tamer El-Guindy 6. T.J. Hewitt 7. Ryan Imamura 8. Mark Erpelding 9. Charles Dixon 10. Neko Roberson 11. Anthony Delagarza 12. Justin Dees 13. William Ayoubi 14. Jess Agoun 15. David Coleman
Men's Heavyweight
    1. Michael Ergas 2. Lionel Brown 3. Adorthus Cherry 4. Grigori Atoyan 5. David Hughes 6. Greg Jones 7. Dan Decker 8. Lee Banks 9. Troy Tate 10. Rick Sosias 11. Sean Calder 12. Dylan Armbrust 13. Jason Palafox 14. Thomas Wooster 15. Carl Lomax
Men's Super Heavyweight
    1. Omar Deckard 2. Leo Ingram 3. Robert Hatch 4. Rodney Davis 5. Jerome Ferguson 6. Michael Rice 7. Rudy Richards 8. Kenny Gipson 9. Malcolm Marshall 10. Keith Williams 11. Scott Phillips 12. Ron Stevens 13. Korbie Nitiforo 14. Deshawn Grimez 15. Andy Snyder
Men's Overall Winner Omar Deckard