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BetaStax-120 caps rating
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BetaStax DescriptionSupplement Facts and UsageReviews
The Breakthrough Weight-Loss Catalyst Revolutionized the Category and Established the Advanced Scientific Foundation for BetaStax Elite
When it was first introduced, BetaStax marked the dawn of a new era in the annals of scientific weight-loss innovation. Long since established as our all-time best-seller here at ProSource, BetaStax is still winning over legions of new converts with its superior matrix of weight-loss and energizing catalysts.

One of the most ambitious and productive nutritional engineering feats of its kind, BetaStax represented a new caliber of extreme bio-active weight-loss technology so profound that it banished most of its competition to the dustbin of history. Just as importantly, its mechanisms of action are key components in the supplement that has replaced it as the new gold standard in the category—BetaStax Elite.

Read more Betastax Success StoriesThe Remarkable Science That Sets BetaStax Apart:
Clinically Validated Rapid Weight-Loss Power

The BetaStax technology astonished researchers when it was the first product of its kind with the extreme bio-active power to promote clinically significant weight-loss results in just 2 weeks (results compared to placebo through a double-blind randomized clinical trial1). In a clinical trial conducted at a major American university, subjects using the powerful active weight-loss component of BetaStax, tradenamed PureWay-Slim, not only experienced this extraordinary level of rapid weight-loss but also achieved significantly greater reductions in actual waist and hip circumference (when compared to placebo) in as few as 14 days1.

Even the most potent weight-loss legends in existence were completely outmoded and rendered scientifically inferior to this unprecedented multi-pathway technology. In fact, a review and comparison of a myriad of select scientific studies of other weight-loss technologies suggests that nothing else created to date even came close. Today, much-hyped diet support products and their manufacturers STILL haven’t caught up to BetaStax.

Unique Pathways of Weight-Loss Action
BetaStax is fueled by a powerful anti-catabolic component that promotes the preferential uptake of amino acids into muscle tissue to help preserve hard-earned lean mass typically lost during periods of extreme weight-loss.

Thus, the highly versatile BetaStax formula precisely targets the key mechanisms of total physical transformation using a methodical and systematic approach of progressive scientifically established principles. In short, BetaStax leaves no stone unturned in the quest for truly radical physique enhancement. The ramifications of this ground-breaking research are undeniable.

Explosive Upsurge of Extreme Energizing Power
Make no mistake. No matter how powerful or effective your formula is, successful weight-loss takes consistent dieting and rigorous exercise. But it’s also no secret that such caloric restriction can and will zap your energy levels, resulting in less than optimal training intensity. This is yet another area where the power of BetaStax has proven virtually indispensable. Unlike standard thermogenics that simply rely on high levels of caffeine, BetaStax utilizes a revolutionary multi-faceted approach including a unique neurotropic amine technology which influences multiple neurotransmitter systems involved in the energy and performance equation.

This advanced component is combined with a high- powered matrix of methylxanthines and adrenergic amines that work synergistically to ignite a sequence of powerful energizing pathways which can be felt within minutes of a single dose. The result is a profound antidote for the lagging energy levels that typically affect those on low-carb or low- calorie regimens.

For years, BetaStax has reigned as a legendary achievement in the annals of diet supplement history. Its greatly intensified power and performance made it the most advanced and explosive energy matrix of its kind. Virtually alone among thermogenics introduced in the immediate era after the ephedra ban, it remains a popular and essential element in the supplement regimens of countless athletes.

1 PureWaySlim® Active Ingredient Complex - Pub Med pending.

Healthy weight management and substantial weight loss are best achieved by making lifestyle changes, such as lowering caloric intake and increasing exercise activity. When used in combination with a sensible diet and exercise program, the key ingredients in BetaStax can support your weight loss program. Consult a health care professional before beginning any weight loss program. Read and follow all label instructions before using. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

More About BetaStax:

Betastax Reviews
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"great supplement! your first couple of days you may feel a little jittery. I stacked with razor ripped and tonalin cla and lost 13lbs. since memorial day. I would recommend it" - Anthony

"Beta stax curbs appetite and offers energy. I'm also adding a t booster with product. good price. I recommend." - RAMON

"Excellent product. Provides great energy & helps metabolism" - ROBERT

"I have noticed I'm not hungry when taking this and hard to lose fat deposits are melting. I recommend it." - Richard

"Love the energy that it gives me for my workout. Plus it keeps the hunger down. I will be buying this product again." - LESTER

"I am a fan of Betastax and have been using it for years. I don't feel jittery & it gives me energy." - DARA

"Great product when paired with Prosource CLA... Been taking these 2 together now for little over a month and a half and have seen great results... I have dropped just over 5% BF since i started and around 7lbs." - JEREMY

"My brother is a PT, he put me on to Betastax...went from 220 to 175 in 5 months. Taken with food daily, LOTS of H2O!!!, (more water the better) and a semi-healthy diet this stuff works wonders!!! No side effects for me. I work out at home, minimum cardio (running sux!)" - Andrew

"I tried it and liked it" - RONNELL

"I have used this product for a while and I really like it. Even the times I wasn't really watching my food intake I was able to at least maintain weight. With a proper diet I was able to lose a significant portion of weight. Very happy with Betastax. Start slow though if you are stimulant sensitive, I'm not but have friends that had to start slow with these." - Kelly

"I have already rated this over a year ago but it's been awhile since I tried it again. With my low portion, low sugar diet, I have lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks already using Betastax. If you diet is legit with minimal "cheating" then these will help you shed fat/weight fast. 5 Stars, again." - SHANE

"I have used this product several times and will continue to use gives you great energy and fat loss." - ROBERT

"This works! It helps me maintain during those times when my training & eating schedule is mixed up. It gives me that "pick me up" w/o the jitters." - Sgt Carney

"I have used BetaStax for several shows now and it delivers. I have also tried the new Zycor and for the cost difference I just DON'T see or feel any difference. I also like BS liquid time release that uses an MCT Oil base vs. Zycor powder. For my money and what I see and feel I will be sticking with BetaStax." - THOMAST

"Great product!!! I love the energy without the crash and you can't beat the price!!!" - JADEN

"Have used Betastax for several years. It is very effective with a proper workout routine and diet. I actually like it a lot better than Hydroxycut, which I used to use, and Betastax cost considerably less with better results for me" - edward

"This stuff is really good. I stack it Vectron in the morning, pre - breakfast. It gives me that much needed energy without the side affects. No jitters, upset stomach or sweating. Only been using it for a couple of weeks and already lost 6 lbs., despite the fact that I haven't had a proper cardio session. I will definitely buy this again" - Hitman

"Great product. I'm not soft to caffeine BUT I felt this working from the first time I used it to the end of the bottle. Take it early and follow a routine (working out, not over eating) and you will use water weight. With one bottle I've lost 10 pounds and that's with me not working out like I need to. If you are looking to lose more than your water weight then I suggest working out and diet with this product." - Turner W.

"Strong and consistent burst of energy without the crash. I’ve been taking as directed in the am (with Vectron) and pm before dinner and I am down 10lbs in 45 days with no strength loss. I’d rate it a must have for those that need an extra kick in their diet/cut routine." - MICHAEL

"I've used BetaStax before and I still love it. Gives you ton of energy. I still trying to tolerate the full dose. However it provides great results and is a really great product." - Kelsey

"Excellent product. I have stacked it with Vectron on and off for a year and have seen a transformation in my lean/fat ratio. I felt a little "wired" for the first few days, but after my body settled in to using it, I found I tolerated Betastax extremely well with no jitters or other problems." - kent

"I'm a repeat user of Beta Stax and I must say it's a AWESOME product!!!For the type of work I do and when I workout and it's energy and focus I need,this is it!! It also controls my appetite. Drink lots of water and eat healty foods and maybe it'll work for you:)" - Randy

"It wakes me up in the morning and amps my AM workout, without jitters. I am on my second bottle of this product and would recommend to anyone who wants to cut some fat. It works great along with cardio and weightlifting to burn fat. My only negative is that it gives me a headache after the second does wears off..but the properly timed cup of coffee seems to eliminate this issue. Just over 1 month of use and my midsection is already becoming more defined. Great product!!" - STEPHEN

"I am so glad that Prosource still carries this product. Finally a product that works for me. In the past I use a product that really works only to have it discontinued. Betastax is my product. No jitters. Good energy and no crash. Thank Prosource and please continue to stock this item." - Clay

"Great for curbing appitite and pre workout energy. Have been using it for a few months and have seen a significant decrease in body fat." - andrew

"Awesome product that gives you that fresh "I'm ready to kick butt" feeling." - Shane

"Gave me so much energy and stamina to workout. I was a machine. Excellent stuff!" - Sean

"Added energy and ability to loose weight with ease!" - DANIEL

"This is not for someone who does not plan to workout while using this. When I used this without the workout, I did feel very dizzy and light headed, but when I used it with my workout, my appetite was surpressed, I gravitated towards healthy food choices, and I had more energy for the workout. Great pill, great price, great value." - Meg

"3rd time using this over two years. Still gets me results and energy. Love it." - Kent

"Millions of satisfied customers who have given BetaStax excellent reviews couldn't be wrong. This product does what it says. End of story." - IME

"Great fat burner and also good for energy. The best on the market." - WAYNE

"I have been using Betastax for over a year along with my work out and have lost 50lbs. I like the pick me up prior to my work out. I will not switch to anything else." - MIKE

"Great product! If u need that extra jump before working out just take one of these. I feel energized in just a couple of minutes within taking it. For the past two weeks I have been taking 3 a day. Within that 3 weeks I have lost 4 pounds. My body fat was 13.3 percent at the beginning and its now 12.8 percent." - Kirby

"What can I say-- BetaStax is the real deal! This supplement has helped me loose over 50 lbs and keep it all off. I highly recommend this product for anyone that's serious about loosing weight." - BeAProblem2Day

"BetaStax WORKS! I am a decent eater, moderate exerciser and needed the extra boost. In 5 weeks of using BetaStax I lost 16 lbs. A healthy of 3-4 lbs. each week. Follow as directed, eating within 1/2 hour of taking pills, to avoid jitters. The first 2-3 days of taking, I was a little restless at night. However, my body soon adjusted and all went very well. I would very highly recommend BetaStax." - BetaStax WORKS

"Very good product. Energy great. Losing weight without changing much. Will start cardio this week see how much more I can lose. Will buy again for sure." - DAVIS

"I LOVE Betastax. It makes me feel like superwoman. Great energy kick even with half-dose. I recommend to anyone who needs an extra boost." - LAURA

"No jitters and a great fat burner when used as directed and with a strict diet and exercise plan." - MANUEL

"Have been seeing great results. Have lost 5 lbs in a week and have more energy, especially when I take jack3d. Feel more of a rush and staking with vitakic. Awesome rush" - gabriel

"This is one of the best supplements I've ever used and works very well as not only a fat burner and energy booster, but a mood enhancer as well. I've been using Betastax off and on for over two years now and my days aren't the same without taking it. I highly recommend this product." - Scott

"Outstanding fat burner and energy booster. I highly recommend this product." - Ralph

"Excellent product if you want to get shredded, but that's if you eat right and only have a little fat left. Not a miracle pill. You have to give to get back." - Shaun

"I have been using it for a while and it works well. I am more cut than I was and everyone in the gym asked me what I am taking. It is a great product if you use it right." - Teddy

"The best fat burner on the market." - Joseph

"This is the best stuff ever. Only been back on it about 2 weeks and already lost 4lbs. I'm never switching again." - ROBIN

"The best fat burner on the market. This product will work for just about anyone looking to cut a few pounds. Highly recommended." - ERIC


"This sht workss" - DANNY

"Thank GOD for the first supplement I've ever tried that doesn't give me flu-like shakes. Over 5 years I've tried a a dozen others with similar features and ingredients, all claiming similar outcomes, yet this is the only one I can take that doesn't leave me flush-faced and jittery-EVEN when I take the recommended dosage. Five Stars all the way." - Anne

"Love it! Has completely changed my day." - Julie

"I didn't get the energy boost some say it gave, but I implemented this with a very intensive workout and lost 13 pounds in 2 months. I didn't even think I had that much weight to lose. Excellent product." - Kevin

"I've had great work outs with cardio and weightlifting. This workout routine is also fused with dieting, supplements creatine, whey protein, and ZMA and with the aid of betastax... my body has cut a lot of fat." - RYAN T

"I have to hand it to Bioquest. Even though I have only been taking Betastax for going on 4 days now I haven't seen this great of a product since the original Xenadrine." - William

"Hello All....I'm a 6'1 260lb soild as a rock. I always wanted to define my body and add definition for those summer months. I have been taking Beta-Stax for two weeks now and I can really feel and see the difference. As an overnight Retail Manager working 10 to 12 hour shift four days a week, it really helps curve my bad eating, boost my energy and keeps me focus on all my task. I really look forward to seeing my end result. I also drink plently of water,eat tons of fruit and no fried food Thank" - It Really Works 5 stars Best of the Best

"I love this product. It gives me energy, makes me hungry but i cant eat as much, it kinda makes me eat 5-6 times a day I have lost 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks, and have another bottle lined up. I am doing p90x since March 1st and lost 78 pounds so far" - RYAN

"i bought this when it first came out hoping it was worth the cheap price for it and it definitely was i lost weight slowly at first then it picked up when i worked out more and drank alot of water i was on this for a good 2.5 months and i lost enough i could see the outline of a 6 pack great stuff def a great buy" - SHAUN

"BetaStax works really well it helped me trim my stomach down quickly You need to watch what you eat and you need to exercise It gives you plenty of energy I take two in the morning and two before I work out Great product I have recommended it to my friends Thanks for a great product @ a price" - MANUEL

"alot of pills are BS but not this one i started taking them a few months ago and in the second week i saw a difference in my weight i love the energy it gives me. if you want to lose this is the pill to buy" - TIMMY

"Ive took it for 2 months, lost weight while working out and never felt jittery or hungry. I then stopped taking it for month and gained weight, am sleepy every afternoon and just dont have that energy anymore. So I just ordered more.... great product." - JOHN

"Thsi is a great product. I never took a fatburner before but with this one I lost ten pounds of mostly fat in three weeks. Combine this with a good diet and you will see some results fast. Only bad thing is if you take it at night it will mess with your sleeping pattern" - JONATHAN

"Really awesome product have tried BSN Atrophex, Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore old formula, VPX Meltdown, and Speed Bullets which are basically ephedra and caffeine and now Betastax and betastax is far and away my 8 pills a day like with BSN, no GI upset like with Hydroxycut at least for me there was, and a much better energy boost than VPX Meltdown in my opinion, but doesn't make me jittery or cause my heart to beat irregular like ECA stacks can. I like the 2 times a day dosing" - STEVE

"Awesome This works It is the first time in 8 years i have abs Im taking 1 tab before i eat twice a day, work out 1 hr a day w minimun cardio and went from a 36 waist to a 32 in 1 month. I tried every weight loss pill out there this is the ONE that works. Thanks prosource" - BOBBY

"I've been taking this for about 2 weeks and have actually gained 7 lbs The first couple days it actually made me hungry my stomach was growling all day. It does wake me up and give me energy but no weight loss. Urine does smell very strong like james said. Maybe I'm just holding water for now im going to finish it out and see what happens." - adam

"This product really works. I've been taking betastax for about 5 or 6 weeks, and the biggest thing I can say about it, is if you exercise and watch how you eat, you will start to notice that your body doesn't hold additional fat if you eat something that you shouldn't. I have used several products from this website, but when it comes to burning fat to me this one is the best. I don't eat perfect all the time, but when i do eat wrong, and i get on the scale 3 or 4 days later, i notice that my wei" - DOMINIQUE

"No jitters, which is good. My skin, breath, and urine smell strongly of vitamins after taking BetaStax. I am losing fat weight at a good solid pace. In addition to Betatax, I am exercising and eating only lean meats, fuits, and non-starchy veggies Paleo." - JAMES

"5 Stars!" - CHARLES


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