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ProSource Advisory Board

After more than a decade and a half of helping athletes achieve their physique and performance goals, ProSource has amassed an enormous database of supplement, workout, and sports science articles on countless individual topics. These articles have been written diligently and expertly by some of the best and brightest minds in the sports nutrition field, including well-credentialed experts in medicine, sports science, and sports nutrition. A number of these writers also consult with ProSource on the research and development of new products in our super-premium line of ProSource brand supplements, and provide invaluable insights and advice related to industry trends and advances.As our online library has grown exponentially, has emerged as the #1 resource on the Internet for well-researched, cutting-edge, in-depth investigations of every imaginable subject of interest to dedicated athletes. Below you’ll find a select few of the writers who have appeared in the pages of our legendary Performance Nutrition Catalogs and webpages over the years. Click and enjoy!

Dr. Dwayne N. Jackson, Ph.D

Dr. Dwayne N. Jackson is a professor and scientist in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at The University of Western Ontario. He has over 12 years of university education in physiology, and hails from such esteemed institutes as the University of Ottawa, the University of Western Ontario, and the Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Jackson’s medical research is in the areas of cancer, diabetes, and vascular control and his work is published in high impact peer reviewed scientific journals. He has competed in amateur bodybuilding since the age of 19 and is a regular writer for several of the top bodybuilding magazines. Over the years, Dr. Jackson has established himself as one of the top authorities in supplement and training science.

Connect with Dwayne Jackson:

Dr. Jeff S. Volek

Dr. Jeff S. Volek is a leading authority and researcher in the field of sports nutrition and serves as a scientific advisor to BioQuest. Dr. Volek is also a registered dietician, a former state champion power lifter. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Connecticut where he teaches and leads a research team that explores the physiologic impact of various dietary and exercise regimens and nutritional supplements. Dr. Volek’s most significant line of work has been a series of studies performed over the last 15 years aimed at better understanding what constitutes a well formulated low carbohydrate diet and their impact on obesity, body composition, adaptations to training and overall metabolic health. He has also performed some of the seminal scientific work on dietary supplements such as creatine, carnitine, caffeine, whey protein and a variety of other ergogenic aids. He has published 250 scientific manuscripts and presented over 100 talks at scientific and industry conferences in eight countries. He was co-author of the New York Times Best Selling “The New Atkins for a New You” published in March 2010, and has subsequently self-published two books “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living” and “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance” that delve deeper into the science and application of low carbohydrate diets.

Douglas S. Kalman PhD, RD, FACN

Dr. Kalman has been involved in over 200 clinical trials and projects within the pharmaceutical, medical and nutrition fields. He has published over 50 abstracts and more than 25 peer-reviewed manuscripts. He is also a Co-Editor of one journal (JISSN) and on the Editorial Board of three Scientific Journals. Dr. Kalman received his Masters Degree from Hunter College - City University of New York and Doctorate in exercise and nutritional biochemistry (Health Research) from Touro University International. He is an Active Member and or Spokesperson with many organizations (ISSN, NSCA, APS, ACSM, etc.) and a co-founder of The International Society of Sports Nutrition. He has worked with Olympic Athletes (Nagano, Japan, Salt Lake City, UT, Torino, Italy, London) for Winter and Summer Games, professional athletes (MLB, NFL, NBA), musicians and music groups, combat sports (UFC-MMA), collegiate athletes and teams, as well as Nike’s Elite Distance Racing Team (Oregon Project). Dr. Kalman has edited four academic textbooks, contributed to more than five academic textbooks as well as two “popular press” books. He has been interviewed on various media outlets such as NBC, MSNBC, CBS Evening News, CNN, Discovery Channel plus others along with a host of radio shows. He is currently an Adjunct Professor teaching Graduate Sports Nutrition in the Robert Stempel School of Public Health at Florida International University (FIU), Miami, Florida. He is the Nutrition Program Consultant for IMG Academies in Bradenton, Florida and a nutrition consultant to the United States Tennis Association, Player Development Program (USTA). He has taught at New York University, C.W. Post-Long Island University and Florida Atlantic University. In 2012, Dr. Kalman was elected President of the Florida Dietetic Association. In addition, Dr. Kalman is the Sports Nutritionist for the FIU Athletic Department, a Division I competitor.

Connect with Douglas Kalman:

Dr. Richard Kreider

Dr. Richard Kreider is Professor and Chair of the Department of Health, Human Performance & Recreation at Baylor University and Director of the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab and Center for Exercise, Nutrition and Preventive Health. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM), member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and is a founding board member of, and Editor-in-Chief for the International Society of Sports Nutrition. Disclaimer: This should not be considered or suggested to be an endorsement by the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab or Baylor University.

Todd Bumgardner MS, CSCS

Todd Bumgardner MS, CSCS is the co-founder of Beyond Strength Performance, a strength athlete and a manual therapist in training. After his college football career, Todd competed powerlifting and strongman--deadlifting 615 pounds and benching 405. He's earned a Master's of Science in Exercise Science and lives in State College, PA with his Pit Bull, Stella.

Connect with Todd Bumgardner:

Anna Lepeley, PhD, CSCS, CISSN

Dr. Anna Lepeley is a keynote speaker for international/national conferences and events, presenting and translating research analyses and information on an array of topics (i.e. dietary supplements, nutrition, hydration, strength and conditioning, aging populations, hormone manipulation) for general and specific populations. Anna currently works for supplement/food/beverage companies to legitimize their ingredients for legal, marketing or general consumer purposes as well as research and development and spokesperson work. She is a writer for a variety of scientific and non-scientific journal and magazine publications. Anna is also an independent sports nutrition/nutrition educator and exercise consultant for individual clientele, athletic and non-athletic, as well as for employees of various businesses and law enforcement personnel. Anna has hosted/co-hosted a few talk-radio shows for over four years, translating scientific (i.e. exercise science, nutrition, dietary supplement, nutraceutical, sports) news/research for listeners in a humorous and entertaining fashion in addition to interviewing a large variety of guests. Anna recently completed her doctoral research in nutrition/exercise biochemistry research and holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology, specializing in Strength and Conditioning.

Josh Bryant, MFS, CSCS, PES

Josh Bryant is a Strength and Conditioning Coach based out of the world famous Metroflex Gym in Arlington, TX and excited to be part of the Prosource Team. As an athlete, he holds 12 world records in powerlifting, and, in 2005, he won the Atlantis Strongest Man in America competition. Josh's clients range from high school athletes to professional bodybuilders and powerlifters. Josh holds numerous personal training certifications as well as an MS in Exercise Science. He is the author of's best-selling E-Book, "Metroflex Gym Powerbuilding Basics" and recently designed the workout program for "Testosterone Transformation" (published by Men's Health). His articles have been featured in Muscle and Fitness, Muscle Mag International, and Planet Muscle.

Connect with Josh Bryant:

P. J. Striet, CSCS

P. J. Striet, CSCS is the owner of FORCE Fitness & Performance LLC, a private fitness training and sports performance training facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. He also serves as the fitness correspondent for 700 WLW radio in Cincinnati, and is a past contributor to Men's Health, Men's Fitness, and Women's Health magazines. You can visit his blog at, his YouTube page at

Connect with PJ Striet:

Andrew Oye, Creator and CEO of MUSCLE INK Media - Sports - Entertainment

Andrew Oye writes the industry-insider column "ProSource Pro-Muscle Report," which includes coverage of IFBB Pro League professional bodybuilding contests; athlete career updates and special appearances; physique, strength and fitness industry news and events; and occasional reports on athletes of the UFC (MMA), WWE, WSM, NFL, MLB, NBA, NPC and other sports leagues. A pro bodybuilding expert, Andrew Oye covers the sport’s most prestigious events, including Joe Weider's Olympia Weekend and the Arnold Sports Festival's IFBB Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Championships. An expert media professional, Andrew Oye is the creator and CEO of MUSCLE INK Media - Sports - Entertainment.

Connect with Andrew Oye:

Harry Fessel, ProSource Website Editor

Harry is the Website Editor and Senior Writer at ProSource. Over the last decade, he has had the privilege of working with some of the most respected writers and researchers in the supplement science world, as part of the ongoing effort to make ProSource the athlete's #1 destination for sports nutrition information.

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