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Team Nytro

For These Elite Athletes, Only One
Protein Rises to the Level of Perfection

The members of Team Nytro are the best of the best among natural bodybuilders and other athletes, united in their common desire to transform themselves into perfect physical specimens, while achieving peak performance in their chosen fields of endeavor. Their commitment to excellence and their unwillingness to ever settle for second best is exemplified by their choice of the World's Ultimate Anabolic Super Protein, ProSource's NytroWhey Ultra Elite, as their protein of choice. The athletes featured here epitomize the NytroWhey philosophy and way of life as defined by unflagging determination to do what it takes to achieve the loftiest physique and lifestyle goals.

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Josh Andrews - Competitive Bodybuilder

“The super-premium protein blend in NytroWhey Ultra Elite helped me jumpstart unbelievable growth. The difference between this and other proteins was like night and day. It was literally like turning on an anabolic switch in my body!”

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Steve Spaulding - Competitive Bodybuilder

“Since I began bodybuilding eight years ago, I have tried nearly every type of whey protein on the market, and I must say, none of them add up to the quality and taste of Nytrowhey Ultra Elite! NytroWhey Ultra Elite's top-quality protein, healthy fats from MCT and flaxseed oil, and amazing taste is a terrific combination! By taking Nytrowhey Ultra Elite pre- and post-workout, I am able to get more out of every set ,every rep, and the most out of my post-workout recovery!”

BIO:Steve is the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix Overall Champion, 2012 Jr Nationals Super-Heavyweight Top 5 Finisher, and 2009 Collegiate Nationals Heavyweight Champion.

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Hale White, CSCS - Competitive Fisherman & Personal Trainer

“NytroWhey Ultra Elite from ProSource is a huge part of my tournament fishing routine. It helps me get my nutrition in a fast and convenient way so I can get out the door and hit the lake hard, knowing that I consumed the protein I need. I love the flavor and the formula is top notch. Whether you are a bodybuilder, desk jockey or a competitive bass fisherman needing quick, supplemental nutrition, NytroWhey is a “must have” supplement.”

BIO:Hale White, CSCS, holds a M.S. in Exercise Science and Nutrition, and is a seasoned personal trainer, as well as the owner and writer of, a website dedicated to the next generation of angler athletes in the world of professional bass fishing.

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Dianna Coppinger - NPC Bikini competitor

“As a NPC Bikini competitor, protein is a big part of my daily nutrition. That's why I use NytroWhey Ultra Elite. It's great for a post workout shake or even a meal replacement. I especially enjoy the chocolate flavor. It is nice and thick and tastes great, it really satisfies my chocolate cravings!”

BIO:Dianna is a second grade teacher, wife, a mother of two small children, and an NPC Bikini competitor.

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Luis Moreno - NPC National Level Bodybuilder

“NytroWhey Ultra Elite is simply the best protein powder I have ever had. The Chocolate flavor tastes nothing short of amazing. During my preparation for the 2012 NPC USA's, NytroWhey UE is all I used in order to achieve my biggest and most conditioned physique on a National stage for a 2nd place victory.”

BIO:National Level Bodybuilder, 2011 NPC Southeastern USA Lightweight Champion, MMA Practitioner, Ex-competitive Gymnast.

Chris Gatzke - Competitive Bodybuilder

“NytroWhey Ultra Elite is a great working, delicious tasting protein source for bodybuilders on every level. Right now, it’s a core part of my contest prep here in Germany. I would recommend this to everybody who is looking for a "no bull" protein that’s definitely worth the money.”

BIO:Competitive IFBB Germany bodybuilder and personal trainer. Currently preparing for the German Nationals

Read Chris' blog and follow his progress towards the German Nationals 2012

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Alicia Ziegler - Actress, Fitness Model & ISSA CFT

“This insanely delicious protein powder, whether had as a snack, or as a meal staple, has been an amazing contribution to my workout regimen! I can't say enough about it, especially because it's the type of protein powder that we are constantly searching for in the bodybuilding world. Something that tastes great, CAN actually be mixed with water, and is nutritious enough to sustain you through a tough workout! I am so pleased with this product and the benefits I have gained from it as an athlete and a trainer! Whether a workout enthusiast or someone looking to supplement their diet, this is absolutely the protein powder to be had. And if you have a sweet tooth, the VANILLA makes for an off the hook shake!”

BIO:Actress, Fitness Model & ISSA CFT

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Marcel Thom - Founder Thomfitness Strength and Conditioning Program

“Love it! NytroWhey Ultra Elite by ProSource has a lot of great nutrients in it. I have been a bodybuilder for a long time and I have tried many protein supplements out there. In my opinion, Nytro-Whey Ultra Elite is the best tasting and most easily dissolved protein on the market right now! It is money well spent and a must try for everyone. You will get “All” of the bang for your buck! I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and I have been taking this for a long time and recommend it to my clients. Awesome product for optimum lean muscle development!”

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Shawn Wolfe - Owner Wolfe4Life Training and Nutrition

“It’s an Awesome All Day WHEY!!!! NytroWhey Ultra Elite by ProSource provides everything I need in a Protein Powder. I have been a bodybuilder for 17 yrs and I have tried many protein supplements out there but this provides me with the essential BCAAs and Glutamine I need all in one! With NytroWhey Ultra Elite in my Arsenal I’m looking to take my physique to new grounds in Conditioning and Size! What are you waiting on, I made the Switch!!!."

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Brian Sillaber - Competitive Bodybuilder

“I am confident in using ProSource's NytroWhey protein to refuel my body after a hellish leg day or bursting chest workout at the gym. You've heard its crucial to make every rep count, the same goes for your supplement stack. Don't short change yourself, fuel your body with the strongest protein complex out there!"

BIO: Competitive Bodybuilder / Open Middleweight Class Champ / 2011 NPC New Englands

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Dan Margolis - Competitive Bodybuilder, Bodybuilding Model and Trainer

“NytroWhey Ultra Elite is a must for strength and solid size gains on or off-season. Since using this product I’ve added 5 solid pounds of mass. Better yet, it tastes better than any protein on the market! Trust me you won’t be disappointed!!”

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Patrick Campbell - Competitive Bodybuilder

"As a national, masters, over 60 competitor, you might think my protein requirements might be different from much younger bodybuilders. Not the case. I take NytroWhey Ultra Elite because it meets all of my needs, provides me with quality protein, tastes great and mixes well."

BIO: National Top Level Masters Over 60 Competitor

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Brendon Doherty - NPC Competitor

“I didn’t think one protein could be so much more powerful than others, but NytroWhey stimulates almost immediately noticeable gains.”

Mike Ferrer - 2007 Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships, 4th place Middleweight

“By far the most powerful product I’ve ever used!”

Derek Goughenour - NPC Heavyweight Competitor

“I’ve never seen any protein that kick-starts muscle growth like this stuff!”

Jeff Long - IFBB Bodybuilder

“I think NytroWhey Ultra Elite is the best tasting protein out there. It's hard to find protein that has that creamy milk shake taste that you don't have to feel guilty for drinking. I even mix it along with egg whites and that's a muscle building power pack. I would recommend NytroWhey Ultra Elite to anyone out there looking to build muscle or just have a healthy, tasty smoothie.”

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